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Avatar n tn Dear Josie, The following is another cancer site that can be very useful to you: Go to "choose a cancer topic" then go to "breast cancer" then go to "talking about breast cancer" This should help you to find and figure out questions to discuss with you doctor. Also, there is nothing wrong with requesting a sono or an mri although all doctors may not agree with doing it. Don't give up. Good luck.
Avatar f tn And they all said it usually isn't that breast cancer usually is. My mother didn't have any close female relatives with it either. She didn't have a sister but her father's 2 sisters didn't get it, her mother's sister's 2 daughters are still living in their early 80's and my mother's mother, my maternal grandmother lived to be 91 and her mother lived to be 90.
Avatar f tn My left one doesnt hurt at all. I am an 18 year old male. What could it be? Some guy on yahoo answers said it could be nipple cancer? It concerned me. Should i let this slide & see if the pain goes away by itself? Help please. Keep it mind if i dont touch it no pain. But it is pointier than my left. Its like a sting feeling.
Avatar f tn I was Dx'd with ON in February. Doc chose not to treat it...was never sure why (nor did I ask, so my fault). Was it so the new neuro would see it???? Long story short - for once - when I saw the new neuro a few weeks ago, he said my ON is "looking good". Apparently it can resolve to some degree on its own.
Avatar n tn im like many here wanting answers that a simple yahoo or google search cant tell me. i thought this place was for sharing information. i must have been wrong because i have gotten more you exceeded your limit on questions for the weeks than anything. whichwas what a whole 3 freakin question??!! and really what is it going to hurt if someone asks a few questions.??
Avatar n tn Hi- Thanks for answering questions. I previously asked a question about digital mammograms. I was diagnosed on Nov 27 with IDC. The tumor is 2 cm at 3:00. I just got the results today of the MRI and I am very confused as what do do next. My surgeon will call me tomorrow with his opinion after he talks with the tumor board, but feel I need to have more feedback. I feel I cannot wait til tomorrow. MRI results summarized: "In same breast at 12:00,there is a progressively enhancing nodule, .
Avatar n tn he cannot handle stress, back pain, or this and uses the beer to drown his sorrows. I myself lost my mother to originating breast cancer that had spread to her hip & lungs almost 20 years ago when I was 15 (and lost my dad 2 yrs ago to enteroccus--forgot correct spelling). There is very severe cancer in my family, but my mom's gene mutated when she was conceived (Creighton University has been researching my family for over 35 years)...
Avatar f tn I copied this from the internet... Sign In Ask a Question Answers Home Notifications My Activities Categories Community Guidelines Send Feedback Help Other Sites Yahoo Mail News Finance Sports More View Desktop Version About Yahoo Privacy & Terms © 2014 Yahoo! Inc Pregnancy How long does THC stay in an unborn babies system?
167426 tn?1254089835 There is so much coverage of other cancers such as breast cancer- but you rarely hear about ovarian cancer and I think there are such unique issues and side effects (especially psychologically). I hope it can work out as awareness needs to be raised. Perhaps on the same day of the newspaper release you all could hold events, charity balls, fundraisers, fayres and theme days, get schools and charities and businesses involved all in different states.
5154541 tn?1366812291 I just kept telling myself that your anxious and it's probably the anxiety that is making you doubt yourself, and then I was okay for the rest of the day. But again today the fears came back. I was reading on yahoo answers today that it's not okay to think another girl is pretty. I freaked out AGAIN!
203342 tn?1328740807 Our descendants came from Scotland and I don't believe we have any Jewish descendants. I have a lot of cancer in my family too, an aunt with breast cancer in both breasts, grandmother with colon cancer, grandfather with lung cancer (although he smoked). I also have a lot of diabetes in my family. I'm really the only one who didn't get that. My friend with Celiac said there's a connection between diabetics having Celiac.
Avatar n tn (..but my nipples has no symptoms such as-swelling/crusty skins or pain-ive nothing like them signs-i thought could be my bra or maybe the washing liquid i am using.yesterda i bought an e45 cream for my nipples.i have applied and somehow stopped the nipples are perfect in colors no discolorations/swelling or redness so i said could be just a minor itch still praying though.i think youre right could be also part of hormonal imbalances as i think too much..
Avatar f tn It is a very difficult situation to be in and it is very isolating indeed. I look after my elderly mother who was diagnosed with breast cancer 2 years ago and left my job to care for her and now I am sorry I did. By the sound of your post you are an only child and all responsiblily is left to you. I think you should talk to a doctor or social worker or something and get yourself some help if that is possible.
Avatar f tn At the same time as her pancreatic tumour was diagnosed, I was dx with breast cancer, so we had a lot in common. Apparently her pancreatic tumour was a secondary, and the primary tumour was never found. This is not uncommon in my experience, as my late twin brother died at 50 yrs of an inoperable secondary brain tumour, and his primary was never found, although he was treated at one of the major university teaching hospitals in London, England.
