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Avatar f tn How much does breast milk last outside at room temperature,freezer and fridge?
11367320 tn?1421799959 I was always told by my health visitor 5 days in the fridge (make sure you keep it at the back of the fridge and not in the door), 5 months in the freezer, also to defrost breast milk by putting it in the fridge over night.
Avatar f tn How long can breast milk stay refrigerated before it can no longer be given to a baby?
Avatar f tn Say I keep breast feeding all day in 2 months will I get more milk or less
Avatar f tn Hi ladies! Does anyone know if I can store Breast milk in ziplock freezer bags? The bags I have made specifically for breast milk don't close very well and I worry about freezer burn. If you have any advice I'd love to hear it!
1150468 tn?1290506050 Say you have a frozen bag of breast milk that you traveled with it in a container with a frozen pack. If you get home and a very little is unthawed at the top of the back can you stil refreeze it.
Avatar f tn With my first child I did breast feeding for a year, but when I tried transitioning her from breast to bottle, it was A PAIN! She refused to take the bottle, so now I want to try to do both.. I bought a breast pump, so I'm wondering how does the whole freezing your milk process work? How long is it good for? How do you unfreeze it? Or boil it? Thank you for your time!
7677085 tn?1395374075 Can I store milk I'm the fridge and then the freezer if I'm not going to use it in time? or does it need frozen immediately if I'm freezing it?
Avatar f tn Frozen breast milk is good in the freezer for up to 6months make sure you date all of them!
Avatar f tn Breast milk has the rule of threes. Three hours out of the fridge. Three days in the fridge. Three weeks in a built in fridge freezer and three months in a proper freezer. You can get bags to store the milk in that doesn't take up heaps of space when you put them in the freezer. My mum told me not to store milk in the fridge door, I can't remember why but think it has something to do with not getting cool enough.
Avatar n tn When pumping your breast milk and you put it in the freezer how long will it last?
Avatar f tn never boil your breastmilk. it will destroy a lot of its beneficial qualities. In the fridge, you can keep it for 3 to 5 days. Everyone's milk is different, so you can sniff it to see if it's still good. In the freezer- depends on the freezer. If it's part of a freezer/fridge combo that gets opened frequently, the rule is 3-6 months. If it's a chest freezer, 6-12 months. It is also good at room temp for a few hours.
733930 tn?1286571409 so ive been EPing for 3 weeks now and have filled up half of my bottom shelf in the freezer with breast milk! i read that there are smaller deep freezers to use for breast milk but havent been able to find any. where do you ladies store your milk? and if i move my milk from my freezer (seperate door on top of fridge) and put it in a deep freeze will it still be good for up to a year? or still 3 months because it was in the seperate freezer. sorry if this was confusing but thanks for any advice!
9889855 tn?1412479178 html This is a good site on storage, and you can buy breast milk storage bags. You can freeze milk in them as well.
118074 tn?1228329003 That is what I did... I pumped, poured it into a drop-in, put the drop-in in a bottle (so it wouldn't tip over and spill), then put it in the freezer... Once the breast milk was frozen, I took the drop-in out of the bottle (be careful not to fill the drop-in to capacity because the milk expands as it freezes) and put it is a freezer safe baggy (to prevent freezer burn) - don't forget to put the date on the baggy so that you know how long its been in the freezer... Hope that helped!
Avatar f tn I will combine milk that I've pumped over a 24 hour period. Especially if I'm only getting a small amount each time. Yep just put it in the fridge over the day and then combine it.
5913031 tn?1382391190 How long is breast milk good for in the refrigerator??