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Avatar f tn How much does breast milk last outside at room temperature,freezer and fridge?
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171768 tn?1324233699 Someone asked how long milk is good for at room temp and in fridge. I had my daughter in July. I found that during the summer, when it was warm in the house, my milk was good at room temp up to 5 hours. During the winter, when the house was cooler, it was good at room temp for up to 8 hours. But during the winter, overnight when the room temp was very cool, my milk was good for at least 10-12 hrs left out. This was a wonderful discovery when I was able to drop pumps.
Avatar f tn How long can milk be in refrigerate before freezing. i leave milk out at room temp for 3hrs and if he doesnt drink it i put it in the refrigerate and collect a little throughout the day and freeze it 2-4days later. is this safe? what is the best way to make sure frozen milk stays good for longer? because i read somewhere that you should only leave milk out for 6hrs in the refrigerate and freeze or else you can cause the milk to spoil. Also do you have to refrigerated milk 1st and then freeze.
Avatar f tn The website for LLLI, is very helpful they even give you hours on how long you can use your breast milk if you keep it at room temp. Which is 6 to 8 hrs. Or if you keep in the fridge. So i suggest to look up the site and i think you'll find it very helpful for what you are looking into.
Avatar f tn EBM at room temp: 4-6 hrs (no more than 10) EBM stored in a cooler: 24hrs Fridge: 4-6days Freezer: 3-6months Deep Freezer: 6-12mos Thawed milk: never refreeze or fridgerate after warmed/prepared (thaw in fridge for 24hrs or in warm water) I feel sorta silly asking this.. but I've started to store milk in freezer bags, 1 a day to get my stock built up... do I really have to get them out in 3months and start using them? I know there are so many variations to these storing rules..
Avatar f tn At room temp it can be stored for 6-8 hours. In the fridge it can be stored up to 5 days. In a freezer that has a seperate door than the fridge it is good for 3-6 months, and in a deep freeze it is good for 6-12 months. I always make sure to smell it first before using, even within these guidelines. Sometimes when it comes out of the freezer, it has a soapy smell, that is normal. But if it smells sour, I know its bad.
435762 tn?1244686220 since you never warmed it, you don't have to worry about spoilage. if you're in a real rush, this works on the counter at room temp as well. as the milk thaws, the water cools so the milk never really gets too warm. squish the milk around in the bag a little, pour a portion into a bottle, warm and serve. i had to do this because i always froze 6 ounce bags. DD generally took 4 ounce feeds. i hated to see anything go to waste.
Avatar n tn i freeze 6 or 12 ounces everyday, so my freezer is quite full! at least dd will get only breast milk for at least after a month when i ween. i store 6 ounces in each bag, but sometimes i'll put in an extra or 2. i haven't defrosted too often yet- just twice to see how she takes it. i put it in the fridge the day before. the rule is to use it within 24 hours of it being defrosted, and it takes a while to defrost. once rewarmed, it's only good for an hour.
Avatar f tn So I pump a little extra milk to give to my boy while breastfeeding thru a dropper trying to help him gain some weight but my question is I know milk is good at room temp like 10 hrs but I noticed it starts to seperate... Is that okay?
435139 tn?1255463991 Freshly expressed breast milk can sit out at room temp for 10 hours.
1396867 tn?1520813858 If so, you could take advantage of the fact that fresh milk is good at room temp for several hours and just keep the freshly pumped bottles on the counter ready to go.
Avatar f tn The pump I bought says on the booklet that the milk is good at room temp for 4 hours, in a cooler with 3 frozen ice packs for 24 hours,in the fridge 5-7 days and then you can always freeze it and it lasts for 3-4 months (self contained frig freezer unit) and 6-12 months in the deep freezer. And you know if you thaw it you can only place it in the fridge for 24 hours and after that its no good. HTH!
