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Avatar f tn No.
Avatar n tn i'm not exactly sure but i do know the colder the better, the warmer the quicker it spoils, my daughters ped. said 7-8 hours around 66 degrees (room temp.
Avatar f tn I'm doing research about storage for breast milk. I want something that's cost effective and will work. I'm not looking to create a huge stash of frozen milk because I don't have the space in my freezer nor do I have a deep freeze (yay apartment living). I have looked into the disposable bags. What a money sink. Plus the reviews I read do not put much faith into me using them. I came across a mom's blog about using mason jars.
435139 tn?1255463991 If there is a rancid smell from high lipase (enzyme that breaks down milk fats) activity when the milk has been chilled or frozen, the milk can be heated to scalding (bubbles around the edges, not boiling) after expression, then quickly cooled and frozen. This deactivates the lipase enzyme. Scalded milk is still a healthier choice than commercial infant formula. If you or your baby has a thrush or yeast/fungus infection, continue to breastfeed during the outbreak and treatment.
Avatar f tn How can I store the breast milk... can I freeze it or something so when I'm at work n my husband has the baby he has it to give her?
1194973 tn?1385507504 I found this on a breastfeeding website - How To Thaw Frozen Breast Milk •Set the container in a pan of cool water for approximately 5 minutes. Do not allow the water to cover the container; otherwise, beads of water can taint the milk as it is being poured.--OR-- •Use a special dry warming device.--OR-- •Put it in the refrigerator overnight. It can then be stored there and used within the next 24 to 48 hours. Once frozen milk is thawed, it can be kept refrigerated, but cannot be refrozen.
Avatar f tn I make sure baby is an excellent breastfeeder for about 2 weeks before I introduce the bottle with expressed breast milk. Both my babies did fine with this approach. I also use the Playtex bottle system. It's inexpensive and my babies have done well with it. Good luck! Breastfeeding is a joy!
9020620 tn?1409888012 I put the bottle of milk in a cup of hot water to warm the milk
Avatar f tn cooler with 3 frozen ice packs is 24 hours. refrigerator is 3-8days freezer 6-12 months. thawed breast milk use within 24 hours. What i did was pump n put some in storage bags n put them is the freezer but when u thaw them do not microwave or boil bcuz it will burn their mouth thaw them under hot water but the storage bags r much easier to thaw than the bottles especially with a demanding bb.
8256587 tn?1399901106 I have had a previous history with lumps in the same breast because 9 years ago I had a blocked milk duct which was aspirated. I take it that the aspiration was just a quick fix and a temporary solution...?
Avatar n tn it was my opinion and i have a right to voice my opinion,i myself feel that when a child can eat solids,and drink pumped breast milk,its time to get them off the breasts,some of you feel differently and thats your opinion,but its my opinion,yes i think that breast feeding is a beautiful thing but when a child can drink from a cup,its better to let them.
Avatar f tn I'm a ftm and wanted to know how long after taking out refrigerated breast milk and warmed up stay good?? I know the dr said once baby eats out of it its only good for about 1hr bc of the bacteria but of baby hasnt eat out of it and has been warmed up how long does it last good?
Avatar n tn Bacteria may get in the breast milk once it is heated and then sits out--so throw it out after an hour
7656727 tn?1404161047 If you want to pump and feed right away without nipple confusion, look into feeding with a dropper, spoon, or cup instead! Messier to be sure but that way baby can still get food without refusing the breast. I would still give it a minimum of two to six weeks before introducing other feeding methods if you can!
Avatar m tn 5 things you should never put in the microwave as it will damage the food, and maybe also the people who'll eat it. Breast milk is essential in providing a newborn with powerful bacteria-fighting and nutritious materials. Heating breast milk in the microwave, on either high or low temperatures, has been found to destroy those beneficial substances, and worse.
12226398 tn?1424528061 Is it formula or breast milk? If formula just use warm tap water (if you are able) but if breastmilk you can heat a bowl of water in the microwave and then set the bottle in the not use microwave to heat bottle directly for either!
