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Avatar m tn I'm 40, childless (which means ptosis was not due to breast feeding) and had a breast lift 4 weeks ago. Implants were out of the question for me. If you want perkiness a lift, whether the incisions will be concentric, lollipop or inverted T is for you to discuss AT LENGTH with a plastic surgeon. I received an inverted T, which I am not at all happy with because the P.S. that did my breasts did not specify that during my consultation.
Avatar f tn I had a consultation and the physician recommended a breast lift instead, as I have had no problems with my implants. Money is an issue. If I just had the implants replaced with a larger implant under the muscle would I also have to have a lift, or would the larger size make up for the excess skin? I know that implants are like shoes....they wear out and have to be replaced. With the age of my implants which would give me the best results for my money? How long would a lift be lifted?
Avatar f tn breast lift, breast reduction, and breast enlargement (augmentation). Depending on your specific case, one or more of these techniques would be helpful to restore a youthful look to your bosom. Breasts are not stagnant organs, they are always changing throughout life. In a young women they grow and develop. They change each month with the menstrual cycle. Pregnancy affects the breasts as does nursing.
Avatar f tn My doctor suggested implants and a lift. I was against the lift, because of the scar up the breast. Well he ended up putting in extremely large implants against what I asked for. He was suggesting a 450 cc with the lift, but he ended up giving me 600 cc with out the lift. I am way to big and now I have bottomed out. I asked him to fix the problem.
Avatar f tn Hi i had a breast augmentation over two months ago i was supposed to have a lolly pop lift along with it but the surgeon decided not to do the lift while i was on the operating table in a way i am glad that he did not perform the lolly pop lift as i was not to happy with the idea of the scars. I am happy with the overall results, however i do feel that the look of my breasts would be much better with a lift.
Avatar n tn How long should one expect to have to be so uncomfortable after a lower face lift.? It seems to get worse if I am at all stressed or after having done some physical activity.
1563771 tn?1299820137 Breast lift surgery may be combined with breast implants for a fuller appearance. A breast lift can also reduce the size of an enlarged, stretched areola (the dark pigmented skin around the nipple). The specific mastopexy technique used will be based on an individual evaluation, but generally two incisions are made: one around the areola and one that runs vertically from the bottom edge of the areola to the crease under the breast.
427258 tn?1266448842 I have been having an internal conflict with myself and my husband about Breast Implants and Lift. Since having my children my breasts have changed sizes numerous times as well as lost the 'perkiness'. I am young and have worked hard to try and get my body back into shape. I know I am a mother, but I want a typical 24 y/o body, is that selfish? What are your thoughts about getting the procedure done? Have you personally done it and if so what can I expect as far as price and recovery etc.
Avatar f tn I had this done about 20 years ago, my surgeon was excellent, he removed the implants, and did a beautiful job on the lift. Yes, the lift will leave a lot of scars... unless they have come up with something magic since then. From what I have been able to find on the net... the procedures appear to be the same so far. One thing you definitely want to use are the new scar reduction treatments... you Doctor should tell you what they are, use them faithfully and you will have less scarring.
Avatar f tn how long are the scars and when will i be able to go back to work i'm a hairdresser. will i be able to lift my arm? are th scars under the armpit or near the bra line.
Avatar n tn from last month i was feeling great pain in my left breast i went for my breast checkup last weak doctor advice me for ultrasound and in reports doctor diagnose my left implant is folded in 11 0'clock shape and they also advice me to remove implant as soon as possible so i want to know what will be the shape and condition after implant removal
Avatar n tn I too have this problem! It stated soon after a got a breast lift and implants to correct a slight tubular breast disorder. I was wondering if it could have anything to do with the implants or the scars or just the fact that my breasts are bigger than they were. My problem, though, is that its a very strong oder! I'm not sure if people can smell it but I constantly worry that they can.
Avatar n tn Next Mamo 7/1/10. No MRI recommended. My 2 scars, Lett breast at 11 O'clock is ok, but the scar where the sentinel node biopsy was done has a groove & I can feel a slight indentation in the tissue. After the summer I am going to look into a "fat filler" reconstruction. I have too many other things on my plate at present. Wait to see what the MRI reveals, its very good test for women with dense breasts.
