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Avatar f tn This includes for saline or silicone breast implants. What type do you have? If they are saline, leaking implants are not a risk. And currently, saline implants are what is typically used. Is one breast or both changing in size? That's another way to know if there is an issue with the implant. Do you feel any lumps? Do you do regular breast exams? There is one type of breast plant that has recently been linked to cancer which involves implants that have a textured surface.
6918915 tn?1395932871 I've seen this question before but I don't think anyone ever answered it. I have silicone gel, under the muscle implants. I've been told I can probably still breast feed but my boob haven't started leaking yet and with my first they leaked at 29 weeks (I didn't have implants then.) So now idk if that means anything. But also I want to know about the after effects of pregnancy and breastfeeding. Do they sag and shrink?
Avatar f tn This is more prominent in some patient than in others, particularly where there is thin covering of breast tissue over the implants. The real solution to this problem is the use of gel implants, which feel more natural and are much less likely to fold and ripple. I have seen a large number of patients with similar problems who have elected to exchange the saline implants for gels with very positive results.
Avatar f tn Yep you can breastfeed even if you have implants. My sister got silicone implants and went from a size A to a full C and breastfeed just fine... plus her boobs still look perky after two kids while mine now feel the force of gravity and are pointing towards the ground. I'm getting implants when I can.
Avatar n tn How bad will radiation be on my implant-would I get new implants after all is done? will the breast getting radiation look lik ethe other one? if I get cancer in the other one can you do a masectomy on the both even thouogh one has been radiated?
Avatar n tn I've had breast cancer twice now and also had saline implants. It's not unusual to have little twitches or small pains, you do have scar tissue in there. I would like to say and have said it before to Drs. that dismiss the pain with breast cancer shame on you. At age 32 they tried to dismiss my lump first because of my age and second because it was painful .... breast cancer doesn't hurt....WRONG!!!!!!! If I had listened to the Drs, I would not be here today. It was cancer.
Avatar n tn Hi, please see the link with my breast augmentation. they are before and 3 weeks after. Is i real that by moving down with time implants will 'push' my nipples a bit up and add mor volume at the bottom. if yes then how many months..? I had anatomical Arion 425cc implants... http://****.
Avatar f tn The problem with surgery for capsule contracture associated with breast implants, is that it is impossible to predict the success of the procedure. In many cases, removal or partial removal of the scar tissue with or without implant repositioning, will result in soft symmetrical breasts. However, there is a real risk that capsule formation will recur. Removal of the implants will completely eliminate the problem since the scar tissue is reacting to the implants.
Avatar f tn You should not have gone for breast implants. See, not everyone are good candidates for breast implants. The surgeon will conduct some physical examinations and then only he allows you to get breast implants. I think you were not a good candidate. It might be the problem while conducting the above mentioned physical examinations that made you a good candidate. A dear friend of mine has had breast augmentation few years back.
Avatar n tn The risks are very low and they feel more like real breast. I to will be getting implants after the expanders have done thier work. But I am getting gummy implants. They are fairly new to the US but have been used in Canada and abroad for years. They feel fabulous and the contents are like gummy bear material. But again if I had to choose between silicone or saline I would choose silicone every time. My PS says they are safe.
Avatar f tn I have very little breast tissue and have heard that people with no breast tissue or little breast tissue will get better results if the implants are placed under the muscle. And I will most probably be getting implants within couple of months. I have already talked to a surgeon Dr. Robert Backstein of Steeles Avenue Cosmetic Surgery Clinic in Toronto, but haven't confirmed of getting the surgery. I will be having a meeting with him next week.
Avatar f tn Ive always wanted implants a C cup mine are a AA36 and I hate them they javr gone up to a B in the last mine weeks since ive been pregnant buy thats not much and I plan to breast feed so I know they may shrink after I say go for it
Avatar f tn Does any one have implants. And if so how did ur boobs look after pregnancy. How big did they get during ?
Avatar n tn after reduction surgery one week ago, I have noticed that when I lie down, my breast(both) made noises. upon listening, the only way I can describe it is they make the sounds of being half full of liquid. any jarring of my breast makes this sound. It sounded so crazy but I got my partner to listen and she can also hear the fluid jarring around in there. My question is: What is this and why is this happening?
Avatar n tn I am a very depressed 52 year old woman. 11 years ago, because they never really developed & one was smaller, with a desire to have a balanced body I had breast implants in Santa Fe, NM. I am from MS and in 2001 moved back to be closer to my family and aging mother. Now the implant on the right leaked. Something happened at some time because I now look deformed. And the worst part is my financial situation is nothing compared to when I had them done.
