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Avatar f tn just to add my daughter was picking up cow milk protein through my breast milk at 6 months and reacting to that which is only about 3 % i think.
Avatar f tn And when u decide to ween him/her of breast milk try normal formula if they have diarreha that means they are lactose intolerent but they may grow out of it but I doubt they would be lactose intolerent unless its in your genes
Avatar m tn Lactose intolerance is not actually a disease or malady. Adverse effects of lactose intolerance occur at much higher milk consumption than adverse effects of milk allergy.” To know whether your daughter is allergic to milk and milk products or whether she has lactose intolerance, you will need to get her tested for both. Refer: Hope this helps. Please let me know if there is any thing else and do keep me posted. Take care!
10203682 tn?1418697354 My mom didn't get it until birth for my brother and I same in the rest of my family, my breasts are only a little sensitive, and I only drink organic milk (because although I haven't done any research only my common knowledge of regular milk is that the cows are pumped with hormones to force them to produce milk even when they are not feeding their calfs even long after their calf is grown and those same hormones work the same with women who consume the milk or dairy product from said cows) co
Avatar n tn Milk allergies are different from lactose intolerance - lactose-free or low-lactose dairy foods are not appropriate for a milk allergy (to milk protein). There is excellent, well-researched information here calcium for dairy-free diets: and the whole site has a ton of information on non-dairy foods. I avoid both gluten and all dairy, so I use it often.
Avatar f tn im lactose an tolerant too and ima breast feed but i eat milk proudutes and drink them anyway for my baby even though it hurts my stomach
Avatar f tn I really wanted to keep her on the breast longer than 2 weeks! Is there something wrong with my milk that keeps giving my babies extreme gas pains? Has anyone had this happen before and found a different solution?
Avatar f tn Yes, actually it does affect your milk. And the lactose in breastmilk is not the same as in cow's milk. So lactose intolernce as most people consider it doesn't apply to breastmilk unless you consume cow's milk products. Any food that gives you gas will almost certainly give your baby troubles as well. Perhaps that is something to consider if you have been having issues with a fussy baby. I am stunned no one told you that what you eat does affect your baby.
Avatar f tn How do I produce more breast milk?? I am lactose so i rarely drink milk nor lactose milk and with my daughter I didn't produce much so I have to give her formula so with my baby boy coming I want to breastfeed him.. any suggestions??
Avatar f tn The midwife advised my daughter-in-law to avoid all dairy produce and food containing lactose. The baby is lactose intolerant. Lactose is milk sugar. This is one example how what a mother eats or drinks does get transmitted through the breast milk into the baby. Same goes for alcohol and drugs.
Avatar f tn You think if I eat salad it will make my breast milk taste funny ? I heard something about broccoli making baby fussy or something . What about salad ? Also I know during pregnancy there was like pregnancy "super food" like strawberries & a few others . Any tips for breast feeding diets ? I want to have the best breast milk ever !
Avatar f tn It takes a lot of patience & commitment to do full breast milk, unless your milk production is as awesome as a cows lol do your research, I opted for breast feeding full time. I had the time & dedication & gave my baby the best I could. Working mothers usually go with half & half hey that's still awesome! Whatever you decide I'm rootin' for ya! Ps not knocking down powdered milk, either way baby will get nourished!
Avatar f tn ) I wanted to strictly breast feed but I'm havin a harder time than i thought, even with a lactation specialist baby has a hard time latching and gets really frustrated, my nipples are no good for it so it's hard, I had to formula feed today because she wa so hungry and couldn't latch at all but I am able to pump so when I can i bottle feed her breast milk I'm hoping There will be a time where I have enough milk to just pump and store but I'm barely on my 4th day so I'm making some but not eno
Avatar m tn Strangley enough when I gave birth to him he was sooo colicy it turned out he wad lactose intolerant and I had to give him soy formula insread of breast feeding.
Avatar f tn My daughter is 3 months old and has been a patient at Johns Hopkins since birth. She had surgery to repair a TE fistula & also on her bowels. The pancreas was constricting the upper portion of bowel that connects to the stomach. She has also been diagnosed with Dextra Cardia. All test's on heart & abdomen show normal blood flow. She has had 2 cases of NEC so far & has been successfully treated with antiobiotics.
Avatar f tn Can breast milk go sour in your breast? How can you tell if the milk is soured or not? I haven't pumped any breast milk out and my baby has been very agitated and has been spitting up pretty much after every nursing. She has also been having a terrible stomach ache and has been going between constipation and diarrhea.
