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Avatar m tn Try having implants, they will fill you out without having a breast lift. You are very young to have a lift.
Avatar f tn breast lift, breast reduction, and breast enlargement (augmentation). Depending on your specific case, one or more of these techniques would be helpful to restore a youthful look to your bosom. Breasts are not stagnant organs, they are always changing throughout life. In a young women they grow and develop. They change each month with the menstrual cycle. Pregnancy affects the breasts as does nursing.
Avatar f tn Based on your description, some form of modified breast lift with coning of the breast to achieve central fullness seem a likely possibility
Avatar n tn Due to the usual reasons for sagging skin - aging, chronic dieting and genetics, I am considering a buttocks lift. I am worried that I may be bringing unforeseen medical/health problems into this relatively late stage of my life from what seems a pretty radical surgery which also leaves inch wide scars that run along the backside. How much pain and suffering is there? How long does it take to recover and resume a physically active life - vigorous daily exercise, jogging, sports, dancing, etc.
Avatar f tn I had a medial thigh lift 2 weeks ago and the scars wont heal and they keep opening up from the stitches, I when back for stitching 2 time and they still wont heal. i am desperate. How is it better to treat them , keep them open to dry, and just put a cicatidrina cream or put on betadine and keep them close. should I wear the bandage and the corsage or not. My doctor left for a month of Easter holidays and i am here in bed afraid to make a move. Please help.
Avatar f tn org/cgi/content/full/340/6/430) showed that women with radial scars have a risk of breast cancer almost twice that of women without the condition.It is important to understand that radial scars are just a "marker" of increased risk for breast cancer.It does not by itself cause cancer. Since both your Radiologist and your Surgeon have different opinions,I would suggest to seek a third opinion from another radiologist or a breast specialist so you can make a better decision.
Avatar f tn The plastic surgeon that I saw said I have a double D and at age fifty five, I would not be satisfied with implants. My breast that I have left will need reduction and lift. I weigh one sixty five and I am five four. I am in good health otherwise and exercise and remain active. I do not smoke.
Avatar f tn So my question is - can this be redone so that a purse string is placed and the scars gathered into the areola grafted area? Can this be redone so that at least the scars around the areola are hidden? I would really appreciate an answer from a plastic surgeon before I go globe trotting to find a doc who can do this only to be disappointed. Thanks in advance!
Avatar f tn I had a lift and augmentation about a week and a half ago. I was adamant that I did not want the lolipop or anchor scars, my surgeon assured me that neither were necessary, and that she could do the procedure completely through the nipple and areola complex. I am very happy with the size, and shape of my breasts, but the incisions look horrific! The areola and nipples are stretched to the point that they are completely flat, even indented.
Avatar f tn Breast lifts are uniformly performed with breast reductions. With a lift as the sole procedure, often just excess skin is removed without significant reduction of breast volume. With a reduction, both breast tissue and fat is removed along reshaping the breasts and elevation of nipple position. The decision as to which procedure to select depends on whether there is a need for volume reduction.
477608 tn?1238527958 2) Given the anchor scar from breast lift/reconstrucion, would an augmentation be better as far as scarring? I tend to think I am too large for aug. 3) Is there anything that can be done for my leg dent? What would that have been caused by? 4) Anything for the stretch marks on my hips? 5) Since I also have cellulite on my hips/buttocks/thighs...would a lower body contour be the key? Does that include a tummy tuck? What is recovery for lower body contour?
Avatar n tn How long should one expect to have to be so uncomfortable after a lower face lift.? It seems to get worse if I am at all stressed or after having done some physical activity.
Avatar f tn I havd a lot of back pain and thought this would be the answer i was looking for . I was told that my breast were going to be perkey and that i would feel 21 again.. instead my "key hole' is about 3 inh wide with scaring. the left ones points to the left and the right one points right I can were a bra .. i need help please .. this is horrible i have no feeling on either sides .
427258 tn?1266445242 I have been having an internal conflict with myself and my husband about Breast Implants and Lift. Since having my children my breasts have changed sizes numerous times as well as lost the 'perkiness'. I am young and have worked hard to try and get my body back into shape. I know I am a mother, but I want a typical 24 y/o body, is that selfish? What are your thoughts about getting the procedure done?
199177 tn?1490498534 I would have a face lift for sure, and a neck lift. I will also take a Boo B lift. The rest is okay. All the stress and addictions have made me look AND earn every minute of my 56 years. I am so proud of you KMO. I would love to say that I am beautiful as you do. I did not take care of what God gave me. So it is up the Talents of the scalpel. Of coarse with No job, I will need to win the lottery!!!!
Avatar f tn Dear 5isgr8, A radial scar is a benign finding. Doctors are not sure how radial scars develop in the breast. They cannot be seen with the naked eye, nor can they be felt in a breast exam. Their name comes from the way they look under the microscope. Compared to normal breast tissue, which shows random clusters of ducts surrounded by supporting connective tissue, radial scars have a core of apparently scarred tissue surrounded by ducts radiating out from the center.
Avatar n tn Hi Cindy, I also have a strange C like indentation when I lift up my arms. I celebrated my 1 year anniversary on 4/28/10. I noticed the change after I lost about 30 lbs. Now I am 50 lbs lighter & notice it less. The MD did not feel anything there. I had my first Mamo in 1/10 . 3 months after radiation my breasts were still sore so I didn't have a 3 month Mamo.
Avatar f tn But just would like to know more about radial scars and how they play in the role of possible increase in breast ca if any. I did address my concerns with my MD however just would like some support.
Avatar n tn I had a breast lift w/ lipo 20 months ago- my left breast has been feeling like something is tearing inside and I have a strange, almost achey feeling in the breast and towards my armpit. This breast is larger than the right, but always has been. I also gained apprx 15 lbs since then and am not sure if this has caused these feeling. I am at a point where I don't know if I should be concerned and go back and see the cosmetic surgeon or should I see my family doctor.
Avatar f tn I had surgery about 1 1/2 years ago , for the encapsulation, it was fine for about 2 months, then began to harden again. I have had other scars that have to develped into keloids. after 7 or 8 yrs. the scars softened and lightened. will this happen with the implant? It seems to me, if my body is prone to keloids, there is no way to operate on this breast to make it better. Any cutting on my body will just continue to scar, again and again.
Avatar n tn s appearance which is similar to a finding of breast cancer ( a stellate appearance) these areas are usually removed surgically. They are NOT pre-cancerous and they do NOT increase a woman's risk of developing breast cancer in the future. Regards ....
Avatar n tn I have been experience on-going issues with the area on the incision site and as more time has passed the problems spread to other areas of that breast. I have seen the surgeon (everything healed up fine according to him), my primary physician and have been working with a dermotoligist. I have had many tests done: skin biopsy, bacteria tests, fungal tests; all of those came out negative. The incision site is where it all starts, it oozes and starts to look like a sore and itches.
Avatar n tn I was able to do some strength training about 4-5 months post-op to recover some muscle tone. I still cannot do a sit-up or a leg lift without assistance (or cheating). But that should return in time, according to my doc. Any other questions? I'll be glad to share. I had a good experience, my mom's tram failed back in 98. Unusual, but I can say I've been in both situations. Hope yours goes textbook pretty!