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Avatar m tn Try having implants, they will fill you out without having a breast lift. You are very young to have a lift.
Avatar f tn I had a consultation and the physician recommended a breast lift instead, as I have had no problems with my implants. Money is an issue. If I just had the implants replaced with a larger implant under the muscle would I also have to have a lift, or would the larger size make up for the excess skin? I know that implants are like shoes....they wear out and have to be replaced. With the age of my implants which would give me the best results for my money? How long would a lift be lifted?
Avatar f tn I had this done about 20 years ago, my surgeon was excellent, he removed the implants, and did a beautiful job on the lift. Yes, the lift will leave a lot of scars... unless they have come up with something magic since then. From what I have been able to find on the net... the procedures appear to be the same so far. One thing you definitely want to use are the new scar reduction treatments... you Doctor should tell you what they are, use them faithfully and you will have less scarring.
Avatar n tn I too have this problem! It stated soon after a got a breast lift and implants to correct a slight tubular breast disorder. I was wondering if it could have anything to do with the implants or the scars or just the fact that my breasts are bigger than they were. My problem, though, is that its a very strong oder! I'm not sure if people can smell it but I constantly worry that they can.
Avatar n tn Next Mamo 7/1/10. No MRI recommended. My 2 scars, Lett breast at 11 O'clock is ok, but the scar where the sentinel node biopsy was done has a groove & I can feel a slight indentation in the tissue. After the summer I am going to look into a "fat filler" reconstruction. I have too many other things on my plate at present. Wait to see what the MRI reveals, its very good test for women with dense breasts.
Avatar f tn She went into surgery for about 45 mins, came out, went home and that was the end of it. Both my sisters now have breast tissue under their underarms and both hate the way it looks. They both had it checked out and the doc told them it was harmless. One sister though has been complaining that it hurts her when she is close to getting her AF so shes going back to the doc to possibly have it removed.
Avatar f tn Based on your description, some form of modified breast lift with coning of the breast to achieve central fullness seem a likely possibility
Avatar n tn Although small,there is still enough bounce (and reconstructed nipples) to make me self-concious without a light bra when dressing up.Any advice you may have would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!
Avatar f tn Do you have any other indicators for breast cancer? You can't let the possibility of cancer put off or prevent you from going forward with the rest of your life. If we all did that, then we just might as well build our coffins and crawl in. So, go try to have that baby, don't worry about the breast issue, let the experts keep an eye on that. Do check yourself for lumps (which you will anyway when you do get pregnant and start to get milk, ha ha )...
Avatar n tn I have muscle spasm in or around the ribs on both sides (in the front under the breast and sometimes in the back at the same horizontal position), it feels like a ball rolling, in that it switches sides. It occurs even at night during sleep, painful enough to wake me. I only know that when I relax and stretch (the side where the knot is) using several positions I have to wait till it goes away, in many cases to have it return in other places described above.
Avatar n tn I had breast reduction in 2006. My left breast has a constant itch. Has anyone had this before. What is it?
Avatar n tn When I was on tamoxifen, my unaffected breast was smaller, so I want to have a result that won't be too wonky when I reach menopause and my unaffected breast becomes a little deflated. Also, I'd like my two scars on my affected breast to be straightened and the scar tissue that makes that breast pucker noticeably when I flex my chest to be released. But, some professionals say that operating on radiated tissue is not a good idea. I want my normal proportions back.
Avatar f tn The plastic surgeon that I saw said I have a double D and at age fifty five, I would not be satisfied with implants. My breast that I have left will need reduction and lift. I weigh one sixty five and I am five four. I am in good health otherwise and exercise and remain active. I do not smoke.
Avatar n tn I had breast implants done about four years ago, what effect will this have on breastfeeding, boobs are killing me already, am only early in pregnancy, 7wks 2 days, they are even more sensitive than they were before I had implants done when breastfeedng other two babies.
Avatar n tn I was able to do some strength training about 4-5 months post-op to recover some muscle tone. I still cannot do a sit-up or a leg lift without assistance (or cheating). But that should return in time, according to my doc. Any other questions? I'll be glad to share. I had a good experience, my mom's tram failed back in 98. Unusual, but I can say I've been in both situations. Hope yours goes textbook pretty!