Avatar f tn If she does, then after a week or so, try doing a bottle mix of ½ breast milk, and ½ Pediasure. Gradually go to a mix of ¼ breast milk and ¾ Pediasure then totally to all Pediasure. After weaning her, do not introduce breast milk again. If she still does not eat any solid foods, suggest having her evaluated for swallowing/chewing properly. Hoped this helped you.
1665009 tn?1303179198 I just recently found out that the reason why is that she is lactose intolerant. Well I'm still producing milk and I am now completely engorged. I have tried the "No More Milk"tea from Earth Mama <3 Angel Baby, I've done the cabbage trick, warm showers, tight bras, everything. Nothing seems to be working. What can I do?
Avatar f tn My theory is, if breast milk is so much better for a baby than formula, then why do you need to feed a every 2 to 3 hours on breast milk and every 3 to 4 hours on formula? Breast milk is natural, so it can be deemed as "better" and easier on the babys tummy, but formula has a garenteed amount of vitamins and minerals in every serving and as a mommy, i want to make sure my baby is getting all the needed vitamins and minerals in every feeding.
Avatar f tn There are also teas (one is called Mother's Milk Tea I believe) and a natural herb that starts with an F. I believe it's called Fenugreek. Those things can increase your milk supply. And I cannot stress enough how important liquids are. Drink water like crazy and that will help your supply tremendously as well.
Avatar m tn Hello lata 10, It is often seen that those babies who are allergic to cow’s milk may show allergic reaction to breast milk if mother is consuming any dairy product.In that case,you will have to stop the consumption of dairy products till you breast feed your baby. Whether your baby is having these rashes due to milk allergy or weather allergy(hay fever),that can be confirmed after skin ***** tests or blood test.
Avatar f tn But for the last 6 days every single time I have tried feeding her my breast milk will cause her to gag. She gets so frustrated, so I started her on a formula we where using to supplement but before every bottle I keep trying to nurse but I get the same results. It literally makes her gag deeply. What could I have done to my milk to cause this? I tried pumping out all the milk so it would start fresh but this hasn't helped.
2011481 tn?1374266267 (Oh sorry I just caught something else you said sister. Switching breasts is no longer recommended since it doesn't efficiently remove milk & the baby is left w/ large amounts of foremilk (low in calories, high in lactose) milk that leaves baby hungry, gassy and fussy. We need the baby to get to the end of the feeding when the breast gives your baby the hindmilk which is filled w/ the growth factors and calories essential for proper weight gain.
Avatar f tn There really isn't a formula out their for an infant that provides the same benefits as breast milk plus breast milk is a lot healthier and safer for your baby.
Avatar n tn Now that I am about 7 weeks along, it seems like my stomach can't handle the milk or something because I get a upset stomach and (tmi)slight diarrhea everything I drink milk. I don't know if maybe the baby is Lactose Intolerant because my husband is slightly (just gets gassy and slight upset stomach after he drinks or eats to much dairy) or if it is just because I am pregnant or even in my Thank you for your responses!!
Avatar n tn You will have to be a label reader too since your daughter is lactose intolerant. At one years old my daughter developed a milk allergy so the lactose free milk no longer worked we had to switch to soy....I know what you mean about them wanting to eat our food...I have a tough time now because a lot of the foods my husband and I eat have the milk protein in it and she can't have it.....good luck.
Avatar f tn And then spitting up a lot in between feedings. He has been strictly breast fed since I had him. The doctors ran some tests & think he has really bad acid reflux. So they told me to change my diet. I had to cut out dairy completely, no eggs & nothing spicy. I'm still taking my prenatal & eating as healthy as possible, but ever since I cut out these items, my milk production has decreased so much. Has anyone else had anything like this happen? Or know someone who has?
906115 tn?1344204109 She might of just had to much foremilk and her breast never emptied all the way to get the hind milk. I ahve always had a problem with having to much milk, I even only breastfeed on one side and still now with my 4th ahving the same issue. He is getting the hind milk though cuz he is very chubby and gaining great.
Avatar f tn Hello, You can get blood tests like RAST or skin ***** test done to find whether if the child is allergic to milk or not.That is the only way of confirming the allergic reaction. Lactose intolerance can be tested by elimination diet. You should get investigated for this from an allergist. It is very difficult to precisely confirm a diagnosis without examination and investigations and the answer is based on the medical information provided.