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1174607 tn?1264177183 Anyway, I have an inverted nipple and you can see were the seatbelt went thru my breast and he said due to the trauma he wanted to do the lift first and let that heal, and then do the implants. I am very hesitant because I don't want to have 2 surgeries. ALso he said that the nipple could stay inverted because if he cut the scar tissue that is probably causing the inversion I could loose blood flow and the nipple all together. What are your thought?
Avatar n tn hi, A week and a half ago, I had a breast implant put into my rigt breast and a mastopexy which is a lift on the left. Now, I still have pain in the right breast. I went to get my stitches out the week after, but the nurse said i need to keep them in the left breast vertical incision. I am worried that it's not going to get better by the looks of it. Also, having to wear a sports bra makes it very hard to wear normal clothing when I go, seeing as how it is summer.
Avatar f tn I still plan on breastfeeding and am curious to what my augmentation will look like afterwards. Has anyone else previously had a breast aug and breastfed after that could fill me in on what to expect?
1613743 tn?1298472827 If I'm not breast feeding how long does it usually take for the production of milk to stop so that I may have the surgery? The other thing is that I am getting really bad stretch marks on my breast only because I used to be very small and I wanted to know: Does breast augmentation basically restretch your skin so that the marks look less visible? The last question is kinda embarassing but I think all you mommas know what I'm talking about...
1222635 tn?1366399886 did it give you a natural lift without actually getting a lift? all in all, what were the results of your augmentation, no matter what you had done?
Avatar n tn This means either find magazines (ugh) or else look at plastic surgeon sites on the net and copy and save pictures of breasts you find attractive. Many surgeons have before and after pictures on their sites... just remember all Dr show their good work only. Keep a copy of what you give the Doctor, notice if he is making notes about what you say you want. He should be working off these notes when he does your surgery. Not off the top of his head.
Avatar f tn Hi i had a breast augmentation over two months ago i was supposed to have a lolly pop lift along with it but the surgeon decided not to do the lift while i was on the operating table in a way i am glad that he did not perform the lolly pop lift as i was not to happy with the idea of the scars. I am happy with the overall results, however i do feel that the look of my breasts would be much better with a lift.
1481291 tn?1287796705 One friend had implants and her milk just never came in, another friend never had any surgery and her milk never came in and the last friend had 2 surgeries, one lift and one augmentation and she is pumping exclusively and has been doing so for 7 wks thus far. So it really just depends and you wont know until the baby comes what will happen. I would plan to try to breast feed, since that is what you want, and if it doesn't work then you tried and there are other options.
Avatar f tn I posted before and asked about infections in open wounds on breast lift. I went to a regular doctor yesterday after waking up in morning with several boils under armpits and the wound under my breast still weeping clear liquid only a drop or two a day. He said I had staph infection and gave me 2 oral antibiotics. How often does this happen? Should I be worried? What are the chances I will have to have implants taken out. I am 3 1/2 weeks post op.
Avatar f tn Ask to see his book of before and afters, ask to talk to patients, get on the net and spent 25 bucks and see if he has been sued and for what. You can check with your state registry, but lots of times they cover up for Doctors. Finding out if a Doctor was sued is better, sometimes they cover this up by settling, you might have to look harder. Talk to your friends and see if any of them have had reconstructive surgery. DO NOT GO TO A UNIVERSITY OR TEACHING HOSPITAL for your surgery....
Avatar f tn I’m 30 years old and a mother of 3 years. I had perfect boobs before my delivery. After delivery my boob became shapeless and saggy. I’m not able to wear my old party dresses as I look weird in them. I’m unhappy with my boobs so one of my friends suggested to go for breast augmentation surgery. I’m planning to do it from The Cosmetic Breast Surgery Centre in our locality as I heard good reviews about the centre. My question is, will I be able to breastfeed after this surgery?
Avatar f tn I had a reduction from a J, and was shocked and depressed from the moment I came out of theatre. That was five weeks ago, and I still cry about it, I do not want to go out, I got measured today and am a 'C' I wanted to be a DD. I wish I had never had this done, sure my back is relieved, but it would have been relieved if I was a DD. I thought I explained well enough to the surgeon that I still wanted 'big boobs' as I am overweight and big framed.
Avatar n tn I can't actually remember if mine are under the muscle or not, will have to go dig up the paperwork and have a look. Have had two kids before I had the op, and was just wondering about this little one on the way. Breasts have been extremely sensitive since the op which was done about 6 years ago now.
517119 tn?1285874992 six rounds of taxotere, adrimyocin and cytoxine. reconstruction on mast side may 6, 2008 breast lift-augmentation on good side/tatto/nipple repair on bad side tbd...probably in august some time... i had one lymph node involved so hence the six rounds of oh joy!! seeing that youre tiny, youre probably good for the breast implant rather than a tram flap...i would check into having your ps piggyback your gs to start helps a lot....
