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Avatar n tn 1.i want to get a breast lift i need help to chose whats beeter celicone or saline.
Avatar f tn It costs as much to have the implants removed and have a breast lift as it does to have implants. Right now you could probably get reasonable FIXED RATE financing to have this done. Ask at the Doctors office, look on the net for reviews of this sort of thing... When I had my implants removed, I also had a mastopexy (or breast lift). I was very happy with my results and very glad to have the effects from the silicon gradually disappear.
427258 tn?1266448842 I have been having an internal conflict with myself and my husband about Breast Implants and Lift. Since having my children my breasts have changed sizes numerous times as well as lost the 'perkiness'. I am young and have worked hard to try and get my body back into shape. I know I am a mother, but I want a typical 24 y/o body, is that selfish? What are your thoughts about getting the procedure done? Have you personally done it and if so what can I expect as far as price and recovery etc.
Avatar f tn Breast lifts are uniformly performed with breast reductions. With a lift as the sole procedure, often just excess skin is removed without significant reduction of breast volume. With a reduction, both breast tissue and fat is removed along reshaping the breasts and elevation of nipple position. The decision as to which procedure to select depends on whether there is a need for volume reduction.
Avatar n tn I had breast impants and lift 3 weeks ago, had a hematoma in my left breast the very same day and had to have a second surgery on that breast, that night. For the past 2 days, I've been experiencing tenderness to touch and pain in the left breast...what could this mean? There is no swelling, no bruising. I still have steritapes on my breasts- to be removed tomorrow. Does it sound like it's going to be O.K?
Avatar n tn Dear Doctor, I am early 50's, contemplating breast lift surgery. I may have implants done at the same time. My main concerns are these: 1) Will the nipple sensation be the same after surgery and recovery? Nipple feeling is a big part of arousal for me and I would hate to lose it. 2) At my age, should I be concerned about the life of implants? I would rather not do anything that will certainly require additional surgery if I live to be elderly. Thank you.
Avatar f tn I had implants with a redo breast lift 3 months ago. I had lost about 100 lbs before the first lift 2 years ago, and then another 70 lbs before the second lift. During the second surgery the doctor also put in under the muscle memory gel implants. For the first month my breast where up and perky and fabulous. But since they have seem to loose all fullness on top and begin to sag again, like they werent lifted at all.
Avatar f tn The risk is that the breast tissue sags over the implant and results in an unacceptable shape. Performing a breast lift over your existing implants, or over newly placed submuscular implants, will likely result in a more predictable result with better shape. Of course you must be willing to accept the additional scars a lift requires.
Avatar f tn when i put the creasent or doughnut lift forward to my surgeon in my pre op consultations he was unsure what they were so i decided to go with the lolly pop lift as i did not want him to perform a procedure he was not familier with ( my surgeon is abroad in cyprus ) My question is, is it still possible to have a lift now that i have breast implants as i feel that my breasts still have sag and which of the lifts would you recommend is best with an implant already in place.
Avatar f tn I had a breast lift with silicone implants and a mini tummy tuck 5 weeks ago. Approximately 2 weeks after surgery the incision area under both breasts opened quite quickly. Within a couple of days the wounds were significantly large and weeping. For the last 3 weeks I have been on oral antibiotics and treating the wounds twice a day with silver sulfadiazine. I don't see any sign of healing and my PS will determine today if I need to be seen by a specialist.
Avatar f tn My doctor suggested implants and a lift. I was against the lift, because of the scar up the breast. Well he ended up putting in extremely large implants against what I asked for. He was suggesting a 450 cc with the lift, but he ended up giving me 600 cc with out the lift. I am way to big and now I have bottomed out. I asked him to fix the problem.
Avatar n tn The rippling you describe is probably the result of saline implants. Gel implants will not do this very often. It wounds like you need a revision of the lift with new implants. Every office has different policies regarding revision surgery, and I cannot speak for the surgical group you are seeing. My bet is that there will be some charge after three years post surgery, but it may be possible to work out some reduction of fees for the revision.
