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Avatar f tn So with that said should I wait to buy breast feeding supplies such as a pump and the accesories that come with it....I dont have any breast pads, nursing bras or nursery tanks, nursery cover ups or anything.
Avatar f tn I started at 4 month to have breast milk dripping nd now is none stop coming out any one has this happening 2????
9167524 tn?1403620215 They have milk banks but I don't think that you can just buy the milk. I believe it is for special cases like if a baby can't drink formula and the mother don't produce milk or there is no mother and I don't know if there everywhere. I wish I could have bought some for my last daughter. She is breastfeed and right after she was born I needed surgery and she had a week on formula. She had an awful rash from the formula and took 3 weeks to heal the rash.
9771234 tn?1405793808 I never warmed milk or formula. At most I would thaw frozen breast milk under hot running water and just use room temp water for formula. My reason for doing it like that is so baby doesn't get accustomed to only drinking warm milk.
Avatar f tn breast pads momma or put some small clothes on them in the mean time. mine leak everyday and i had to buy breast pads because it gets all over my bra and its gross.
Avatar f tn It's not milk, I think its called colostrum...or something close to that. Leaking a little it normal. And for some woman the leaking never quite stops after u have ur baby. I am 19 weeks pregnant with my 2nd, but never stopped leaking from my 1st (who is 27 months). N just in case ur wondering it doesn't squirt out, but will leak occasionally, especially when pressure is but on them. (Sry if tmi).
Avatar f tn t fit due to the belly and now add the huge breast lol. Well good luck. Milk for sure will come when baby arrives other then that maybe a little before so I've heard.
9889855 tn?1412479178 html This is a good site on storage, and you can buy breast milk storage bags. You can freeze milk in them as well.
Avatar f tn Never thought of this till now, what are you suppose to do with breast milk if you don't breast feed??? Does it go away on it's own?
Avatar n tn Stay away from peppermint, it can reduce your milk. Dill can boost your milk supply. There are others but I can't remember them off the top of my head.
Avatar f tn This my second baby n today mine was leakin clear stuff i was gona post da same question im 26+4
10665671 tn?1413744449 I'm a stay at home mom. Breast fed my both kids till 1 year. I'm on my 3rd baby now & plan on breastfeeding again. If you plan on being with your baby 24/7, there's no need to pump all the time. You can if you want milk on hand, your milk will be good frozen for a few months. If you don't have a heavy supply of milk I heard there's a tea you can drink it's all natural, that helps your body produce more milk.
Avatar f tn com You can buy, sell or donate breast milk. I dont know much about it, though!
11278126 tn?1419304633 I plan on breast feeding for only 2/3 weeks do i have to buy a breast pump ?
Avatar f tn It takes awhile for your milk to come in....mine took about a week. You can try fenugreek (it's an herb in pill form) or mothers milk tea (taste nasty!) Or oatmeal or I've heard coconut water and brown rice help with production.
Avatar f tn What's is a good breast pump to buy and what can I take to get more milk.?
Avatar f tn t get me wrong I know breast is best.... Ii told my bd since he was so all into the breast milk thing that he needs to buy a pump cus I'm not putting my baby on the titty,for multiple reasons if I breastfeed him he is going to be a lap baby I'll never be able to do anything cus he wants to be held and for work reasons I can't breast feed and work full time..I'm 36w5 days and still no pump,I told him if there is no pump wen baby comes I'm formula feeding....
9220968 tn?1413600225 I plan on breastfeeding and will soon be buy a nursing. But my question is, sice breast get fuller with milk, do i buy the same bra size im right now, or a bigger size?
Avatar f tn I am going to use Tommie tippie electric breast pump just cause i am not using any other bottles
Avatar f tn Medela pumps have something called an open system, so milk gets in the tubes and motor unit. Some other brands have a closed system where milk never comes in contact with anything but the collecting apparatus, so you would just have to replace that part if you got a used one.
Avatar f tn I hated them!! I have four kids and fifth on the way....I'll try and explain was the shape of the bottle....they are too round so when you try andfeed your baby and you hold the bottle at 45 degrees as long as the bottle is full it's ok but as the baby drinks more now milk sits in that round part and you have to keep tilting the bottle to 90 degrees to get the milk into the nipple part....hated them....
Avatar f tn Breast milk is milk. Not like the one we buy From the shop and have on cereal or in our tea. Our bodies produce milk when we are pregnant its the most natural way of feeding our little ones. Of course its up to you weather or not you decide to breastfeed me personally I am going to breastfeed if I can do. Its not as easy as it looks. Our bodies produce enough milk supply for our babies to have a full feed and when they are full they come away from the breast.
Avatar f tn Also some bags stand rather than lay. Prefer the bags for breast milk because you can tear off the tip and pour the milk in the bottle, versus possibly wasting milk trying to cut the tip off or pour through the opening of a Ziploc bag. Plus they are thicker and help prevent the milk from becoming freezer burnt.
9590250 tn?1452831684 I was just going to send breast milk in the bottles! That is why I am trying to find out which ones are the best ones to buy. Really do not want to feed feel formula for the simple reason breast milk is way better and is helpful to the baby.
Avatar f tn Manuals are great at expressing colostrum and I used it for my full milk too. But after your milk comes in electrics do get milk out faster.
Avatar f tn Im looking to buy a breast pump. I was thinking to buy a Medela one, but I dont wanna over pay,... so any experienced momma please suggest.! Should I?? Shouldnt I?? Which brand?? And why?? :D thanks!