Avatar n tn Abbey, I hope your MRI will give you some answers. Please let us know what happens. Steph, I hope that you will find answers soon, too. I apologize for the length of this post, but when I read your posts I just had to respond because I have not heard anyone say that they have had the same symptoms or knew anyone that had the same symptoms that I have. And to find *MORE THAN ONE PERSON* who has the exact symptoms??!!! I HAD to post. So it's not all in my head, huh? That is great.
Avatar n tn I have experienced a reaction between my breast implant (cancer) and padded bra which I wear. Soooo, seems to me you may be right.
755322 tn?1330272714 I've been bitten by ticks, remember one rash but was on back of neck and didn't really think anything about it, and had spells of fatigue, muscle and joint aches, and unexplained weakness. In 2008 was diagnosed with Breast Cancer. After biopsies both arms and legs went numb and was eventually diagnosed with Transverse Myelitis and MS. Had double mastectomy in 08 and that was it or cancer.
Avatar f tn don't want to do this, but might have to. Also, even at 63 going back on hormone therapy since breast cancer is not an issue and for women this will assist many issues in women to recover. Have to work, so am trying to get through each day. She indicated that one time she did do surgery on a woman who vessels would not quit spasming and the patient was dying.
Avatar f tn I have seen alot of cats with breast cancer and unfortunately even with surgery this comes back once open body to air. Please just love and spoil your cat for whatever time it has left. Do not make its last days poked and proded for our benefit to buy a couple months or years. KEEP HER HAPPY AND STRESS FREE. ITS A BETTER WAY TO LIVE HER LIFE. ITS THE BEST MOST LOVING THING YOU CAN DO.
196469 tn?1365391575 Helps use fat for energy and keep it off hips Natural diuretic (water pill) Natural anti-depressant Facilitates thyroid hormone action Normalizes blood clotting Increases libido Normalizes blood sugar levels Normalizes zinc and copper levels Restores proper cell oxygen levels Prevents endometrial cancer Helps prevent breast cancer Increases bone building All due respect to your doctors, but I know this is a confusing area and the way I look at it, well, it is a specia
Avatar n tn My daughter is almost 17 and has had the same problem as you since she was 13 and started having her period. WE have been to SO many doctors and Specialists and still no answers as to the cause or how to stop it. She is on hormone therapy but that doesn't really help much. She is still having 3 periods in a months time, with just a couple days break in between.
Avatar n tn I am worried because his grandfather died of Stomach cancer at age 35. He has had an Upper GI, an ultrasound, and even Barium but everything seems to be okay. They found a slight hital hernia, but nothing else. I know that this hital hernia can not possibly be causing him so much pain.
Avatar n tn Thank you for your response. I've been drinking as much water as possible to do just that and also came across that article on transmetallation. However, I'd like to figure out from an organic chemistry standpoint what would cause the gadolinium to break its bond with the chelating agent. Also, if my renal/liver function is normal then why is the gadolinium still in my system 4 weeks post MRI?
Avatar f tn I read on yahoo answers that you can get Hep C from touching an infected dollar bill, then picking your nose? Is that correct? It seems almost too far fetched. I know some people post awful posts like this as jokes, but I'm truly serious, Please answer me. I'm not trying to insult anyone, I'm simply ignorant and confused by much of the information about hep c that is on the net and I know people here really know what they are talking about for the most part. Thanks so much.
Avatar f tn vibrating in testicles, scrotum, anus) being always actually the groin in all kind of forums, from yahoo answers to most serious medical forums. The explanation of the feeling is always the same and most of the posts says the "vibration" ended at 1 or 2 weeks, 1 or 2 months, and such. The interesting fact is that most of the time all the people who post are one-time-posters and didn't took the time to keep all the others informed about their situation.
Avatar n tn Normally 2 days before my cycle, but this month it started on the 2nd and hasn't stopped. I did go and see my cancer doctor(as I had cancer surgery 3 yrs ago and my cycle has not been consistant since) and he said ct came back good. Did an endo biopsy and should have results on Friday. I will post the findings.
Avatar f tn My mother died of stomach cancer when she was in her 50's . I am having symtoms again like before I had the surgery and at the moment going throught he scope tests to see if surgery is needed. All i can say is that I felt so well after having the Nissen done. I want it again as my esophagus has more damage.They took biopsys for The DR thought I may have barretts... As it turns out I do not have that ...yet.
Avatar n tn I do have a history of cancer personally and in my family, but have been cancer free for 20 years).
Avatar n tn I am 63 years old and had breast cancer 4 years ago. My cancer was estrogen positive, I had a bi-lateral mastectomy and chemo but I have to take drugs that squeeze every bit of estrogen out of me. As a result, I can't have sex as it is too painful and I also have these paper cuts. It even hurts to wipe myself after peeing. I just assumed the paper cuts were a bi-product of being so dry from the medication.