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Avatar f tn 32 pm it was a 30 min delivery very fast got here at ghe hospital at 2 something pm im not getting any breast milk any ways i can get breast milk my bby really needs it he was 3 weeks premature & is i special care
Avatar f tn I read somewhere that motherscan donate their breast milk....this is the first I've heard of this! Has anyone else ever heard of this? And if so, would u consider being a donor?
961574 tn?1520651703 But it is my body that is allowing the baby to grow and survive, and (hopefully!) it will be my breast milk that feeds the baby every day. The bond I share with this baby is beyond belief and I never stop to think, "what if he/she doesn't share my hair texture or body shape?" I have many friends whose kids look like a distant cousin and neither parent, or resemble the dad but not the mom. But is that what makes a family, or a healthy / happy child, or a bond? I don't think so.
9167524 tn?1403623815 I'm pretty sure wet nurse is no longer a career ( let me know if I'm wrong), so what do you do if you want breast milk but don't have breasts? [*Asking for a friend]. Or, if you didn't actually give birth to your baby, and have no access to birth mother?
Avatar n tn We would like to give our babies breast milk. Can we buy a healthy mother's milk? This discussion is related to <a href='/posts/show/862042'>Re: re: ivf transfer/HCG levels</a>.
4715985 tn?1371586597 However, other immune factors in breastmilk will give baby some protection from chicken pox. Per Dr. Jack Newman (inHow Breast Milk Protects Newborns), “Free fatty acids present in milk can damage the membranes of enveloped viruses, such as the chicken pox virus, which are packets of genetic material encased in protein shells.” The secretory IgA in breastmilk has also been shown to be active against the chicken pox virus in vitro.
591324 tn?1224259458 Hello all Last time I posted here I just finished my 4th cycle with IVF all alone with donor sperm wich resulted in BFN. This was about 2 years ago, and a lot has happened since. To make a long story short, I met a man, we fell in love and have been trying to make a baby for a year and a half. I am now 43 years old and we decided to go for a donor egg in Spain, why spain ? well it´s allowed and it´s not crazy expensive, and no waiting list.
Avatar n tn I am not an expert so I don't know how much would be to much. If you don't mind telling me. What exactly is involved in being a breast milk donor? It sounds like a wonderful thing to do for a sick baby. How generous of you. I hope you don't have to stop.
Avatar f tn Do you have any other indicators for breast cancer? You can't let the possibility of cancer put off or prevent you from going forward with the rest of your life. If we all did that, then we just might as well build our coffins and crawl in. So, go try to have that baby, don't worry about the breast issue, let the experts keep an eye on that. Do check yourself for lumps (which you will anyway when you do get pregnant and start to get milk, ha ha )...
146191 tn?1236881412 my question is really about switching from breast feeding to formula and how to do it, if it can be done at all. can you give breast milk for the first couple weeks, then switch to formula without incident? should you give some breast milk and some formula to get baby used to formula? how does the transition work if you were to switch from breast milk to formula?
Avatar m tn If my baby were starving, I guess. I'd go in this order, my breast milk, formula and then another mother's milk.
Avatar f tn ok thank you
Avatar n tn Believe it or not, you can just start pumping. It takes a while, but it will come through. Also, the hormone responsible for milk production is called Prolactin. (Its produced by the pituitary gland in the brain). Medication such as metoclopramide or thioridazine can cause a rise in prolactin, then viola - breastmilk.
1330108 tn?1333680904 Why Donate Breast Milk Why is donor milk so important? Human breast milk is vital to the health and well-being of all babies, but for babies born too early, too small or critically ill, donated human milk has the potential to make the difference between a long hospital stay with many complications, or a quicker recovery and the ability to go home sooner.  By donating your extra breast milk, you provide critically ill infants with an improved chance for survival.
Avatar f tn So I've heard of women selling their breast milk to moms who can not breast feed. And I know I can breastfeed as of now because I did with my first. But I was thinking, that if for some reason I end up not being able to, would I consider buying someone else's breastmilk.... And so far, I can not wrap my mind around that! I mean, I just can't. The program is supposed to thoroughly check the women selling their breastmilk and you get the background info on the woman and everything.
Avatar f tn I would keep the colustrum for my baby and use the breast milk for all 3. I wish they would get donor milk the entire time, but in this nicu they get cut off eventually because there's not enough. They tried to transition between part breast milk part formula but one of the twins reacted poorly.
