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Avatar f tn My best friend just told me that his mom was diagnosed with Stage 0 breast cancer... he said that it was good because they caught it early but what are the risks at that stage? She has to have surgery this week and then radiation.
Avatar m tn This will help doctors figure out a woman’s risk of early-stage, estrogen-receptor-positive breast cancer coming back (recurrence), as well as how likely you are to benefit from chemotherapy after breast cancer surgery. "The Oncotype DX screening test is performed on tumor’s sample to get the Recurrence Score.
Avatar n tn Hi Jim, I am sorry about your wife. I just finished with chemo and radiation therapies and want to share my experience. I am scheduled for follow-up mammograms every six months, and MRI on a yearly basis. After the lumpectomy and right before the chemo, I requested a PET CT scan, for peace of mind. It was not offered to me, I requested it. There was no sign of malignancy in any other part of the body.
Avatar f tn Hi - I had a TAH in 2006 and they found the washings were malignant but it had not invaded my ovaries. What does stage 1C mean? My CA125 was 504 prior to surgery and the tumer was 7x4". Is that considered cancer? The reason why I am asking is I worry about breast cancer and other problems. I have developed a severe case of fibromyalgia since the surgery and have never really felt good. Also what's the difference between surgical menapause and natural menapause as to how long it lasts.
Avatar n tn I can't wait to see what stage I am at now. Also - liver cancer is a big threat to those with hepc and doing treatment practically guarantees (really lowers the odds) that you will get this disease. Liver cancer is usually deadly. I've had this disease for about 20/25 years and I am stage 3 however I could become stage 4 in just a year - or 5 or 10. There is no way to know. Knowing that (out of more stages to go to before its extremely serious) I couldn't take the chance.
Avatar f tn She probably can't be cured with 3c. Ovarian cancer is considered a chronic cancer. It is not like breast cancer. She can go into remission. They are thinking it might be a blood bourne cancer. The other theory is it is in the ascites the fluid in the abdomen an goes from organ to organ. I have 3c but also have the BRCA mutation which makes cancers cells. The first six chemos was the worst. I took 8 months off after the first six because I was so under weight. My disease progressed.
Avatar n tn Dear Josie, The following is another cancer site that can be very useful to you: Go to "choose a cancer topic" then go to "breast cancer" then go to "talking about breast cancer" This should help you to find and figure out questions to discuss with you doctor. Also, there is nothing wrong with requesting a sono or an mri although all doctors may not agree with doing it. Don't give up. Good luck.
Avatar f tn I have gone to the doctor so many times and they always tell me maybe it is my lympnodes or cancer.. I had a breast ultrasound done and there is no trace of cancer. I had blood work done and there is no traceof infection so... Upon removal of this tissue they are going to send it out for testing. I am very anxious to get this procedure done. The surgeon advised me the procedure will take 30-45 minutes and of course it is Same Day Surgery. I will let everyone know how it goes.
Avatar m tn Told Doc I thought I had lyme or cancer, then she found breast lump then I was diagnosed with lyme and cancer. I was on iv antibiotics for a long time, and had to do alternative cancer treatment due to how sick I was. I wanted the tumors biopsied for spirochete, mycobacteria, fungi, and bunch of other stuff but they refused. I have since learned that intracellular pathogens cause cancer.
Avatar f tn Hi, I guess this is more of a vent because I wouldn't even know where to begin with a question. Mom diagnosed with breast cancer stage IV 2005. Mastectomy then put on Arimidex. Then the doctor found spinal tumors and immediately said chemo. My mom and I refused. I had to look up Zomeda as an option and now she's taking it. For 4 years she has been very well on Arimidex and Zomeda. She said that she doesn't even feel sick. So all was well.
Avatar n tn Went to a different massage therapist who really presssed too hard and the pain got worse. I had breast cancer seven years ago, so immediately called my oncologist, had a cat scan of the chest. Nothing. Went to my family doctor, who noted my back under she shoulder blade, under the arm and breast area was all sore to the touch. He gave me muscle relexants and said to take ibuprofen. That has helped, but the pain flared again today.
564735 tn?1263947126 She didn't elaborate on what type of cancer she had or her stage....but beating cancer 18 years quite a victory.
136849 tn?1327325110 Yes indeed the risk of a cancer recurring should be zero in that situation. In reality, it is not zero for a few reasons. The most important reason is under staging, which means that not enough biopsies were taken to be certain that there is no sign of spread. The statistics that we have are that for a woman with an ovarian tumor that appears confined to the ovary, 20 percent will have metastases if you take enough biopsies.
561476 tn?1220959376 I feel for these women with breast cancer, or any type of cancer for that matter, but come on people breast cancer survives for an average of at least 5 years beyond diagnoses and here ovarian cancer can't even get an accurate diagnoses test. I'm sad to say that for the first time today I refused packaging that had a pink ribbon on it. Yes I went to my local grocery store and on their paper bags for this month they are supporting pink ribbons, and I asked for plastic instead.
