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Avatar f tn I was given Ferros Sulfate(iron pills) and the nurse said don't take it with milk, some sort of chemical reaction, it is however ok to take it 30 mins after you've had milk..
Avatar f tn If so, he will not be getting iron from your breast milk any more. What have you given him to drink since then? Does his formula contain iron, or are you just giving him regular milk?
2020005 tn?1628125976 Okay so I just googled iron and vitamin D in breast milk and it says that breast milk is in fact low in vitamin D and iron but that babies are born with a reserve that should last them until they are around 6 months old and that is why they recommend started infant cereal between the ages of 4 and 6 months old.
Avatar f tn I am having my 2nd baby already. But I still have small breast to feed him milk. What is the best thing to do to have many milk for my baby?
Avatar f tn It's mostly trial and error. With my son I used enfamil a.r. since he had a reflux disorder and breast milk wasn't staying in his tummy.with my daughter I supplemented with targets store brand of similac I found it rather humorous that it was the cheap stuff that worked the best with her. They're all pretty similar nutritionally speaking.
Avatar f tn I drink a lot of milk a day because I'm going to be breast feeding and I heard drinking milk and eating cheese helps. How healthy is it to drink milk while pregnant? How much does the baby get from it and also I'm a huge coffee drinker lol I'm 37 weeks pregnant. Is it okay to drink coffee now or while breast feeding?
1194973 tn?1385503904 Has anyone ever heard of Similac PM 60/40 Low Iron Infant Formula, or tried it? From what I've read, it is really similar to breast milk and I'm hoping will be better for her than the formula we have her on now. Ever since I had to wean her from Breast milk she's had nothing but problems, and I've tried every formula on the market. This is pretty much my last hope.
Avatar f tn Lactose is broken down in yogart and cheese so they can have those dairy products after 6 months of age, but that must not be confused with giving LIQUID dairy (e.g. milk). 2) There is not enough iron in cows milk. Iron is a very important mineral and a baby will very likely become anemic if you do not give them formula or breast milk before the age of 1.
Avatar f tn I had milk in one breast from the time I was about 17 until... well.. now. After I had my son, that breast continued to leak small amounts of milk for 4 years until I got pregnant again, and now it leaks collostrum! The doctors checked me out and all hormones seem to be okay, and it's not an infection, so they just shrugged and said it was no biggie, so it's not really bothered me much. The leaking isn't significant, and we find it a source of humor sometimes.
5624774 tn?1374284525 I know this is out of place but I can't get anyone to help me. I've called her pediatrician who is out of the office today. They said they would page her but she has not returned my call. I've called my local hospital and they said they can't page the on call pediatrician until after 5. My daughter is 10 months old and breast fed (well she drinks pumped milk but same thing). I am 27+2 weeks pregnant and I am getting close to nothing when I pump.
223372 tn?1240920676 since dd was so small, we had to supplement the first few days until my milk came in. she got similac in the hospital and did ok on it. after that she had breast milk for almost 8 months. there was a short while when dd was on both breast milk and formula. at first, she did much better on Nestle Good Start than the others (enfamil and similac). after a month on formula she was able to take anything well, including generic. it saved us tons of money.
4654179 tn?1595183520 Tomorrow because I wasn't giving formula that's why she prescribed Iron. She was like you can supplement 1 feeding and what are you going to do when you dry out. I told her supplementing would decrease my milk supply because that's milk baby isn't getting. And as for my milk drying it wasn't gong to happen any time soon if I keep breast feeding.
Avatar f tn I have a chart that says to start at 6-8 months. You can do the cereal, bread, and starches. But it says "2-3 servings of iron fortified baby cereal mixed with breast milk or formula (do not put in bottle or mix with juice)" thats what the chart says for 4-6 months.
Avatar f tn You feed breast milk first since rice cereal really donesn't have much rel nutrional value and you need to make sure your baby get milk before solid. Cereal is for letting babies try out "real" food and experiment texture, etc.
Avatar f tn Breast milk is so easily digested there isn't much waste output. Formula babies have iron added into their food and it is much harder for them to process so that's why formula babies poop more. Breastfed babies can go a few days without pooping.
Avatar f tn We recently started her on the rice cereal and sometimes when I dont have enough breast milk we give her formula. The color of her stool also changes from yellowish to greeenish..its goes from seedy to stringy and recently now mucousy.