Avatar n tn In my experience, it is unusual to require a lift after explantation, even with 500 cc implants. In addition, lift will require additional external scarring. Although your breasts will be obviously smaller, I would suggest implant removal as a fist step. After three or four months or more, if you strongly feel an lift is necessary, you can then undergo this procedure.
Avatar m tn I'm 40, childless (which means ptosis was not due to breast feeding) and had a breast lift 4 weeks ago. Implants were out of the question for me. If you want perkiness a lift, whether the incisions will be concentric, lollipop or inverted T is for you to discuss AT LENGTH with a plastic surgeon. I received an inverted T, which I am not at all happy with because the P.S. that did my breasts did not specify that during my consultation.
Avatar n tn Hi there! I initially had breast augmentation with saline implants in '98. In '02 I decided to go a little bigger.(Mcghan 390cc filled to 430 cc's) Dr. said I was borderline for needing lift, but thought implants alone would be sufficient. The first couple of years they looked great, but now my nipple is looking a little low on breast mound. I was wondering if I had lift if I could get away with using same implants, or do I need a new set? If I got new ones could I get silicone?
142722 tn?1281537216 First, breast feeding will not likely be a problem with breast implants in place. Breast feeding will not affect the position or the size of youre breast implants themselves. However, the overlying breast tissue may well undergo changes after you complete nursing. These involutional changes can result in loss of breast volume with accompanying sagging due to excess skin.
Avatar f tn I have saline breast implants that I got 14 years ago. I regretted doing it about 5 minutes after I woke up and have been very unhappy ever since. My breasts are normal in size but I do not like the feeling of having something foreign in my body and believe it to have caused some problems with my health. I would like to have them removed but the surgeon I went to told me it would not be pretty. Has anyone had implants removed? And if so, can you ever look normal again?
Avatar n tn I am 20 years old and was wondering if I got my implants removed if my breasts would look saggy.
Avatar f tn Many commercial products that are available some of these products are herbal-based and contain ingredients such as dandelion root, soy, fenugreek, and Indian ginseng. These herbs are believed to firm the breast tissue. Surgical options like breast-lift surgery or breast implants help enhance the shape and size of your breasts and improve their firmness. The answer is based on information provided. Exact advice is not possible without a proper examination and investigations.
Avatar n tn Assuming you do not have enormous implants in place, removal of implants should not be a problem. Occasionally, some form of lift may be required if the tissues overlying the implants have stretched and thinned. It is often best to remove the implants as a first stage and allow the tissues to contract and heal before considering any additional surgery to reshape the breasts.
Avatar n tn Hi, just saw your post, i had a lift and implants and successfully bf my daughter. Good luck hope it works out.
Avatar n tn When I go for my post-op follow-up with the surgeon next month, I would like to start the reconstruction process. My first choice would be a saline implant, but I have several concerns. 1)My remaining breast is size 40C. Would the surgeon be able to provide me with a fairly good match in size and structure? At 58, I have some "sagging" of the remaining breast. 2)Will the 6 month delay between the mastectomy and reconstruction cause problems with getting the tissue to expand?
Avatar f tn I know a lot of women who did breast feed their babies lost their boob size. I want to breast feed but i also dont want to loose my boob this slefish idk?
Avatar n tn Do you want the implants out. Implants can be removed with satisfactory results, but occasionally a lift procedure is also appropriate if shaping is necessary and you are willing to accept additional scars from a lift. As you can see from my comments, it is impossible to answer your question with an examination and additional information.
Avatar n tn I too have this problem! It stated soon after a got a breast lift and implants to correct a slight tubular breast disorder. I was wondering if it could have anything to do with the implants or the scars or just the fact that my breasts are bigger than they were. My problem, though, is that its a very strong oder! I'm not sure if people can smell it but I constantly worry that they can.
Avatar m tn I'm thinking about getting Breast implants, but worried on any long term effects. Can anyone share their experience? I'm also thinking about using Anyone know of him?
Avatar f tn Hello, Breast implants can cause change in weight but your back problems seem unrelated to the implants. The commonest causes of chronic low back pain are lumbar strain, nerve irritation, bone and joint conditions (arthritis), osteoporosis, lumbar radiculopathy, narrowing or stenosis of the spinal cord cavity. Even bad posture can lead to low back pain.