435139 tn?1255463991 As a rough rule of thumb: breast milk can be stored: at room temperature for ~ 6h In the fridge for ~ 4-6 days In the freezer for ~3 months In the deep freeze for ~ 9 months Always sniff it beforehand to make sure its ok. Breast milk can actually be left at RT longer than formula because it contains some antibacterial compounds. -On a side note: we had a bottle of breastmilk sit out for ~ 16h in a room that was close to 85F and hadnt disposed of it yet.
1169162 tn?1331235953 I will try the bottom back of the fridge and see if that helps. ecologic - I cannot leave my milk out at room temp for more than 2 hours or it starts to get a little funky. I seem to have high maintenance milk! tired - it is good to know that a little bit of frozen is not bad. When I go back to work full time in Jan, I will find a way to give him the milk that I pumped the previous day.
483853 tn?1208541979 Also, if you have the benefit of nursing on both breasts, nurse for at least 15 minutes on the first to allow your baby to draw out the hind milk. If she still appears hungry, offer the second breast and allow her to nurse as long as she wants. Some babies are frequent and avid nursers and may even require another nip at the first breast. I was only able to use one breast to nurse and my babies literally nursed hourly during the first several months.
435139 tn?1255463991 I can't find the storage info the hospital gave long can we let it sit at room temp? I HATE to think of all my pumping and hard work going to waste BUT I want it to be safe for drinking!
Avatar n tn If it's freshly pumped in an appropriate breast milk storage bag or bottle it is good for several hours at room temperature, no need to keep it in a thermos. If I was going out for a few hours and didn't want to nurse I just took my pumped milk int the bottle and just kept it in my diaper bag until needed. In a insulated bag with freezer packs directly against it it is good for 24 hours.
Avatar f tn Breast milk is good at room temp for about 4-6 hours
Avatar n tn also, my lactation consultant told me that a baby would refuse spoiled milk. also, freshly pumped breast milk is good at room temp for several hours. for me, during the summer, it was good up to 5 hours. in the winter, up to 8 hours during the day. at night during the winter when the room got cool at night, i would pump a bottle before i went to bed and could leave it out and give it to her 10-12 hours later. here- i found this online, and it seems to match what i was told.
Avatar f tn Breast milk is 100% safe at room temp up to 8 hours, ideally no more than 3. Fridge good for 3-5 days and freezer good for 6-12 months. Consider the temp it is when you pump not too different from room temp. It will be fine next time to keep it!
1194973 tn?1385507504 The NICU never gave her milk in her bottle warmer then room temp, which wa snot body temp of course.
Avatar f tn How can I store the breast milk... can I freeze it or something so when I'm at work n my husband has the baby he has it to give her?
Avatar f tn You'd be surprised how fast he'll get used to it cold. My son drank breast milk (from the breast, so at body temp) alternating with formula (from the fridge or just mixed, so, cool) since he was a baby, and it never threw him. Warming milk in the microwave is an art, also -- you can get hot spots in a cooler base and those hot spots can actually scald the mouth. (That's why they tell you never to heat a baby's bottle in a microwave.
1169162 tn?1331235953 I'm only pumping so we are just rotating the milk in the fridge, let the milk get up to room temp, then it mixes better. You can keep milk in the fridge for a few days, what you might want to do is just keep that stuff in the fridge (and get up to room temp before mixing it back in), then the next day just freeze the fresh stuff. That way you won't need to worry about mixing, etc.
Avatar f tn at first i would get 1-2 oz and once i got the hang of pumping i was able to get more... i used the avent manual pump and i loved it! Breast milk is awesome as it can be left at room temp for i think like 10 hours (room temp)(im sure thats what i had read... its been a couple years) so its really easy to take along with you if you are uncomfortable feeding in public as you can just leave it a room temp and feed...
1664685 tn?1333731082 During the winter, when the house was cooler, it was good at room temp for up to 8 hours. But during the winter, overnight when the room temp was very cool, my milk was good for at least 10-12 hrs left out. This was a wonderful discovery when I was able to drop pumps. I would pump before bed, and have the bottle ready and waiting for whenever the baby woke during the night- no need to warm or pump. every person's milk is different. Your best bet is to use the sniff test.