427258 tn?1266445242 I have been having an internal conflict with myself and my husband about Breast Implants and Lift. Since having my children my breasts have changed sizes numerous times as well as lost the 'perkiness'. I am young and have worked hard to try and get my body back into shape. I know I am a mother, but I want a typical 24 y/o body, is that selfish? What are your thoughts about getting the procedure done?
Avatar n tn I have a 6 year old daughter that I wanted to breast feed, which was obviously before the implants but I never produced milk. So if you are unable to produce, it probably has nothing to do with the implants, maybe it's just your body. I'm trying to be hopeful that this time around I will produce but so far I haven't leaked anything so I'm just thinking there is something wrong with me, lol.
Avatar n tn Calf implants to improve leg contour are a relatively rare, but well recognized procedure. These implants are placed via small incisions behind the knees. Often two implants are placed behind each lower leg to mimic the fullness of the gastroc muscles.
Avatar f tn Somehow the implants were from the very beginning were placed a 2,3-3 cm. lower my breast byt general look really satisfied me and I was only worried that incisions are on the breast and suppose to be more visible in future. Tree-four days later, when swelling and bruises diminished, I realized something like a double bubble. Also I was worried about disproportion – right implant was placed always higher.
1222635 tn?1366396286 The technique, pioneered in Japan, results in breasts that look and feel smoother than conventional cosmetic surgery using implants. This is because the stem cells enable the fat to grow its own blood supply, thus becoming an integral part of the breast rather than a foreign lump. Stem cells have the potential to change into any cells in the body. They are found in most tissues, especially fat. Dozens of women in Japan have received the breast enlargements during trials.
Avatar f tn Breast cellulitis is a skin infection and would have no real connection to breast cancer. You may be thinking of Inflammatory Breast Cancer. Breast cellulitis is most often treated with a course of antibiotics. Regards ....
Avatar f tn But I decided to make an appointment with a plastic surgeon on 4/19/19 to see if I should get my breast implants removed. This is not something I want to do. I know this is going to sound crazy to a lot of people but my breasts gave me confidence. They increased my self esteem. I’ve had them for almost a decade but I’m hoping that if I get the explant, this PATM will go away because I got this PATM 2 years after my surgery.
Avatar f tn hi, I had silicone breast implants nearly 6 yrs ago. they are placed under the muscle.. I did not have alot of breast tissue.. I have never been happy with them and I have always had pain. I have al;ways had burning in them, my surgeon was not very helpful.. I moved from england to the US so I have neot been able to afford to have an MRI. I have never been able to wear an underwired bra since having the implants because verytime I wore one I had pain on the outside of the breasts.
Avatar n tn The manufacturers of these implants have a consent form that asserts that the gel implants are not lifetime devices, and sometime in your life, they will require removal with or without replacement. There is no specific time table when one can absolutely predict when this will occur. For anyone undergoing this surgery, it is a myth to assume that surgery will be required every ten years.
7928796 tn?1396351929 Its really different for everyone... I know one woman who breast fed three babies a year a piece with implants and I know another that breast fed her first, got implants and couldn't breast feed her second or third...
Avatar f tn I am 50 and recently had a bilateral mastectomy with immediate reconstruction with an expander and then saline implants. If I had it to do over again I would not do the reconstruction. I have not been comfortable in my own skin since the mastectomy 7 months ago. There has been a lot of pain involved with the expander and also with the implants interacting with my pectoralis muscles. The implants don't look or feel like breasts and they get in the way of my arms.
Avatar f tn I had agreed to a graft for the areola to help cover /hide the incisions with the hope that the breasts would look unscarred. OK now come forward in time to when I awoke the plastic surgeon "forgot" (even though we had had a discussion right before surgery I was put out) about the purse string and so placed the graft ontop of the mastectomy incision and inserted the implants through a new incision under the breasts. So I have now three very apparent incisions on each breast!
Avatar f tn Here are a couple of links to artivles which discuss the pros and cons of silicone versus saline implants. They deal with safety and the feel compared to real breast tissue, but don't go into the comfort factor, so they may not provide the information you are seeking. They also do not deal with the gummy bear implants, so you would have to research those separately:
Avatar f tn ll want to know also that a special technique called implant displacement views may be used to better evaluate the breast tissue. Also remind the staff that you have breast implants when you arrive at your appointment.. You could ask your Doctor to refer you to a Breast Specialist if he/she is not sure about your areola condition which may or may not be related to a breast problem.