Avatar f tn He might just be having a hard time adjusting to the formula from the breast milk it takes a few weeks for them to get used to it some babies have a harder time adjusting than others. I would talk to his pediatrician before going with soy because he might not have a need for it if he's not lactose intolerant.
136689 tn?1419580447 not to start a debate, but the info provided by nyett is inaccurate, according the the american academy of pediatrics solids can be introduced between 4 and 6 months, but milk or formula should be the primary source of nutrition. (and for those who debate 4 vs 6 months, the aap acknowledges a discrepancy in its policies. many of its statements say 4 to 6 months, BUT the committee that created the breastfeeding policies stated after 6 months.
Avatar f tn For me, im gonna breasfeed til i cant (go back to work etc) then im gonna start feeding formula when im not there or we arent in private, then ill,just start breast feeding less,and less and switch to formula.
202436 tn?1326474333 s not getting a lot right now, try BFing her a couple times too, and when you do, hold your breast and if she stops s*cking run your thumb on the top of your breast from the part closest to your body towards the nipple to try to express some, she'll taste it and when she starts s*cking again it will make her try to get more out. Hope that helps a little!
Avatar f tn You think if I eat salad it will make my breast milk taste funny ? I heard something about broccoli making baby fussy or something . What about salad ? Also I know during pregnancy there was like pregnancy "super food" like strawberries & a few others . Any tips for breast feeding diets ? I want to have the best breast milk ever !
689528 tn?1364135841 Breast milk is very digestible and because of this breast fed babies often go several days between bowel movements. When my daughter was exclusively breast fed she would go 10 days between bowel movements, once she began solids she went every two days or so, as long as bowel movements are soft and pass easily the frequency is not usually a problem. Infrequent bowel movements and constipation are not necessarily the same eldest suffers terribly from constipation..
9663463 tn?1407525554 Newborns can go up to a week without pooping an with breast milk the baby absorbes most of the milk and doesn't poop as much. Trust me I'm on baby #3 and it's happened to both mine and this is what my dr told me. Don't stress it too much. Call the hospital lactation consultant for help they will help with anything you may need about Breastfeeding.
Avatar f tn Are you breast feeding ,if you are it could be your diet , check what you have eaten in the last 24 hours , any green veg like spinach , also even what you have had to drink everything goes into your breast milk , if you are not breast feeding check the formula contents I do know some are fortified with Iron which can make babies stool green ..if it continues do see the Doc again ...
Avatar f tn I bottle feed expressed breast milk and supplement with formula. Her pediatrician said if she drops below 16 ounces of formula she'll need a vitamin. I'm short about ten ounces a day to feed breast milk alone but I've been power pumping and I think my supply is increasing. My question is whether I should feed her all I'm pumping and supplement what is needed with formula, or should I feed her the 16 ounces formula and freeze the excess breast milk?
Avatar n tn s requirements for breast milk to the age and length you feed. At 2 years of age your child will have pretty much been on other foods by now, so the body will have figured out the supply and demand scenario and adjusted pretty well. You might find you are actually low on iron. The symptoms you mention are very much like that of low iron levels. Breastfeeding for 2 years will naturally rob you of your own iron to provide for the child.
Avatar f tn what i wasnt told was NOT to give the ones with iron. cause some have no iron and some have iron. i gave the one with iron and i had such bad constipation problme with her that i ended up in the emergency room. poor baby. as soon as i changed it to no iron, she was fine. BUT i have plenty of friends and families who dont give any vitamins to their babies. i dont think its necessary. i dont think i will give my new baby any. they get enough of their vitamins from their milk.
1486956 tn?1288682785 Cereal sepecially baby cereal with forfified iron is not a good food at all for baby. breasfed babies get enough iron from moms milk and formula fed babies get fortified in their milk also. Too much iron can make baby be mroe seceptible to colds and illness. Sweet Potatoes followed by avacado are the least allergenic and most healthy for baby. Bake the sweet potato in the oven till squishy soft and scrap out and mix in a food processesor or blender with some water or breastmilk.
1259229 tn?1269604896 This was done so way back when but is not good to do. A baby needs the formula and nutrician of the formula or breast milk and to add unnutritional things to it is never a good idea! If they can not eat it form a spoon and take the food from thier mouth to the the back and swallow without their tongue moving it back to the front theri digestive tracts are NOT ready to digest it! It casues lot sof problems that don't always show right away.