906115 tn?1344204109 antibodies to fight whatever pathogen the infant is exposed to in the environment. 4. Breast milk has been used to treat eye infections, ear infections, pimples, cold sores, and nail fungus and prevent infection in scrapes and scratches. 5. In some parts of the world, donated organs are bathed in breast milk for the protective factors. 6. There were 22 "significant" recalls of formula for potentially life-threatening situations. 7.
Avatar f tn I used formula while we were in the hospital. Once my milk came in I was able to give her breast milk exclusively for 9 months. It was hard to pump exclusively but I am glad I could do it as long as I did.
Avatar n tn A couple of patients have had low volume of breast milk, and we have been able to improve this using a medicine called metoclopramide if required. Estrogen levels even in women without ovarian failure are actually quite low immediately post-partum. I hope things work out!
Avatar f tn The only thing about having a preemie is that when your baby is born your milk may not come in right away since your body isn't ready as in full term. If it doesn't I would look into a milk bank and see about donor milk since br east milk is what's going to best for baby right now.
Avatar f tn For me it was at least 2 weeks before my milk was fully milk. Before that it was a mixture of milk and colostrum. Which the baby needs. And you will get clogged ducts if you stop that abruptly. You could do half and half. (Half your milk half other milk) And you can and do ways pump if you need someone else to watch baby. There are a lot of options out there.
1839630 tn?1346517383 Woman have had wet nurses for a LONG time and a lot of people donate breast milk so would a pump previously used by another women be any worse than these things?
304653 tn?1217004902 ) there's the digestibility of breast milk with very little waste. has anyone ever had a baby constipated on breast milk? haven't seen that thread yet. (i'll take projectile poop in a baby over constipation and discomfort anyday) the reduction in chance of allergies because you put off introducing foreign proteins. very few babies are intolerant of breastmilk, but so many babies on formula have problems and need to switch to other forumlas or soy. etc...
4484425 tn?1384231934 She hasn't been sick yet, and I am convinced it's due to the antibodies I have and am sharing in my breast milk. Other then that....In WA state and it's typical cold and gloomy with some drizzle. I hear there is supposed to be some mixed rain and snow next week. out pedestrians! Most people here can't drive in the snow, the rain, the sunshine, cloudy weather...well, they just can't drive. I'm missing my time in Southern California.
Avatar f tn ( There are sites that you can buy breastmilk online (but I would only encourage using a donor that has been screened, that meets milk or blood donor requirements)
Avatar f tn An important phase of brain development occurs in the first month of life, and marijuana could alter the brain development of your newborn. A baby exposed to marijuana through breast milk may appear sedated and unable to suck well. One 1990 study associated marijuana exposure through breast milk in a baby's first month of life with diminished motor ldevelopment at age 12 months.   Ask yourself is it worth taking the risk??
Avatar f tn I felt especially bad this last time because my girls were preemies (28 weeks) and I knew that my breastmilk is what was best for them. Luckily the Neo-Natal IntensiveCare Unit facility they were in had donor milk while they were there for 12 weeks but then they went to formula once they were home. They are the healthiest and chunkiest little girls now! A lot of guilt goes with stopping breastfeeding but your baby will be perfectly fine!!!!!!!!!!!
Avatar n tn Hi I am 47 - got pregnant twice with IVF and egg donor but misscarried both times after few weeks, went for surgery one tube removed could have been the problem and also fibroids removed. Does anyone know what could cause miscarriages do I need a certain type of blood test or tyroid test?? any info could help please. Tks for support - I am waiting tomorrow monday to find out if I am pregnant after IVF last may 9 please keep your fingers crossed with me...
470885 tn?1326332637 I tried BF my daughter when she was born, but shockingly, it turned out my breast milk was giving my daughter Jaundice. I BF for 4 days, then the day before we were released from the hospital, they told me she had high levels of jaundice. So I stopped immediately and gave her formula til she turned 1. So no in my case, I wouldnt have been able to..
1241508 tn?1313009682 Abbreviations A AAMOF = As A Matter Of Fact FAYK = As Far As You Know AF = Aunt Flow AFK = Away From Keyboard AI = Artificial Insemination AIH = Artificial Insemination from Husband AISI = As I See It AKA = Also Known As AMAP = As Much As Possible AML = All My Love ANA = Anti-nuclear Antibodies ANFSD = And Now For Something Different AO = Anovulation AOA, AVA = Anti-ovarian Antibody AP = Attachment Parenting APA = Anti-phospholipid Antibodies ART = Assisted Reproductive Technology ASA = Anti-