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Avatar n tn What was that wonderful leg messager for? (I know to message legs, but why??
Avatar m tn I would like to hire escort to have erotic massage but im really afraid of getting Any STD or HIV The activities involves are: *She bare hand massage my body *Deep french kissing *Hand job (covered) * Me kissing her body but not her vaginal or anal area (breast,back,legs,thighs,butt cheeks,belly) I'm really sorry if anything i said seems inappropriate, I'm in really need of your help Are my activities specified above will be risking my health and getting STD/HIV?
Avatar m tn can someone please confirm the procedure (i have watched a youtube presentation and i saw no case of the technicians hand constantly brushing and resting on breast and nipple.
Avatar n tn Interestingly enough, as a nursing Mom of several kids (almost six years nursing), it was always this left breast that had the breast infections and problems. What could it be now? Please ANYONE with ideas, I'd love to just chat about this a bit. THANK YOU!
Avatar f tn She went into surgery for about 45 mins, came out, went home and that was the end of it. Both my sisters now have breast tissue under their underarms and both hate the way it looks. They both had it checked out and the doc told them it was harmless. One sister though has been complaining that it hurts her when she is close to getting her AF so shes going back to the doc to possibly have it removed.
Avatar n tn I am faceing the free tram in january 07 of 08 and i am really scared all i have read on the web are nightmare stories, please tell me if there is a surgeon in my area that does the diep. and please tell me the ups and downs . i just do not know what to do. if you could please email me at ***@**** and tell me if you know a DR. in my area that is really good i would be so thankful.
Avatar n tn Please tell me what you ended up having with your boob itch. I have it too. But it isnt just my boobs, it is also my back, neck and the center of my legs. I do have a lump in my right breast that i have had for years now, i have never had it looked at. Too scared of Doctor's/hospital's/and being naked in front of people i dont know. I really am starting to wonder if i have Cancer now. I am only 27 but i really don't know how much more i can take. And i am always tired.
Avatar n tn I just turned 40 & my mammogram shows 3 clusters of calcifications in 1 breast, and 1 cluster in the other. (I had a mammo at 36 & none showed.) I am scheduled for a stereotatic biopsy but am questioning the necessity. I am told 80% of the time these are nothing to worry about. So, wouldn't it be feasible to watch for changes in future mammograms instead of going straight for the biopsy?
Avatar n tn I could feel the muscle spasms going under my right arm, under and into the breast. Went to a different massage therapist who really presssed too hard and the pain got worse. I had breast cancer seven years ago, so immediately called my oncologist, had a cat scan of the chest. Nothing. Went to my family doctor, who noted my back under she shoulder blade, under the arm and breast area was all sore to the touch. He gave me muscle relexants and said to take ibuprofen.
Avatar n tn If you check for massage therapists in your area, call them and ask if they have experience with massage after breast reduction. Because this is not something we talk about openly, many people are unaware of the benefits of massaging after breast reduction.
Avatar f tn Hi. Since April I have had pain above my left breast. It's not constantly there, but it comes and goes. Sometimes it feels like a burning pain, other times it feels like a cramp. I've also felt it in my armpit at times and it will also creep up over my shoulder. Although I VERY RARELY feel it on the right side, it DOES happen once in awhile. But for the most part it's been my left side.
Avatar f tn My doctor said to try and induce myself naturally. I've tried everything! Walking, yoga ball, spicy foods, sex, massage and even castor oil. This baby is just not ready...though my cervix thinks otherwise. Btw, just a suggestion...castor oil tastes like crap...and it didn't even work. I threw up (which I also lost my bladder) and I had to run the bathroom three different times with a loose stool...unfun. And it didn't even send me into labor!
Avatar f tn My ocd about hiv started when i went to massage parlour and got happy ending massage...6 weeks after that incident i tested for hiv and the result was negative...i felt a bit relieved. Then 1 week after that incident i went for foot reflexiology for a relaxed massage coz previous body massage scared me of contracted hiv so i changed to foot reflexology that made me so calm and relaxed..
Avatar f tn My doctor recommended to massage my nipples with its own milk. The soreness should go away! I try it & it works!! I just had my baby two weeks ago & my nipples hurt so much every time I breastfeed my baby.
1158221 tn?1327976203 try relaxing to music ,etc while you pump ,, even if ,its when your baby , in the room etc ,, or before a feed ,, but you should be ok once you relax and as you do it more often ,, try putting a warm flennel cloth on your breasts first it should help and massage them ,, i breast fed my daughter for a year a half ,, i found it hard or starange to express at first ,, ,, i was not ably to breast feed my first born ,, but suceeded to have plenty of milk for my daughter which was my second child
1931931 tn?1332348145 What helped me i would massage my breast before feeding which lets the milk down. To the point where i started leaking. This way my baby didnt have to suck so hard. And if the latch hurt try a different possition. Usually in the hospital when u decide to breast feed they will bring someone in to help u. And from my experience after i was done feeding i would take a cool cloths and put them on my breast. Then the nipple cream. Keeps them from drying out or cracking.