Avatar f tn I am hoping to breastfeed but I'm guessing there's some times I'll have to use bottles to feed either formulated milk or breast milk. Do you recommend buying a bottle warmer and sterilizer? If so, what brand do you recommend?
Avatar f tn He never minded one bit, accepted just fine that anything that came from a bottle was cold (as opposed to body temp). When I pumped breast milk and had it for him in a bottle, I gave that to him cold as well. No complaints from him. Anyway, moving him to whole milk (and now 2%) was no sweat in terms of the milk's temperature, as he was already used to it straight from the fridge. It sure saved a lot of time, too, not having to heat formula in the middle of the night.
172023 tn?1334675884 Again, from Kraft. 4 small boneless chicken breast halves (totaling about 1 pound) 1/4 cup milk 1/4 lb (4 oz) Velveeta Prepared Cheese Product, cut into 1/2 in cubes 2 cups frozen broccoli florets 1/4 cup grated Parmesan cheese, divided Heat a large nonstick skillet (sprayed with Pam) on med-high heat. Add chicken, cover, simmer. Cook for 7-9 min each side, until cooked. Remove chicken from heat, keep warm. Add milk, Velveeta, broccoli, and 2 T Parmesan cheese to skillet.
Avatar f tn I pump and nursed and it work out great,,, I pumped 4oz each breast,, I had a double pump and it worked great,, i started when baby was a week or so old and I stored a lot of milk. I plan on breast feeding with this baby..
Avatar n tn whether its baby food, formula, or breast milk in a bottle How do you heat it????? I know they say not to heat a bottle in the microwave due to "HOT SPOTS" but I would assume most who do (LIke myself) check it before you give it to your baby. But it was brought up to me that microwaving destroys enzymes in breast milk Have any of you heard this before??Or another tale on the go???
Avatar f tn Agree just pump and baby will still get the breast milk. The more u pump the more milk u will produce.
Avatar f tn The * Avoid heating breast milk and infant formula over the stove or microwave in plastic; dangerous chemicals are more likely to leach when you heat in plastic. * To avoid bacteria, look for scratches in plastic bottles. * Avoid plastic bottles that have decorations printed on the inside. These can come off into formula when it’s been heated. * To avoid shards of glass ending up inside the bottle, glass bottles with cracks and chips should be discarded immediately.
Avatar f tn I heard that its full of fibre and really good for mum and baby for that...
285896 tn?1237214827 I cant even pick him up like I want to b/c it hurts for him to lay on my breast. Please let me know what you guys did to dry your milk up....the only thing I've heard so far was to put cabbage leaves in my bra! Anything else?
Avatar n tn Hot spots can be overcome by just shaking the contents of the bottle to mix them, before testing on your wrist. The bigger problem with microwaves is it destroys breast milk. If you are feeding commercial formula, and you shake the bottle vigorously before testing, there is no problem with microwaves.
3126253 tn?1345387721 They are making these things called milkeez that you wear while your out they hold up to 2oz of milk because if you have alot if milk breast pads don't always work. Also invest in a wash rag i know it sounds funny but fold it over and use that as a pad,, it soaks up more.
Avatar f tn 1st are you pumping, so it's breast milk in the bottle? Formula tastes very different. You cannot be in the room, when he's getting the bottle (you should not be trying to give it to him), babies know the difference , they can smell mommy-mom milk. You can give him the bottle once he is good w taking it. Also, check with your pediatrician but I think at 3 months 2 oz is okay, but every few hours- 7 hrs seems like a long time between feedings. As long as he's gaining weight though he's okay.
Avatar f tn If you considered breastfeeding you can always pump and still go back to work but you mom would have to be willing to properly heat the buttermilk or it becomes a health hazard for baby, improperly heated or stored and handled breast milk can have bacteria. So that decision is one only you can make and it may not be the best option for you and baby. Only you know what is best abd you should go with what feels right to you no matter what others think because in the end this is your baby.