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9807151 tn?1406762059 I have it really bad..
Avatar f tn Breast milk.. Just dab some on and let dry.. If u have some or u can Google or Craig's list buying breast milk...
Avatar f tn I had breast eczema. I was told by a dermatologist to wear only cotton bras and it helped it go away. I also was prescribed cortesone cream and it helped. But we later discovered that using it had blocked my milk ducts and I couldn't breast feed when I had my children. But wearing only natural breathing materials around my breast and the cortesone cream did the trick.
Avatar n tn I also started having issues with milk products randomly, completely stopped having milk/cheese/yogurt for couple days and when I tried a bowl of cereal I was fine :) I wasn't sure if it was just the extreme heat we got suddenly or what but it seems to have past now even tho its still pretty hot
6395937 tn?1380918892 Hi there and welcome. Oh goodness, so sorry your little one is so ill, the most important thing is hydration right now. When vomiting and diarrhea, you have to work to keep a child hydrated. If their stomach is irritated, they also can't drink a lot at one time. My pediatrician recommends that you just sit with them and every 15 minutes have them take a big sip of a drink rather than down a cup of liquid.
Avatar m tn Our daughter is 7 months old. She has an allergic reaction to milk products only when it touches her skin. She didn't develop any breathing problems or swelling from that incident. When she starts to drink milk based formula or even yogart, her cheeks/,mouth will turn red, sometimes with hives. It usually lasts for about an hour give or take. Will she eventually grow out of it?
Avatar f tn My 7 month son has eczema and has had a rattling in his breathing which gets worse at night for 4 weeks. The doctor has looked at him and says it's coming fro high up which means there's nothing wrong. However i'm worried it's asthma. My brother had it with eczema as a child so there's a family history. He's got an intolerance to cows milk so he only eats soya. He's had a permanent cold since he was about 2 weeks old.
Avatar f tn I am going to be increasing my work load this summer and I have not been able to store up much breast milk at this point--my reserves in the freezer are low and and I am not producing enough during the day to pump and freeze. I dont like this, but I am going to have to supplement with formula when I am gone. So I had my hubby pick up a small can of formula at the store for back up...
1123420 tn?1350561158 I really want my baby to have breast milk for the first month or so, but really can't imagine actually breast feeding, so I was thinking about just pumping it.. I don't know the first thing about it. So is that any different, does it break the bond? Does it hurt any less? I have absolutely no idea, so if you could help me with these questions, or let me know other things that I need to know, I'd really appreciate it. Thank you!!
Avatar f tn I saw another doctor who ordered an U/S and breast CA 15-3 plus mamogram. The U/S showed a fibroadenosis in the left breast and did not detect anything in the right breast which I was complaining of. The mamo did not detect anything in my right breast, but detected a suspicouse lump in my left breast which am not complaining about. I as well did hormonal tumor markers which was all normal.The blood test was normal and the Dr. told me this is fibroadenosis.
Avatar m tn I had a lumpectomy in May 2010 followed by radiation treatment for DCIS (2cm intermediate grade) in my left breast. I now have breast eczema left nipple only and armpit pain. Is this just a side effect of the surgery and radiation? I am very worried that the DCIS has returned.
Avatar f tn To find out whether your child is having contact dermatitis to milk(eczema)or he is having milk allergy(rashes are present in the mild form of milk allergy),skin tests and food challenge tests have to be done by an allergist.Pls consult him for that. Hope it helps.
Avatar f tn For formula feeding many people recommend Dr Browns, but if you are breast feeding plus bottle feeding pumped milk you may want to go with something that more closely resembles a real breast/nipple such as Avent naturals, Tommee tippee, Joovy boob, etc.
8367118 tn?1442605420 It all has to do with how healthy mom is. The baby gets your immunities while breast feeding so if you are a unhealthy person your self you will have nothing to really pass on to a baby. You are right you do need to take care of your self but even if you are not a healthy person you can still breast feed you just want have a lot of immunity to pass to baby. It does not mean your milk is bad. Breast milk was made just for baby it's natural.
Avatar f tn I wash my breasted and use lansilor but it gives temporary relief. I have the milk but after my baby feeds the **** become so o painful. I almost feel like giving. I dont know what to do.
Avatar f tn i experience itch on the side of my breast during a night and when i wake up has a dry skin then i remove its. Now im getting worry and what is the cause of this itchness?? Hope someone could help my worriness.
Avatar f tn You can still bf if baby has an intolerance by avoiding dairy in your diet. Your milk is very different from cows milk. The baby would exhibit reflux, rashes, or bloody stool if it has an allergy or intolerance.
1731952 tn?1310179875 I have really great, smooth skin with one exception; I have patches of eczema that keep growing. I know I'm not supposed to scratch but sometimes its excruciating. I am currently on a steroid cream (triamcinalone) to clear it up and it does, but is there anything I can do to prevent future flair ups?
Avatar f tn I have itchy, dry, red patches on my breast, around my armpitd close to where my bras is, and on my ribs. Is this eczema or should I be worried? I have had eczema since I was little but never in this area, usually on my legs and arms.
Avatar f tn There is nothing wrong with bottlefeeding but breast is best. Even if you struggle to breastfeed you can always express your milk into a bottle, it's full of antibodies and has huge benefits. I breastfed for a month and struggled but expressed for a while after. We ended up using formula from the age of 3 months to a year but I do wish I could've breastfed longer, and will try harder this time. There's nothing wrong with formula.
Avatar f tn I am female, I have had an eczema in my right nipple, I seen many doctors and received different medication but this has last for more than two years now. My boyfriend just cofessed he had sexual relations with a proatitute around two years now and I am afraid this is something more serious and consecuence of an STD from which I have not received treatment from. Does anyone have an idea what this could be? I recently detected a protuberance in my breast.
Avatar f tn and today i gave it too him but its very watery. is that normal for breast milk. he usually has milk run out of the corner of his mouth a little bit and its very white but when i gave him the bottle that had been in the fridge it was more clear and watery. i feel like its not as good as if i just feed him from my breast.
Avatar f tn When will you start to get milk in your breast? I am 31 weeks and have yet to get mine, it makes me nervous cause I plan on breast feeding.
Avatar f tn about4months into my pregnancy i started to get a few spots of i think it was eczema on my legs and arms.but my left breast started itching as well i have an inflamed erea just above my nipple but it's like that spot isn't itchy it's around my's inside that feels ithcy or when i squeeze my nipple it doctor gave me some advantan cream which stops the itch for a few days but comes back again. the cream does the same to the aczema on the rest of my body.I.