Avatar n tn In June of last I had three lumpectomies to remove Stage Zero/DCIS from my left breast. Radiation was done and then about 9 months later I had another MRI and Calcifications were found. After 2.5 months of consulation between the Hematology Oncologist, the Radiation Oncologist and the surgeon they have decided I should have surgery and remove the benign calcifications. Genetic study was done showing 'no mutation detected' result. Finally, the question.
Avatar n tn I had ductal in situ in two seperate locations in the breast. My stage was stage zero. The lump was quite large however and was cribriform stage 2. I did not require chemo or radiation as it was prestage cancer. The cells were oestrogen positive. I have been told by my Oncologist I need to take Tamoxifen. I am peri menopausal. I know this as over the last six months there have been changes to my menstrual cycle which was always very regular.
Avatar f tn 8 cm ground-glass nodular density. I had stage zero breast cancer and bilateral mastectomies in 2003 and come from a very long line of cancer family members, but no lung cancers and have not smoked in 22 years. I am 56. What is bibasilar atelectasis? Should I be worried? Lung doctor doesn't appear to be.
Avatar n tn In fact I would be more concerned about checking you from something new ( breast ca, colon ca, peritoneal cancer). If you had a stage III borderline tumor, yes that can recur 5- 10 years later. I usually do an exam and get a CA 125. If a person has had a stage 3 borderline tumor, I would usually check a CT scan every 1-3 years depending on how far out they are from diagnosis.
Avatar f tn This will help doctors figure out a woman’s risk of early-stage, estrogen-receptor-positive breast cancer coming back (recurrence), as well as how likely she is to benefit from chemotherapy after breast cancer surgery.Please read the information I added for you. "The Oncotype DX screening test is performed on each tumor sample to get the Recurrence Score.
Avatar n tn is there some prophylactic treatment they can do prior to the mri and how necessary is the mri as diagnostic tool? is it possible that there can be stage zero etc.. that wouldn't show up definitively on mammogram and would be more obvious on mri? if there are no safe means to do the mri what are the risks in waiting for a follow-up mammogram in six months? thank you for responding.
7853176 tn?1394754467 monthly, after your menstruation is over, and maintain regular clinical examinations,including Mammograms or Ultrasound as recommended by your doctor,especially since you have a family history of BC. With regular screening,breast cancer is more likely to be detected at a very early stage when it is highly curable.Early detection is "KEY" to winning breast cancer battle. Best wishes...
Avatar n tn There have been some discussions on the Breast Cancer forum as to MRI vs. mammogram in detection of breast cancer. Worth a look over there to see what you can find on the detection issue. The questions on the Breast Cancer forum are answered by medical professionals from the Cleveland Clinic--it's not a patient to patient unmoderated forum like this one is.
Avatar f tn There was no known history of cancer in my family for about 4 generations, until my cousin was diagnosed with Stage III breast cancer - at age 25. There are lots of factors, and still more research to be done. It's not meant to scare anyone; it's just meant to inform. For instance I never knew that the fact that I began menstruating very young is considered one of the risk factors, as well as not having had children by my age.
Avatar f tn The connection between Ovarian cancer and Breast Cancer might be due to some form of treatment but when Breast Cancer spreads it is to organs such as Brain, Bone,Lung,Liver, etc. ... NOT the ovaries. You might also remember that Breast Cancer can have little if no symptoms in the early stages. The risk is YOURS !! Regards ....
Avatar n tn I have diagnosed with DCIS stage zero in two areas of my breast, and I have to decide if I want to do a quandractectomy (with 25% chance of having to have a mastectomy after the depending of the findings) or I do now the mastectomy. Did anyone had similar experience and could give me a feed back? Thank you!
Avatar m tn I also have sclerosing adenosis with fibrocycstic disease and was once told by my OBGYN that there is a higher incidence in breast cancer with this disease. I am also loaded with microcalcifications in both breasts for years. I'm really worried. stage zero though, grade 3 over 3 with focal comedo necrosis and caldifications. thanksl This discussion is related to Understanding pathology report help.
Avatar n tn If breast cancer occurs in a previously treated breast, there's not much controversy about treating with mastectomy, as opposed to simple removal of the lump. In some cases, such as a very frail or elderly person, some would just do the local removal. More radiation can't be given, but chemo can and would be, depending on characteristics of the tumor. So, since the treatment would generally require mastectomy, it's reasonable to make the plans and proceed which saves a second anesthetic.
Avatar f tn Is it true that the further out, the more likely the breast cancer would be a new cancer? Thank you so much and thanks for the great service you provide.