2181422 tn?1400514980 (or let baby lead) *Google “breast crawl” (video) You’re going to do great! We can’t wait for future questions, stories, and concerns!
Avatar f tn Beyond the OTCs she's seems to think I should see someone about a breast reduction (D cup) however my chiropractor feels this move would most likely not benefit me much if at all. At one point I even went to a back pain specialist and was given massage and tens procedures which helped only temporarily. I stretch daily and have progressed to seeing a massage therapist for deep tissue massages.
4182046 tn?1355823639 I also want a breast pump bc my fiance will obviously go places with the baby with out me so whats a good breast pump? Thanks!
Avatar f tn I also have a rare form of Multiple Sclerosis which can paralize me and I am BRCA 1 positive with an 87% chance of breast cancer. If I get breast cancer the chances are it will be triple negative a harder to treat form of breast cancer. I was supposed to have a double mastectomy. I did not because I think they are coming up with new treatments for Cancer all the time. I think by the time I get breast cancer if I ever do radical mastectomies will no longer be necessary.
541150 tn?1306037443 45-8:00pm - Bottle.......then to bed. I always make sure to put him in his crib while he is falling asleep but not asleep so he can finish the process in his bed. At times I try to put him in his crib when he is sleepy and sometimes it works. Most of the time, however, it doesn't.
Avatar m tn which I kept off for 9 yrs, then after swallowing a couple of gallons of water for a colonoscopy, I started to gain and gained about 30 lbs back. I had tummy tuck and breast lift in 2008. I had knee problems and ended up having 2 partial replacement, and one redo with a total knee. When I came off pain meds after the knee surgery, my shoulder and neck began to hurt.
Avatar n tn Six years ago I was diagnosed with stage 3 breast cancer. I had 7 out of 14 lymph nodes. they did a double masectomy- chemo and radiation treatments. I just got off of Tamoxifen and now started Femara for the next 5 years. I am in pain. I never know when it will start each day, but there are very few days that I don't feel any pain at all. I could be fine in the morning and I will be sitting there at 11:00 and feel like I am getting the flu every bone and joint hurts.
1987536 tn?1337919844 Right after baby is done feeding from the breast is another good time to hand express or pump w/ massage and nipple stimulation. (The only pump that supplies both hormones is a compression pump). You mentioned wanting baby to sleep longer. Tell us about your baby’s sleeping patterns. (*Fun Fact -Breast milk is easily digestible causing baby to wake up more frequently.
Avatar f tn Also my dr said before the mammo that i had swollen lymph nodes in breast....does that sound like anything to be worried about????
Avatar m tn i was touching her breast and touched her vagina a little bit. i put my finger inside her really quick(we're talking seconds here, if that). she was dry mostly alittle wet. i sucked on her nipple also for a few seconds. iddint notice anything wet besides my saliva(no breast milk or anything that i know of). i was pretty hard after that and she gave my penis a massage over my shorts. shes asked me if i wanted her to "take care of it" for me in the vip room. stupidly i agreed.
Avatar f tn We went over breathing techniques to help with the beginning stages of labor, positions during labor, and tonight will be a breast feeding class. These aren't jus techniques for a natural birth, but for any birth in the beginning of labor, till your contractions are close enough and strong enough to head to hospital.
Avatar f tn i'm sorry to ask all these questions It just makes me feel like i'm a bad mother when I start to think about taking meds. I have read so many horror stories. Thank goodness I do have an appiontment with a phyc doc tomorrow morn.
Avatar m tn But I think that something went wrong with my experience at a massage parlor. I did not have vaginal or anal sex, but did receive oral sex with a condom. She supplied the condom, unable to verify condom before and after make sure it was ok. She touched herself before she put condom on and touched the inside. I migh have had little red bumps on penis head. She put condom with potential fluids inside. I was laying back and erect. I came in her mouth with condom on.
Avatar f tn Two months ago, while at work (sit at a microscope for 8 hrs. a day for 10 yrs. now), I noticed some twinges in my L breast. I just assumed hormonal, but then I started getting twinges in my L shoulder, which turned into a dull aching and sometimes burning sensation. The area that it started out in was the side of the shoulder in the back, like under the arm. Imagine lifting your arm up, and right beneath your armpit, you rub the vertical area underneath.