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Avatar f tn However the plastic surgeon that I selected to do the reconstruction, although a great guy, was going to place the final silicone implants through the areola site and do a "purse string closure". I had agreed to a graft for the areola to help cover /hide the incisions with the hope that the breasts would look unscarred.
Avatar n tn Hi there. Delayed reconstruction is common practice among those whose breasts are removed during breast cancer surgery. However, the fact that the entire breast is removed (together with the nipples) makes reconstruction harder and less cosmetically acceptable rather than if the nipples and breast skin were preserved (also called skin and nipple sparing mastectomy). It will also be hard to use implants since the skin overlying the defect may already have contracted.
992659 tn?1250767535 I'M a 46 year old female that had stage 3:breast cancer in my left breast had a simple mast then 36 weeks of radiation march 23 of this year i had a bi lat mast and reconstruction the doctor had too choices one was spacers or silicone o got the silicone the skin due to radiation damage is causing me to go in for another surgery to have the implants out and dead skin removed and spacers put in is this normal?
Avatar n tn I am not really into implants. I would prefer a fat transfer, your own fat to place in the breast. Check out some sites I'm sure a lot of reconstructive surgeon know this.
Avatar f tn Hi - I have tried to get an answer before but with no results so I am trying again. Last year I had bi-lateral mastectomy, reconstruction with silicone implants and nipple and areola reconstruction. Now the doc was going to close with a "purse string" closure around the grafted areola and pull in all of the breast tissue so that the only scar would be around the areola.
Avatar f tn Any thoughts on breast reconstruction following mastectomy. Not sure whether to have reconstructive surgery or not. Any thoughts on that or on the decision making process.
Avatar m tn org/posts/Breast-Cancer/Trans-flap-vs-implants/show/1308880#post_5999697 Unfortunately, there is always the possibility of a recurrence, so you would need to continue to have follow-up surveillance according to the recommendations of your oncologist. Bestwishes...
Avatar f tn // This additional link below,(Sue Young) also gives important suggestions compiled from posts on pre and post-surgery preparations I really hope that this will help a little and I wish you the best and good luck on whatever you decide.
561921 tn?1216609221 Though it may be true that nothing can be done to salvage the implants and the remaining breast skin and tissues, I believe that there are other alternatives or forms of breast reconstruction, mainly through use of myocutaneous flaps (most popular is the TRAM flap). This would require getting a portion of muscles and skin in other areas of the body to be placed or grafted in the breast area.
Avatar f tn It's so helpful to have advice from someone that has actually been through all this! I have a friend who had a reconstruction with implants 7 years ago so she can't answer my questions as it's totally different. What size were your breasts before the recon & what size are they now? Also, did you have a large or small amount of stomach fat?
325698 tn?1216332354 Symmetry should be fine - see pics on line - google breast reconstruction images. I had a small implant in the "real" breast to create symmetry and to match the mastectomy side. The recontructed breast just has a flatter appearance from the side. It's fine in bra and clothing - just get an implant on the real side to raise the breast a bit and fill it out a little more. Good luck with all of this!!
Avatar n tn Hi, You had posted query regarding the breast reconstruction and use of implants for this. The options available for breast reconstruction are too many which I suppose your surgeon as discussed with you. This comment is just confined to the use of implants. Breast implants can provide a technically simple means of achieving breast symmetry and pose minimal risk in properly selected patients. The implants available today are of different sizes and shapes. Hence a lot of variety to choose .
Avatar n tn Is there a similiar site that one might be able to get some answers on regarding reconstruction after mascectomy?
Avatar n tn Implants can and have been used following radiation therapy. Radiation produces permanent and progressive changes to the small vessels in the exposed tissue. Therefore, radiated tissue often heals poorly. The use of implants in radiated tissue can result in increased risk of capsule contracture and potential breakdown of tissue over the implant leading to exposure and explantation. However, many patients have undergone successful placement of implants in spite of these risks.
Avatar n tn I have had breast inplants reconstruction. Still in alot muscluar pain. I'm looking at doing some kind of flap. If I have been a smoker in the pass. Can I still have some form of breast reconstruction flap.
Avatar n tn i had a lumpectomy 3 years ago. finished ny chemo in december 05 and finished radiation in march 06, i am 51 years old and would like to reconstruct, can an implant be used This discussion is related to <a href=''>breast reconstruction after lumpectomy</a>.
Avatar f tn Hi. I'd like to know if all breast reconstruction surgeries with implants placed under pectoral muscle ends to have "breast deformity" when the pectoral muscle is flexed. Can this be avoided? How? Are silicone implants safe or do they put in risk women to have a type of cancer called anaplastic large cell lymphoma (ALCL)? How often does this happen? Do they produce any toher side effects? Which ones? What about fatigue? Thanks.
Avatar n tn A TRAM flap reconstruction refers to taking the transverse rectus abdominis muscle, which is located in the lower abdomen, between the waist and the pubic bone for use in forming the reconstructed breast. Mini-flap reconstruction usually refers to use of the latissimus dorsi muscle. This muscle is a flat, triangular-shaped back muscle located below the shoulder and behind the armpit.
Avatar f tn After coming off the pill, my breasts have lost there shape and volume,the radiated breast is smaller and higher than my other breast. I am desperate to have an uplift or implants,I have plenty of skin, would this be possible for me? I have heard that implants can be placed through the armpit,would this be possible? I have also heard about macrolane boob jab,could this be an option? also how do I find a plastic surgeon that has performed operations on radiated breasts, either N.H.S.
Avatar n tn Don't know how or where I got this but may I suggest to anyone having reconstruction request a blood test before any surgery. Since most reconstruction procedures are done outpatient they do not require blood tests,my mastectomy was considered a 24hr procedure, even though all my regular functions liver, white count are normal I test highly positive for 3 viruses, which I probably had before the surgery.
Avatar f tn please i need 2 know everything about breast reconstruction.. anyone who gone through thise procedure, how difficult it is?? what are the best options?? how many days it took for recovery?? will i get cancer again with new boobs?? or how please i need everything about this surgery ... and ill be soooo greatful! p.s: has anyone heared of the magical drinks that call,ANTI OXIDANTS?? they say it helps for cancer?? does it really help? anyone who try it?? thank u aloot ..
Avatar n tn A two-part question about follow-up with implants. 1)I have bilateral implants (combination saline/silicone) done after mastectomies for breast cancer. My gyn. and oncologist continue to routinely ordered mammograms. I don't know anyone else in my situation who still gets mammograms. My breast cancers were in 1976 and 1979 so it seems unlikely that I would have the kind of recurrence that could be picked up by the mammograms. I worry about unnecessary exposure to radiation.