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Avatar f tn I see now where that you said, "I have my results." I thought at first you meant your mammogram results, but now that I have seen your post regarding reconstruction in the BC Forum, it is apparent you do have a definite dx of BC. I am sorry that was the outcome, and that I didn't understand that when I posted before... Regards, bluebutterfly .
Avatar n tn Another breast cancer Website had an article that mentioned Stage V in its title, but not in the article itself. After I pointed out the error to them, they indicated they would make a correction. (They also mentioned that some people "unofficially" talk about Stage V when there is nothing more that can be done except palliative treatment.) I also came across a Website for alternative/herbal tx that unofficial stage designation.
Avatar f tn This will help doctors figure out a woman’s risk of early-stage, estrogen-receptor-positive breast cancer coming back (recurrence), as well as how likely she is to benefit from chemotherapy after breast cancer surgery.Please read the information I added for you. "The Oncotype DX screening test is performed on each tumor sample to get the Recurrence Score.
Avatar n tn Hi,You are right,there is NO stage 5 breast cancer...what your friend might have heard is that her BIRADS score is a 5...(.BIRADS are used by radiologist to categorize the imagery seen on mammograms and they give a score from 1 to 5.A score of five means that the lesion seen in the mammogram or ultrasound ,is highly suspicious of malignancy..but a biopsy is the only test that will give an accurate diagnosis.As Versh mentioned the breast cancer stage goes only up to 4.
Avatar f tn and i wud like of anyone whose expert in breast cancer stage 3 or had a similar condition please i need 2 know everything i wana know anyone of you who survived from this dsease ..
Avatar n tn My mom is 54 years old and detected with right breast cancer. As per the report ER & PR are negetive and CERB B2 is positive with score 3. What stage of cancer she is having? And how many chemotherapy are required? Please help..... This discussion is related to <a href='/posts/show/559549'>what do ER-Negative,PR-Positive and Cerb B2-Negative indicate?</a>.
Avatar f tn The median survival for patients with metastatic breast cancer is about 2-3 years. Advances in breast cancer treatment can improve the survival of patients. Treatment includes systemic therapy in the form of either chemotherapy, hormonal therapy, or both. Bisphosphonates can help in relieving the bone pain caused by the bone metastases; as well prevent further damage to the bone caused by cancer.
Avatar n tn There is every hope that cancer can be beat. This year my grandma is 5 years cancer free. She found out she had stage 2 breast cancer in 2005, had a mastectomy went through chemo and hasn't had a single regrowth since.
Avatar m tn hi doctor , Could you please give me a bit of information as which cancer is more severe is it Ovarian Cancer 3C or Breast Cancer 3C ? which cancer has a higher 5 year survival percentage and what are the recurrence statics for these cancers in comparasion stage remaining constant( 3C ) ? usally in ovarian cancer if even few lymph nodes are involved they say the prognosis is poor , but generally in breast cancer a lot of lymph nodes are usally involved, what is the reason for this statement ?
Avatar f tn im 36 and just been diagnosed with stage 3 breast cancer. i havent been into surgery yet. can anyone give me any info on how serious it is and what are my chances of survival.
Avatar f tn Hi, I am sorry to hear that your sister had to battle breast cancer at the age of 28. Breast cancer in younger women tends to be more agressive than that occuring in the older age group. The fact that she had bilateral synchronous cancers at a young age is worrying. However, if a full oncologic surgery is complete, along with chemo and now radiation, then I can assume that she is being treated with a curative intent. Also, you mentioned that she will be put on hormones.
Avatar n tn I have diagnosed with DCIS stage zero in two areas of my breast, and I have to decide if I want to do a quandractectomy (with 25% chance of having to have a mastectomy after the depending of the findings) or I do now the mastectomy. Did anyone had similar experience and could give me a feed back? Thank you!
Avatar n tn My brother was diagnosed to have Stage III Breast Cancer..he underwent Modified Radical Mastectomy & his histopath results showed positive ER/PR/Her2Neu...what exactly does triple positive test results mean in lay man's term? ESTROGEN RECEPTOR ASSAY = POSITIVE, STAINING INTENSITY=+2, PERCENT TUMOR CELLS STAINED=+5, PROGESTERONE RECEPTOR ASSAY=POSITIVE, STAINING INTENSITY=+3, PERCENT TUMOR CELLS STAINED=+4, c-erb-B2 (Her-2/neu) =POSITIVE...
Avatar f tn I am affraid of the meds on the market because of all the woman that are getting breast cancer. Is there anything that is safe?
Avatar f tn of microcalcifications (DCIS) - (12 centimeters to be exact) an early stage of breast cancer. The right breast was also starting on its way as well. I had a double mastectomy in June and am blessed that it did not spread and I did not need further treatment. My sisters, on the other hand spread to her lymph nodes, she has had her surgery and now awaits chemo. So please, mammograms do save lives - they both saved my sister and I. (our first mammograms to boot).
Avatar f tn The connection between Ovarian cancer and Breast Cancer might be due to some form of treatment but when Breast Cancer spreads it is to organs such as Brain, Bone,Lung,Liver, etc. ... NOT the ovaries. You might also remember that Breast Cancer can have little if no symptoms in the early stages. The risk is YOURS !! Regards ....