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Avatar m tn I am 15 and I have no history in the family of breast cancer. However I have noticed a lump in my breast within the past 2 weeks and it is vary tender, is this normal or should I see a doctor ASAP??
Avatar f tn In the period of 10 years, my oldest sister, my father and one brother were diagnosed with non-hodgkins lymphoma, I got breast cancer and my youngest brother got colon cancer. The other 2 brothers and 1 sister are certainly nervous as are our children. All we can do is get the regular physical checks and live our lives to the fullest. We nearly lost by brother and sister several times but the new medical advances have helped them far beyond their original diagnosis.
Avatar f tn I had a bi-rad 3 and yet I have breast cancer. They are supposed to call and schedule my MRI this morning. Dr is feeling lumpectomy and radiation will take care of it. I am in such shock. I am only 39, my youngest child just turned 4. I don't even know what to ask.
Avatar f tn hi, my mom has had breast cancer for 3 years, she was diagnosed with stage3, first surgery took the tumor and all limp nods from right arm, 1 year later breast cancer came back next to first scare, so they the took the whole breast, now 1 year as of april, she is having a biopsy done to her right lung do to nodules found a nd growing larger quickly, my question is, is this cancer again? is it rare?
Avatar f tn in the cleavage area if you know what I mean. Is it possible the cancer is condensing my breast tissue. I am probalbly overreacting and reading into everything since my diagnosis is pretty new. I just wanted to throw this out there. Just curious.
Avatar f tn I have anxiety and finals this week and need to put my brain to rest on what this is. I have a family History of Breast Cancer, with the youngest diagnosis at 22 and the oldest at 56, and im just stressing out. Any help or support is appreciated. History: I am not pregnant, No STD’s/STI’s present, I have an IUD (since february), New Medication (this began before the start of new meds).
Avatar n tn but not sure if i schould waite since there is family history in my family. i had a cunsin die last year with breast cancer stage 4 and my moms youngest sister has breast cancer stage 4 now. so i am confuse wheather i should waite the 6 months or have the sergery. This discussion is related to <a href=''>Calcification and breast cancer risk</a>.
Avatar f tn What exactly can this be?? Could there be a chance I have breast cancer or pre cancer cells in my left breast?
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Avatar f tn Noraml breast do not contian stones, doesn't mean cancer though. A doctor's visot is in order here.
Avatar f tn Best wishes...
Avatar f tn (usually the doctor will have a pretty good idea what sort of biopsy is warranted, and they may guide where they are going with the ultrasound) Also, and I know it sounds scary, any type of biopsy does, but the breast is really relatively painless an organ to do stuff on unlike for example your nose, or from what I heard also something like a liver biopsy. Even having your breast removed when you do have cancer is not nearly as painful as something like a c-section.
967168 tn?1477584489 about what I know to see if I can come up with any sample data. A colleague of mine has a wife with breast cancer in remission, and they lost a daughter when she was a young woman from the same disease. I'd guess in that case there was a connection, but I don't know. The optimistic thing to remember about young people today, they should benefit from medical procedures and medications that were not available for us (me) older folks.
Avatar n tn I nurse her. It's great bonding time before bed. She's a sweet and gentle monkey. Bit once or twice but I stopped feeding right away and she caught on quickly that if she wants her 'milky milky' she will not bite me. It's also good for comfort. When she falls and hurts herself, having some milk sooths her. Just as you couldn't imagine breast feeding at her age, I can't imagine NOT nursing her. She won't nurse forever and I will never get that special time back.
Avatar f tn Doctor gave me antibiotics and now the pain is not there. However, i have painful lumps on both my armpits. Is this related to breast cancer. I am not married. Please let me know.
Avatar f tn ts on what you can do or not do for a person that has no lymph nodes under the left arm due to breast cancer? i hurt my arm at work and they sent me to a physical therapist and what she has me doing does not sound or feel right..thank you for your reply.
Avatar n tn Sir, my grand mother(80 yrs old), has been diagonsed of breast cancer. her ANSC test report had the following: "smear shows scattered and groups of cells with features of malignancy with infiltration of stroma - infiltrating breast-carcinoma - lump in right breast upper quadrant" Doctor has told for operation.Considering her age what should we do?
Avatar n tn Dear dmw13, Over the internet without being able to evaluate the scan, physical exam and question it is difficult to advise or to explain your doctors concern specifically for breast cancer. Lymph nodes can be enlarged for a number of reasons including cancer, and having this further evaluated is appropriate.
Avatar f tn i am 32 years old and my youngest is 7. Recently i have noticed my left breast leaking my period has become really heavy i have been suffering with a lot of head ache lately and sometimes it makes me sick. i'm not using any pill nor i'm i on any medication, my doctor has done blood test only 1s my blood test showed high cholesterol, anemic and abnormal in my thyroid level. but was retested after 3 month and came back normal only my thyroid was at border line.