Avatar m tn is it painful to be touched or fondle after the urgery? will i have scars for life? does it effect breast feeding? whats the best incision to have? how can i choose a doctor? what should i expect after surgery?
Avatar f tn She went into surgery for about 45 mins, came out, went home and that was the end of it. Both my sisters now have breast tissue under their underarms and both hate the way it looks. They both had it checked out and the doc told them it was harmless. One sister though has been complaining that it hurts her when she is close to getting her AF so shes going back to the doc to possibly have it removed.
Avatar f tn Based on your description, some form of modified breast lift with coning of the breast to achieve central fullness seem a likely possibility
Avatar n tn In terms of a well fitting bra, ask around in your local area for a store that does measurements and fittings, for women who have had breast surgery. Your local American Cancer Society, or your surgeon's office may be able to recommend places for you to check out in your area.
Avatar f tn Do you have any other indicators for breast cancer? You can't let the possibility of cancer put off or prevent you from going forward with the rest of your life. If we all did that, then we just might as well build our coffins and crawl in. So, go try to have that baby, don't worry about the breast issue, let the experts keep an eye on that. Do check yourself for lumps (which you will anyway when you do get pregnant and start to get milk, ha ha )...
Avatar n tn I have muscle spasm in or around the ribs on both sides (in the front under the breast and sometimes in the back at the same horizontal position), it feels like a ball rolling, in that it switches sides. It occurs even at night during sleep, painful enough to wake me. I only know that when I relax and stretch (the side where the knot is) using several positions I have to wait till it goes away, in many cases to have it return in other places described above.
Avatar n tn This was due to a huge weight loss (after finally being able to diet/exercise after years of inacitivity d/t a long-standing illness.) I also had a breast reduction. I had a qualified surgeon who did a good job and my scars and new body look great.
Avatar n tn I had breast reduction in 2006. My left breast has a constant itch. Has anyone had this before. What is it?
Avatar f tn I have thick wide scaring (Keloids) around my nipples and the surgical lines from the breast lift. I have had shots in the scars about six times. Which really hurts to do, but it helps for awhile. I have what I call "Zingers" which are shooting pains that last about 10-20 seconds occassionally. Alot of running makes the whole breast hurt. I have never found a bra that is comfortable since the surgery.
Avatar f tn If a lift then becomes important, this could be done through the same scars as the previous lift at a second stage.
Avatar n tn Hi. I had a breast lift 4 weeks ago. Since then the fibroadenoma I have on one breast gives me stabbing pains and it is twice the size it was before. My P.S. is puzzled too. I will not have another mammogram for another two years. It feels like she might have nicked it while stitiching inside. What concerns me is the size and the stabbing pain. My mom had breast cancer at 37. I am 40.
651265 tn?1224051535 Since you already have scars from the previous reduction surgery, you might consider revision and lift of your breast at this time. This will not add any new scars and the outcome will be a positive for you.
Avatar n tn options depend on your breast size, body type, belly fat, scars, all kinds of things. It's worth it and really helps you make your decisions.
Avatar n tn on nov 14 2007 I had a tummy tuck and breast lift as of right now my breast are ok, but I have a hard spot on my tummy and a hole just above the inscion. The hole is appox 2 1/2 to 3.0 in diameter and 3/4 inch deep on either side of the hole it feels very hard to the touch and while moving around it also feels like it is burning. My doctor said it would take 2 to 6 months for it to close up enough for him to sew it closed. This is driving me and my boyfriend crazy is this normal or what?
Avatar f tn I had a lift and augmentation about a week and a half ago. I was adamant that I did not want the lolipop or anchor scars, my surgeon assured me that neither were necessary, and that she could do the procedure completely through the nipple and areola complex. I am very happy with the size, and shape of my breasts, but the incisions look horrific! The areola and nipples are stretched to the point that they are completely flat, even indented.