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Avatar f tn You could use a zip lock bag I would not buy the cheaper brand and store them up right to ensure it doesn't spill. Also the freeze zip locks would be best but make sure they are bpa free. I've used the beast milk bags and like them because you can store them on their side and know it will not leak.
Avatar n tn I am just finished with breast cancer treatment and had routine lab tests done, my TSH was 0.06 (low), thyroglobulin 78.8 (high), thyroglobulin antibody 1.8 (normal), Free T4 1.0 (normal), anti-TPO antibody 38 (normal). As you can imagine I am wondering if this could be indicative of thyroid cancer? My regular Dr. never mentioned it,or felt my thyroid. I thought she would order and Ultrasound but ordered some more thyriod blood tests in 6-8 weeks.
Avatar f tn They have a double zip and zip easily preventing spills. Madela are hard to zip and only have one zipper. I used breastfeeding bottles. The nipple mimic a breast. They seemed to work best. I also used the Madela pump.
Avatar f tn My Spouse noticed swelling in her breast last December and thet have been a constant state of soreness and pain. Her Doctor's and the hospitals have been running her around and in the past 3months she still hasn't been given an appointment for a mamogram andor ultrasound screening. The pain is getting worst and I'm tired of them toying with her lige and health. I NEED TO KNOW WHERE SHE CAN GO EFFECTIVE IMMEDIATELY TO GET SCREENED BECAUSE THIS IS TOTAL ********.
Avatar f tn You can take your chicken breast and dress it up with spices such as cumin, chili powder and a little black pepper and grill it. then you use not fats and have a tasty chicken breast for dinner! You can also bake a chicken breast in salsa and serve it over brown rice,.
Avatar f tn I do realize that all cancers are horrible, but I do think that most people are aware of breast cancer, lung cancer, skin cancer, colon and prostate cancer. Ovarian cancer, along with other gynecological cancers, needs the awareness too! My latest Prevention magazine came and it had a great article on breast cancer for the month of October. I have to find my September magazine, but I don't recall any mention of ovarian cancer. I plan to check on that and notify them too! It is just wrong.
Avatar f tn I'm sorry you had to go through chemo and rads. Ick, right? Been there, done that. You are 40? Have you had BRCA 1 & 2 genetic mutations for breast cancer? This blood test should be covered by your insurance company and I highly recommend you contact a BRCA savvy genetic counselor, available at ANY respectable hospital and let them discuss your risks with you.
Avatar f tn I never had a problem with any freezer burn. I have heard, not from experience that zip lock bags are not good for breast milk storage. Something anlut how sterilized the bags are? But that is just what I have heard.
Avatar n tn Hi. If you have an early stage breast cancer confined to the breast alone with no involvement of distant organs, surgically removing the primary tumor will leave no obvious trace of disease. The effectiveness of any post-surgery treatment (called "adjuvant" treatment) like radiotherapy cannot be immediately assessed because there's nothing to observe. Unless new lesions are seen on repeat mammogram, in which case, there is clearly a failure of treatment.
Avatar f tn Car seat stroller crib zip up onsies (so much easier then button up ) formula diapers bottles baby tub receiving blankets wipes bum cream (such as sudocream) shampoo (which I use as baby wash smells so good) socks nose sucker thermometer clippers scratch mittens.
Avatar f tn I have no idea what might be causing the discomfort you have described but if you see your Dr. for a clinical breast exam I'm sure he/she can tell. It doesn't sound like anything related to Breast Cancer but I would certainly see the Dr. and have any testing that might be appropriate. I hope you have been having yearly Mammograms as well as doing monthly self exams ..... if not you should.
Avatar n tn After having the left breast removed, fluid built up in the stomach area under the breast. It looks like a bulged area and is soft like fluid is in it. What would be causing this? What should I do and which doctor would be able to help me-cancer doctor, surgeon, ? Thank you.
Avatar f tn I really want some zip fizz, im so sick of drinking plain water!
Avatar f tn Wow, you've said a mouthful! Hi Woogy, I'm Chris the Community Leader for the breast cancer community. I have no expertise to try to answer your question. You might try posting this question on the ask an expert forum, but hopefully one of our physicians is keeping an eye out and will respond to your question. If I can be of any help via the breast cancer forum, please don't hesitate to contact me!
Avatar f tn im 36 and just been diagnosed with stage 3 breast cancer. i havent been into surgery yet. can anyone give me any info on how serious it is and what are my chances of survival.
Avatar n tn Thanks for ur comments...I am 48 years age and mammography reveals no abnormality but mom had breast cancer. any comments welcome.
Avatar f tn my left breast is a bit pain just today and i wonder it might happen breast cancer to me or not. I'm 21 female and non experience in sex. Can u tell me breast cancer might happen to such a young girl like me?? please let me know what things make it happen and what kind of age of woman used to happen for this disease?
Avatar n tn means is due to more smoking or bcz of excess in breast as well as our body size..and how could we know that their is breast cancer...and what care we must take..and how should we check it...
Avatar f tn If in fact my slides got mixed up - since the biopsy said I had cancer and there was no cancer in my breast after they looked at my breast tissue. Of course, that is after they did a mastectomy.