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Avatar n tn Microcalcifications themselves are not cancer; they are an indication of the reaction of the breast tissue to some abnormality within the breast .... this is not always cancer. All the things you mention, all are which good, often have no bearing on your developing breast cancer. Though some would tend to increase your risk, you can certainly have breast cancer without any known risks.
Avatar n tn t recieved my period since september 2008, and its now april 2009. i have a large lump right under my nipple and i think i just found another lump under my breast that is small but kinda sore. i was told that i am slightly amnemic, but i've been trying to be as healthy as possible... im just really worried and i want to know whats going on with me.. does anyone have any ideas or advice?
Avatar f tn I discovered a very large lump in my right breast while doing a breast exam on myself. I check myself regularly and never felt this before. its so big & hard that it would be really hard to miss. My question is, could a lump this big be cancer and if it is does it mean I didn't find it in time due to its size? Please help!! I'm going crazy wondering. I have an appointment on Monday but I am terrified of what the outcome will be.
Avatar f tn I found a big long lump in between my breasts. It's been there for about a month but I'm too scared to go to my doctor about it because I'm afraid that she's going to say that I have breast cancer. I'm too young to have breast cancer. I'm only 18. It's getting to the point where it kind of hurts when I go to stand up and bend down. What do you think it is or could be? What should I do? I'm really scared.
Avatar m tn my wife has breast cancer which has spread to three areas of her liver.ishe has had three sessions or chemo so far , and is doing well . i would like to know if chemo can really help her ,or is it just to prolong her life.i would like to know if there is any hope for her ..
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Avatar m tn Your answer make me feel comfortable. Can you please provide me with a scientific details. I asked such a question in yahoo answers some say yes. These people say yes but they are ordinary people. wht about u Sincere gratitude.
972246 tn?1311088535 Hi everyone, I have tryed to ask this question on Yahoo Answers, but seem to just get nothing. Or I get really rude answeres. I new to this board. So thought I would ask. I had a baby in Augest of 08. Me and my Husband each have one child outside of are relationship, and one together. We were both hoping to have are kids together close in age. Are daughters are 13, 9, and 11 months. But like said befor are two oldest are from another relationship. But we both consider them ares.
Avatar n tn Thank you very much for your advise.... this is scary stuff. the doc doesn't seem concerned about breast cancer because there is no family history, however I had a friend die at the age of 42 of breast cancer with NO family history either.
1544682 tn?1294286541 My Aunt had a large mass and some lympnodes removed from her right breast,That resulted in her having Cancer,The breast is swollen and turned Black in color,Went to Dr.They have never seen anything like this,Took a needle drawed blood out of the breast,Two weeks later,Starting to Swall more and very painful...What do you think is wrong?
Avatar m tn At 2 years I would not worry much about breast cancer either. A veterinarian would have to see the spot to be sure. continue to watch her carefully and I hope her delivery is without problems.
Avatar f tn I see no connection between the chronic infection you have and breast cancer. Some infections of this sort are VERY difficult to treat as you obviously know. The only suggestion is to follow whatever recommendations as far as antibiotic therapy .... if you have doubts about your treatment then seek a second opinion from another Physician. These cases are very unfortunate but not all that unusual. Regards ....
Avatar n tn For pancreatic cancer that cannot be removed completely with surgery, or cancer that has spread beyond the pancreas, a cure is not possible and the average survival is usually less than 1 year. Such patients should consider enrolling in a clinical trial (a medical research study to determine the best treatment). Ninety-five percent of the people diagnosed with this cancer will not be alive 5 years later.
Avatar f tn ve now learned that the lymph node under my arm pit that is cancerous is completely seperate and will be linked to breast cancer. So I will be facing lung and breast at the same time when they hit. I see a hemetologist at the end of the month.
Avatar n tn First of all I think that everyone who responds to a question here is serious in their replies. You don't state your age and that would help with an answer. You might consider having a clinical breast exam by either your personal Physician or a Breast Specialist and possibly an Ultrasound. I would say mammogram but since I don't know your age ..... they are not as valuable in younger women due to the density of the breast tissue.
Avatar n tn I am 23 years old and have a family history of ovarian, uteran, and breast cancer. Recently I bled for 64 days continuosly. I was feeling weak with a significant amount of pain in my left ovary. I have went to multiple doctors, and they keep referring me to countless others. No one has found anything wrong, although I am positive that this isnt normal. Now after the bleeding has stopped I still have the pains in my left ovary only and some in my left breast.
Avatar f tn Doctor gave me antibiotics and now the pain is not there. However, i have painful lumps on both my armpits. Is this related to breast cancer. I am not married. Please let me know.
Avatar n tn Thanks for ur comments...I am 48 years age and mammography reveals no abnormality but mom had breast cancer. any comments welcome.
Avatar f tn The 5-year survival rate for women diagnosed with cancer is 80%. About 88% of women diagnosed with breast cancer will survive at least 10 years. Unfortunately, women in lower social and economic groups still have significantly lower survival rates than women in higher groups. If the cancer is ductal carcinoma in situ (DCIS) or has not spread to the lymph nodes (is node-negative), the 5-year survival rates with treatment are up to 98%.
Avatar f tn Basically I was diagnosed with breast cancer on Thursday. In the past month the lump has grown from not sure if that’s a lump to it in-operable at the size it is and stretching my skin. I have been told by the doctor I need chemo to shrink the cancer before they can operate. I am also going for a CT scan and bone marrow test this Tuesday. The thing I am worried about is why haven’t they told me to get a mastectomy?
151462 tn?1359172276 Thanks for the information on the "Expert" breast cancer forum. I did post my question on there and was told basically that since my issue wasn't in regards to breast cancer then they didn't have answers for me. Oh well......on with my search for no answers....I am getting so discouraged.
284738 tn?1283106819 I checked on Yahoo answers and alot of women do poop more at this stage in their pregnancy. Someone said stool softner was in their prenatal vitamin and someone said there is pressure on the colon during pregnancy to make more poop come out. Type in your question and check out the Yahoo answers.