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Avatar n tn I had an abnormal mammogram approximately 7 months ago. They called me back for diagnostic views which showed calcifications in the right breast. I was told to come back for another mammogram in 6 months. I just had that mammogram done and they called me right away and said I needed to see a breast surgeon. He told me that the calcifications have increased in size and number and that I needed a biopsy.
Avatar f tn I am 32 years old and have literally no breasts anymore and I do not have the monye to pay for breast implants. I was wondering if there are any doctors in the state of West Virginia that could help me?
Avatar f tn ---I guess all those women with health issues due to the breast implants are delusional!! So apparently none of what I am saying or feeling has any basis in reality or science. This is pretty much what most health care practitioners say. Meanwhile, my health and energy levels continue to decline. I was not able to get a removal date until the 24th.
Avatar n tn It is impossible to predict when DCIS will become invasive. Therefore the standard of care for DCIS is to remove the lump or the breast (depending on the evaluation and recommendation from the surgeon) and follow-up with appropriate treatments depending on the final pathology. It is not uncommon to experience bruising and discomfort at the biopsy site. A biopsy does not impact cancer growth.
Avatar n tn I have had breathing trouble from time to time for many years especially after surgery where general anesthesia was administered. I also have breast implants that I had done 13 years ago and want to know if this could have something to do with this problem I have?
Avatar f tn let us not forget her breast augmentation, cheek implants....lip injections....that she has been getting....i guess it is important for her to be a hot mom to her kids. i mean, that's important. oh there were also pics of her getting her nails done as well.........and hitting up the least expensive place in the worls to get coffee.....starbucks. but i mean...........
Avatar f tn They are going to decide if and when we get mammograms. Medicare only will cover mammograms every 2 yrs now. My mother had breast cancer and I have already had one spot removed. My mammograms started earlier because of it, as well as my daughter. Where is that going to leave women that have a family history of breast cancer. Yet they are whining to cover abortions. They are going to put out $ to stop a life, but not to keep a life?
Avatar n tn HI, I found a great doctor in Virginia Beach that does some alternative treatments. His website is He is helping a friend with stage 4 cancer right now. He was told on July 4th he had 2 weeks to live, it is September 4th and he is still living. I am feeling this overall pain and tingling thing. My aunt has fibromyalgia really bad so I am praying that isn't what I have. It is horrific. I think I am going to Dr. D. today!
Avatar n tn i also heard of brown discharge when your egg implants itself. its called implantation bleeding. and it happens in the earliest stages in pregnancy....
Avatar n tn I will wait it out the thing is my breast usually are tender the week of my period and I break out all on my face and none of that did not happen...I did not get any cramps but I am constantly wiping blood and see blood drip out of me....I will ride this one out I guess it is very abnormal.
Avatar n tn I had intercourse on the day of ovulation and now I had a large amount of charge. Plus I been having cramp every now and then. I also have back pain sore in breast and a case of nausesness lots of gas too. I don't know it could be but I need to know about the discharge that is coming alot and it looks white and yellowish too. Please will someone please help me?
Avatar n tn I also developed a tumor on my adrenal gland, a cyst in my breast which turned out to be a fibroadenoma, and I lost 30lbs when I was diagnosed with the hypertension. I cannot take any meds as they all elevate my bp. I learned a lot about all that over the past 6 months, and my levels of vit D3 also dropped significantly (I am now taking 2000 units a day to increase the levels).
Avatar n tn if there's something in a particular area, but if you're in New Jersey...I'm in West Virginia, but also mine started around end of July, early August. And..although I've always had sinus, never anything like this! I guess we are going to have to keep working on this ourselves, because our doctors don't seem to be giving us relief. I'm certainly going to talk to mine when I go back and tell him about this forum and we've all got the same problems, being treated the same, and no relief.
Avatar n tn I had my first IUI procedure last jan 28, also taking utrogestan 100mg 4 times a day for two weeks , same effects like breast tenderness, and always feeling bloated, i'm on my 13th day today had a slight bleeding and it really scares me if i'm still going to get pregnant, tomorrow is our doctor's appointment to check if i'm pregnant, fingers crossed positive result tomorrow. Good luck God bless to all !