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Avatar n tn ll have an exercise program, and most physical therapy equipment can be purchased for not a lot of money over the internet. Over time, you will get stronger in a way that suits you, and hopefully break out of your rut. But for any of us to tell you specific exercises to do is difficult, as we don't know what's really going on nor how strong you are nor how you'll react to a specific exercise.
1551655 tn?1294260921 If you wish to purchase hand weights or stretch bands to use at home, stores like Walmart in addition to Sports stores carry such equipment at very low costs. Yard sales are an excellent source of used exercise equipment! Have fun with exercise, if possible, so that you will look forward to it! Cheap DVD's (or old used video tapes) are also available, at a very low cost.
Avatar n tn I had a roommate who used one of these in bad weather, and Gym is right, it's much easier to maintain and use than exercise equipment. I like the home exercise equipment, but as i said, it always turns out to need a lot of maintenance even when new.
20467483 tn?1498598254 Do you exercise at all? Sitting at the computer is very hard on the neck -- so is looking at a cell phone a lot -- and the muscles are attached to the area you're describing. But it could have been tweaked just by reaching up to get something from a cabinet or some form of exercise. If you don't exercise, your muscles will obviously not be very strong, and you won't benefit from movement that stretches us out.
Avatar f tn I do an hour of light cardio 4 times a week and lift light weights.
Avatar m tn m 40, childless (which means ptosis was not due to breast feeding) and had a breast lift 4 weeks ago. Implants were out of the question for me. If you want perkiness a lift, whether the incisions will be concentric, lollipop or inverted T is for you to discuss AT LENGTH with a plastic surgeon. I received an inverted T, which I am not at all happy with because the P.S. that did my breasts did not specify that during my consultation.
Avatar f tn I'm 22 and have always gone to the gym. I don't do something like run 5miles a day but my usual is about 30min of cardio on either elliptical, bike, jogging then some weights. I'm curious what you all have been doing as exercise? I'm 3months pregnant and was already a little overweight so I'm trying to maintain a healthy weight. does anyone do spinning classes?
Avatar n tn Anal leakage and some bleeding, with bumps at times. The bumps go away. It seems I only have this problem when I exercise or lift heavy objects. This discussion is related to <a href='/posts/show/230305'>Anal Bleeding, bumps, itching</a>.
Avatar f tn I know that exercise in pregnancy is recommended, as long as it's mild (like walking or gentle yoga). Does anyone have experience with more vigorous exercise? Nothing crazy (no p90X or anything), but something that does elevate the heart rate a little bit? I'm not very in shape right now, but I know that improving, or at least maintaining my current level of fitness will be beneficial for me and baby.
Avatar f tn Try to lower your Carbohydrates if they are over 100g a day. You can do 15 min interval body weight exercises without any exercise equipment at all an get amazing results. I recommend something like 20-30 seconds on 10 seconds rest between each set. Squats, push-ups, Mountain climbers, Crunches or Leg Lifts, lunges.
8793709 tn?1409594060 hi ladies I'm 8+5 now, and try to hit the gym around 4 times a week. I stopped using the hip abductor and adductor, which strengthen the hip and inner/outer thigh muscles. I'm equally uncomfortable/insecure about doing the ab-machine (crunch thing) ... even the rowing machine seems a lil too rigorous. as of now I only do the cross-trainer for around 50 min which burns 500cal.
Avatar f tn Hello...15 years old, 73kg and 160 height ... I want to lose 10-15 kilos ...any good ideas?? And I sant to exercise but I don't have any special equipment .... so let me no for easy exercises ...
Avatar n tn I had a breast lift w/ lipo 20 months ago- my left breast has been feeling like something is tearing inside and I have a strange, almost achey feeling in the breast and towards my armpit. This breast is larger than the right, but always has been. I also gained apprx 15 lbs since then and am not sure if this has caused these feeling. I am at a point where I don't know if I should be concerned and go back and see the cosmetic surgeon or should I see my family doctor.
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Avatar f tn I still go to the gym and hike and jog.
Avatar f tn If you can join a gym, that is a great way to stay motivated. They have the equipment but also have exercise classes. These can be really fun and taking a friend or meeting new friends is a great way to stick with it. The YMCA or YWCA in your area will take members on a sliding fee scale based on your income. Worth checking out. If you want to, lift light weights (better--- do interval training classes or 'boot camp' classes that have weights and cardio mixed).
Avatar f tn Are you saying while working at a constant/level exercise aerobic level your HR will drop from 180 to 34? This sounds like equipment failure to me. I did read that you get these strange readings on different equipment, but are you using the same transmitter? For example, my Polar wrist monitor with a chest strap will also drive the HR on some tread mills and other equipment, so if the chest strap/transmitter is producing errors, those errors will be displayed on all compatible equipment.
5543061 tn?1369579782 I'm a seventeen-year-old girl and weigh approximately 126 lbs, but I'm kind of chubby. I'm wanting to exercise understanding you can't spot reduce fat, it has to happen all together. What exercises can I do that won't bulk-up my calves even more? I hate my calves, I wish I could wear skirts and dresses like all the,other girls, but my calves are big and... I really would like them to be at least an inch slimmer.
572651 tn?1530999357 Obviously it is important to stay as physically active as possible with this crazy disease. I'm wondering what type of exercise routine any of you may have found that is "do-able." Currently I am doing Tai Chi, which is great for my balance and Chi (life force energy) but offers little aerobic benefit. I am also doing water aerobics two times a week, along with swimming laps.
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403255 tn?1278813266 My question is that if you can only sterilise equipment just before you use it and you can only make up formula before you use it and it only lasts an hour before it is am I ever supposed to get out of the house with my babies??? I am having to top up with nutriprem 2 when I haven't enough expressed breast milk to feed my twins and I am trying to find ways to make things easier so that I can sleep instead of preparing bottles.
Avatar f tn I am 4 weeks pregnant and want to know what cautions in exercise i should have. I went walking and feel very drained and dont want anything to hurt the baby. I know it us a dumb question but it has been 12 yrs since i have been pregnant. My son is now 11 and my daughter is 15.
Avatar n tn My health insurance ghi does not cover breast lift or reduction. I am currently a size 42dd and my breast are sagging. I cannot afford the procedure or do not know exactly what I need if its a breast lift or reduction. I suffer from shoulder pains almost everyday am my doctor only prescribe me motrin for the pain. I really need help and cannot afford it. Is there a list or some doctors that can help me for free in nyc?
Avatar f tn d suggest you join a gym that has a full menu of exercise equipment like cardio machines (doing the same form of exercise will get boring and cause your muscles to adapt to that one form of exercise and eventually you will see less and less progress), freevweights, strength, and core equipment. I don't know your level of fitness so I can just give some general guidelines. I'd suggest that for every day you walk you do a day of strength/core training on the next day.
Avatar m tn If anyone can give me some Incite on this I would greatly appreciate it. Ok now, I'm 22 I'm active and I lift weights and workout. One day I got on the bench press I stretched before but not long. I went to bench 225 I got it 5 times and when I got up from the bench I was very light headed and felt a pressure on my chest. The pressure lasted for a week... Then when it healed my sternum gets really sore depending on how I sit..
Avatar f tn my breast seem like there getting saggier by the minute and i wanted to know if loosing weight would help make them perkier, if so what kind of exercise should i do? WHAT KIND OF EXERCISE SHOULD I DO PERIOD TO ; LOOSE WEIGHT? thank you!