Avatar n tn I also had to go through radiation. Honestly, and I asked, people didn't know I was without a breast for almost 2 years. I used a fake one when the dress I was wearing required it, but mostly just went without because the prosthetics are HOT. I am a size D cup, still. When they did my reconstruction, it was about 7 hours, they lifted the other breast and I got a great tummy tuck out of the deal. it was pretty painful on the first 2 days, but after that, I adjusted.
3589321 tn?1347656900 on talking to my surgeon today and with the cancer lump being the size and the placement of the lump right by my nipple, depending on the results of the bubble test, that is being done on Wednesday, if the nodes are cancer clear they will just take the sential node, and because i have breast implants if I dont need to have radiotherapy we have decided between us that the best surgery for myself would be to have a masctomy on my left breast, taking away all the breast tissue and nipple, leaving
Avatar f tn I have just been diagnosed with microcalcifications in my left breast & they are In Situ cancerous. At my consultation with a breast surgeon, she said I didn't have any options other than a masectomy because there are so many calcifications all over the entire breast, but have not spread. I am going for a 2nd opinion, knowing he most likely will say the same thing.
4355421 tn?1353472979 The wounds are very little on the outside but still, you should rest for a week, maybe two.. Don't lift heavy things our your children. Did your ob give you the pill?
Avatar n tn They can put breast implants through your belly button or under your armpits and they can give you a face lift without visible scars, you'd think they could do something!!!! My husband said there isn't enough money in that to bother with researching it!!!! Just a thought.
Avatar n tn I am very anxious now, i don't have any family history and my breast side is considered small. I don't know how this happened? what should i do now? do i choice not to remove my right breast? it is really awful ....what's difference between biopsy and stereotactic needle? My family doctor is referring me to surgeon to get biopsy done. I am waiting and very scared! help me!!
Avatar f tn SO, my question is, do I HAVE to get a biopsy, or can I go straight to removal of my breast without knowing even if it is cancer? Can I opt to have both of them removed? Since I have been getting Herceptin since November for my HER2 cancer, why could this have come back? Or does this mean that the surgeon didn't get it all the first time? And I thought that while getting Chemo - nothing would grow, isn't that WHY you get chemo and Herceptin?
Avatar n tn Because I haven't had any luck trying to find one. If I type in Breast Specialist I get Plastic surgery, breast enlargements. Not what I'm looking for. I'm scheduled to see a regular surgeon, I wasn't asked I was told when my appointment was.
Avatar n tn As far as lumpectomies, I'm sure it depends on the surgeon, location and extent of excision, but I've had four (they used the same scar for two)and except for faint scars, my breasts look pretty much the same as they did before. In fact, I had a breast surgeon and when I went to my oncologist, he said he expected them to look a lot worse based on my medical reports! I had to laugh! I'm fairly large breasted, so I'm guessing if a woman is small or very small it might make a difference.
Avatar n tn I've had the same problem for a while I find it so embarrassing because they've been around my thigh/but area and left noticeable scars they haven't occurred in a while but usually appear every few months :-( not sure what to do esp.
Avatar n tn I'm sorry for all you have been through. I feel for you, doctors found a small complex nodule in my thyroid (no other symptoms or abnormal labs). My nodule contained papillary carcinoma. Since you are a cancer survivor, I'm sure this is weighing on your mind. The good news is papillary carcinoma (the most common thyroid cancer) is very slow glowing and and very treatable.
Avatar f tn Hello I am 37 yrs old mother of 4 kids, no history of breast cancer in my family. Found bloody nipple discharge in my left nipple back in March wasn't able to see a Dr. until June(no insurance). Got a mammogram, found suspicious microcalcifications only on left breast, with a BiRad 4 and am scheduled for a stereotactic biopsy on the 22nd. Just wondering for those that have had the procedure done, how big or small is the incision, were you able to return to normal activities quickly?
10947 tn?1281407852 After a month of rash I noticed swelling and lumps on the side of my left breast. I went for a mamogram and they found cysts on that side and they had to be drained. I know that this is common with woman but they were so swollen from the bra I am convinced it had something to do with it. At one point I convinced myself I had pagents disese because of my nipples. I don't know what to do about all this.
363243 tn?1331037450 and to top it off i have soo much free testosterone n not enough estrogen that my female features don't really show too much like small breast. now me n my fiance' are ready to concieve but because of my cyst n PCOS it is very difficult for us. i really don't kno of any cures but i kno prayer helps. it also help to kno that we are not alone out here. do you have any children at all. if i could just have me one, i will be happy. god bless in ur quest....