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Avatar f tn Tree-four days later, when swelling and bruises diminished, I realized something like a double bubble. Also I was worried about disproportion – right implant was placed always higher. I called my doctor and ask an advice – he settled my mind that bottoming out in my case is impossible because my “before” breast wasn’t pendent. And for achieving symmetry he suggested me to press right implant down by using girdle bandage. In few hours later I realized that implants replaced very law.
Avatar f tn I have treated similar problems with bottoming out and double bubble effect sccessfully. While I can briefly describe the treatment, it may be somewhat difficult to understand without some detailed knowledge of newer surgical techniques. Basically, a new or "neo-pocket" is created outside the existing capsule to elevate the implant position above the present pocket. This will effectively eliminate the double bubble effect.
Avatar f tn In January I began experiencing strange muscle spasms in my left breast. It has since moved to both breasts but primarily the left. I'm also having nipple spasms. You can actually see and feel the movement, along with an almost zipping bubble-like sensation.Sometimes I'll get some pain but more often it's the spasms. Although my nipple is very sensitive on the left side, sometimes painful to touching my bra, etc.
Avatar n tn I was eventually diagnosed with Triple Negative Invasive Breast Cancer, Grade 3, Stage One along with DCIS grade 3. I ended up having double mastectomies with immediate reconstruction using ALLODERM and Silcione Implants. I am now in the middle of chemo therapy. I did not tell you all of this to scare you, but to be proactive in your health care. If you don't feel they got enough tissue, then have it done again by another radiologist. Be persistent. Wishing you all the best!
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Avatar n tn Obviously a saline implant is unlikely to cause a lump as the saline works itself out through the body. This scenario would be more possible with silicone breast implants. There are some brands more associated with this as well. You should receive a full review of the lumps though which may include biopsy.
1104206 tn?1407475591 _________________________________________ 2)Silicone breast implants are not intended to last a lifetime and occasionally these devices fatigue and rupture. When this happens, the silicone is usually contained within the fibrous capsule that surrounds the implant.Although removal of ruptured silicone breast implants is not an emergency, most surgeons agree that ruptured implants should be removed as soon as possible.
Avatar f tn i had stage 1 breast cancer diagnosed Dec 2008, in both breasts resulting in a double masectomy. I have gone through implants and nipple reconstruction. last week i had one breast very tender, red and feverish. I went to my surgeon yesterday. She sent me for a sonogram and now I'm scheduled for a MRI tomorrow. Anyone ever have a situation like this? I was hoping it was an abscess, but now worried it could be return of cancer. I hear there is one breast cancer with these symptoms.
Avatar f tn I had the 2nd phase of resconstruction July 2009, I had DCIS in the left breast and invasive in the right breast at the same time. In order to have the reconstruction- radiation canNOT play a part. The implants will turn to "rock" I was asked about 50 times prior to the surgery as to whether or not I was going to have to have Radiation. I was told that in choosing to have a bilateral mastecomy- radiation would not be necessary. Are you needing a plastic surgeon? Are you in Illinois?
Avatar f tn I had breast augmentation in October of 08...I was a 34B/32C and 5 ft. 4 in. and 130 I wear a 34DD comfortably. My question is, at first I signed on for saline 550s, then my family and close friends, one who has implants, suggested NOT to go that I have this infatuation with the fact that I didn't go big enough, even though the largest my doc reccomended was only 50cc's more than what I have now!
Avatar f tn I actually have many questions. First, I had a double mastectomy almost 3 years ago with just an expander and silicone implants. Cancer had occurred 3 times, 2 times on the right and once on the left, so I decided to do a double mastectomy. I am still not finished the completion of reconstruction, as the one breast is off center and lower then the other one, and also has a dent in it.
Avatar f tn I am so thinking about double mastectomy..I have GM on the other breast now...and I want my life back! Thanks for sharing!
336277 tn?1198034142 I was a virtual milk machine with my first two kids prior implants and went from a small c to Double D's in no time. Since my skin was so stretched out - the D implant was a natural fit. I'm not naive but but being 17 weeks pregnant my breast are starting to grow and I don't want to look like a porn star or one of those Massai warrior women once the milk is gone. What happens to the breast afterwards? Do they look like &%$#?
Avatar n tn How bad will radiation be on my implant-would I get new implants after all is done? will the breast getting radiation look lik ethe other one? if I get cancer in the other one can you do a masectomy on the both even thouogh one has been radiated?
7928796 tn?1396351929 Its really different for everyone... I know one woman who breast fed three babies a year a piece with implants and I know another that breast fed her first, got implants and couldn't breast feed her second or third...
Avatar f tn For a double mastectomy, which implant would be the safest? Silicone, saline, or biological? How proven are the implants made from fatty tissue in abdomen? Thanks.
Avatar f tn This is my third pregnancy. I breastfed my first 2 children. I got breast implants after my second. I'm curious if anyone has or knows of someone that has successfully breastfed after getting implants.
Avatar n tn ------------------------------------------------------- Vacuum-assisted biopsy (brand names, Mammotome or MIBB) allows physicians to perform accurate breast biopsies on women with breast implants. Prior to the advent of vacuum-assisted biopsy, women with implants typically had to undergo open surgical biopsy if breast cancer was suspected. Unlike surgical biopsy, vacuum-assisted biopsy is a percutaneous ("through the skin") procedure.
5644233 tn?1371557686 I am looking to get breast implants. I am a small A and want to be a B or so. Does anyone know which implant is better to get? How much does it usually cost? How long is the recovery? Any of these questions will help me make a closer choice :)!
Avatar f tn Actually, if your nipple still has feeling, the chance are high. Breast augmentation (breast implants) isn't a reason alone not to be able to produce breast milk. Most likely, it depends on the kind of surgery you had, but most approaches are compatible with breastfeeding. Incisions made under the fold of the breast or through the armpit shouldn't cause any trouble. A "Smile" incision around the areola increase your risks of breastfeeding complications.
453893 tn?1205859801 I had breast implants on August 8th 2007. Seven months later, last week, I had a mammogram which revealed an 8mm nodular density on the upper right breast. This morning an ultrasound confirmed the presence of this white mass, so a biopsy has been scheduled for tomorrow. There is no lump in the breast, only this shadow. This breast is more sensitive and hurts consistently. The scar under the right breast hasn't healed at the same speed of the left breast scar.
Avatar f tn This includes for saline or silicone breast implants. What type do you have? If they are saline, leaking implants are not a risk. And currently, saline implants are what is typically used. Is one breast or both changing in size? That's another way to know if there is an issue with the implant. Do you feel any lumps? Do you do regular breast exams? There is one type of breast plant that has recently been linked to cancer which involves implants that have a textured surface.
937868 tn?1570328281 Hello, i had breast implants surgery in 1986 ( silicone implants), now they are broken The silicone is out of The implants, do you recomended surgery to remove these implants? I was diagnosted with fibromyalgia and every day i'm more sick...can anybody tell me the adverad reactions of The broken silicone implants and how dangerous is The surgery and anestesia....