Avatar n tn I'm on here currentyl as 8 years after my mastectomy and lift/reduction of other breast I'm feeling the pain again....this time in the lifted breast nipple. I tried to ignore it but it's getting worse and worse....this familiar pain...I see dr. Friday....I'm very nervous...don't want this now beautiful breast all cut up and scarred like the rest of me to find the "C" if it's there...I wasted to much time worrying it would come I'm ready to live life again and this happens..
Avatar f tn Lastly, I believe that there must be a checklist of items that are supposed to be checked postnatally by whoever is looking after the mother and baby. Surely they could have picked up on this under breast Issues, and at least inform the new mother what these lumps could be and when/if to seek further advice. Postnatal &Paediactric care is very scant in this country now anyway so I shouldnt surprised this was overlooked at that time.
503727 tn?1210442710 I too have had all the various workups for my health and am otherwise fine. I took xanax, and the first pill worked fine then after that they didn't work anymore Now i've started prozac and I feel even worse, everytime I stand up I get the feeling im going to black out. Hopefully this will go away soon. I feel like my life is over, like I will never have it back and I am just destined to lie in a bed all the time worried about everything and be dizzy.
Avatar f tn I just recently had a consultation for breast augmentation and lift, and the nurse had to ask me questions, are you happy with your weight? And i said no. So then they said i should loose some weight before surgery to feel good about overall appearance and to heal better. I'm a little over 200 and feel pretty good but my weight fluctuates up and down. If I decide to get these surgery's after loosing the weight what if i gain my weight back?
Avatar n tn I had a breast augmentation 6 years before my first and this is my last so I am thinking about going and getting them redone here in a year or so.
Avatar n tn I am just 59 and suddenly, about 2 weeks after ending my Cipro and Flagyl courses (fun!) developed exactly the symptoms everyone is describing. I had an infected puncture wound that wasn't healing and had to go on both drugs. I did not know of the Cipro/collagen/elastin connection! Regarding hair loss over the past 5 years or so I had developed a bald patch at the hairline with increasing thinning all the way around the face.
Avatar n tn I must get out of bed and start walking around or sit in a chair for the pain to start going away. After an hour or two, the pain basically disappears. The pain seems to be emanating from my spine, and tensing up the back muscles nearest the spine. I have been seeing a chiropractor/massage therapist for about 4 weeks now, and it has not helped, because the pain is only after I sleep! I am 23 years old.
199177 tn?1490502134 my wife had lipo after breast reconstruction surgery and implant installation (?) after having breast cancer...she is STILL in pain from it and it was over 2 years ago "you shouldn't be in pain" the surgeon says. She still has pain from the impants in a couple areas (near the lipo) and is considering having them out.
958880 tn?1263682427 I have a friend who JUST had her augmentation recently, and she found out recently she's preggo (soon after I think). So far she and baby are fine! By the way, I'm waiting til after my babies because after my 3/4 kids, when I'm around 28 or 30 yrs old I'm getting a tummy tuck AND boob lift/job (I have 38D/DD's so I'll need both a small implant for fullness and lift) With my 2nd pregnancy now, I'm not really saggy but it's there. honestly, my SIL is WAY worse and she's never been pregnant.
Avatar n tn My left breast has cancer and needs to come off but I'm soo worried about my right breast too. If I keep my right breast and get reconstructive surgery on left breast, I think I may get an augmentation on the right breast to produce more symmetry. Does anyone know if this produces good symmetry the same as bilateral mastectomy with reconstruction?
Avatar f tn I havd a lot of back pain and thought this would be the answer i was looking for . I was told that my breast were going to be perkey and that i would feel 21 again.. instead my "key hole' is about 3 inh wide with scaring. the left ones points to the left and the right one points right I can were a bra .. i need help please .. this is horrible i have no feeling on either sides .
Avatar n tn I do not have any spottingVaginal bleeding between periods and my breastsBreast - premenstrual tenderness and swelling Breast augmentation - series Breast biopsy Breast cancer Breast infection Breast lift (mastopexy) - series Breast lump Breast lump removal Breast lump removal - series Breast lump self exam Breast lumps still hurts. For now i supposed to be almost 6 weeks since my LMP.
Avatar n tn anyways please be truthful and very open minded before even commenting. oh and i don't wanna here about your natural dd and how u would love to trade places with me.
Avatar n tn hi... i'm still having breast pain (comes on and sticks around for a week at a time) but cabbage leaves do seem to help, so maybe its still engorgement. anyway i've started noticing that before a feed my boobs look like - well - boobs. then after 10 minutes of sucking, they're like deflated balloons. i assume this is typical? also, she's about 8 wks now and goes no longer than 2 hrs between feeds during the day... when does it go to more like 3 hrs between feeds?
Avatar n tn Since I have had a mastectomy and use a pocketed bra with prostheses, I was pulled aside as a possible terrorist. After pulling me aside and taking me to a private screening room, my clothes were tested for explosives and I was patted down. Of course, none were found, so I was immediately allowed to proceed to the boarding gate. You should know that silicone scans the same as plastic explosives.