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Avatar f tn I'm 18 I'm pregnant with my first(: but I'm considering breast feeding, any pros and cons with it?
654038 tn?1326302599 I was wondering if this is normal? I am breast feeding as well when my baby is breast feeding i start to get a little itchy around my boob, and also when she is not. Is this normal or is something wrong? HELP!
Avatar f tn he told me that its probably due to pregnancy and breast feeding. he checked my neck and around the left breast and knee lymph nodes(ultrasound) and he told me they aren't enlarged.he put me on MELOXICAM 15 mg, B6 B12 B1 supplements and CIFIXIME 400mg. i started to notice that my whole left side joints seems to be a bit swelled. i need to know should i go to another doc.? and what specialty should he be? or should i just wait and see? any respond will be highly appreciated.
Avatar f tn Bottles it depends if you are breast or formula feeding. For formula feeding many people recommend Dr Browns, but if you are breast feeding plus bottle feeding pumped milk you may want to go with something that more closely resembles a real breast/nipple such as Avent naturals, Tommee tippee, Joovy boob, etc.
9536744 tn?1414122031 My baby girl was two weeks Sunday and I totally agree. I love breast feeding her. She latches perfect now and it doesn't hurt at all. It's very demanding and can be hard to keep up but it's all worth it for me the first week was the hardest. Even had cracked nipples but I used breast milk also and it worked great. Best wishes to all.
551454 tn?1276782284 I have a rash on my right breast just about 3 fingers under the nipple and it is about 4 fingers long with 2 clogged pores in it. It is sore but not warm to the touch. has any one else had this problem.
Avatar f tn Are you breast feeding? My dr said I couldnt pump until my daughter was a month old. If you're not breast feeding, then carry a container or nursery water, wipes and diapers. I didnt need a lot when my daughter was really new.
654038 tn?1326302599 I was wondering if this is normal? I am breast feeding as well when my baby is breast feeding i start to get a little itchy around my boob, and also when she is not. Is this normal or is something wrong?
Avatar f tn Thank you i added breast pads and a breast feeding apron to my list earlier along with a swing :) and my baby isn't due August so i added long sleeve shirts to my list since that is close to winter again.
Avatar f tn ve snipped nails too close enough times. If your breast feeding there is no need to buy formula, you will most likely get some at the hospital which you can keep in case you have issues with breast feeding.
Avatar f tn Are you breast feeding or using formula?
Avatar f tn It's good to pack a baby bag for sure. Warm clothes cause it'll be cold, a snow suit if you're somewhere that gets snow, diapers, wipes, pacifier, burp cloths, blankets, they won't let you leave the hospital without a car seat. Also don't forget about a bag for yourself with toothbrush, toothpaste, hair brush, extra clothes, something to do (lap top, iPod, crosswords, etc...
Avatar f tn breast milk is the best for the baby. but dr do tell breast feeding mommys that giving the baby formula once in a while good because our milk dont have vitamin d. but other then that breast feeding the firsg best answer to feeding your baby. on the pluz side scientist discovered if a mommy breast feeds for a year she will lose 32 pounds I. total.
2177976 tn?1342045640 I then did a combination of putting him to the breast at every feeding, then feeding him a bottle of formula while I pumped. I kept this up until 6 weeks, then he just began refusing to eat from the breast...I think it's because he got so tired of me continually trying to latch him on properly that he got too frustrated and would just scream & cry. I then strictly pumped and supplemented with formula until 10 weeks, when I couldn't keep it up anymore do to my schedule.
408496 tn?1269603350 Okay - Who is breast feeding and who is bottle feeding? I think I am going to breast feed for a few months (have to go back to work after 8 weeks) and then I might pump for 1 month at work, then gradually make the switch to formula. My sister breast-fed her little one until she was one. She did not pump - she just sumplemented with formula while she was working, which is an option too.
2177976 tn?1342045640 Good Luck with breast feeding. I failed to with my daughter. But hoping to try again this pregnancy.
Avatar f tn Have any of you mommies feed your babies both breast milk & formula at the same time ? How did it work for you ?
Avatar f tn Breast feeding is better both for you and the baby. Also formula is expensive and babies from my personal experiences tend to be crankier and cry more. Everyone has their own perferences. Try it out and if it dont work for you then it didnt work.
Avatar f tn I choose to breast feed because that is what is best for baby, it is a wonderful bonding experience, and it is free!
Avatar f tn U can breastfeed at the same time. Or pump aswell...or regular milk is fine too.
Avatar f tn Ya know, lots of women become nervous about breast feeding. In truth, babies come out instinctively knowing what to do. They are ready to go. It's a pretty natural process. Some women do have trouble and some babies do latch on incorrectly, but a lactation specialist works with you IN the hospital to kind of get things going smoothly before you go home from the hospital. And if it doesn't work out, lots and lots of women do bottle feed with healthy and happy babies. Just think .