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Avatar f tn Pain always in the same two spots. Worried about stomach cancer because it has gone untreated until now, for like 5 years.
Avatar n tn DCIS is not directly life threatening but about one third of untreated DCIS will become invasive cancer which can be life threatening. Don't let DCIS become invasive cancer! If it's only DCIS, you are in Stage 0. The treatment is for not getting invasive cancer in future. I was also diagnosed with DCIS in this September. My surgeon told me that 100% curable with lumpectomy followed by radiation therapy if it's only in one small area.
Avatar m tn My mom had a breast cancer in 2005 and it was successfully treated using surgery and chemotherapy. After that she became a vegan and started refusing any and all traditional medicine. This means no doctors, no hospital, no pharmacy drugs. Now she told me that she feels the cancer is coming back, and this time she won't seek any treatment (or even diagnostic) because it's against her principles. I am really sure that she is serious about this and won't change her mind.
Avatar n tn t a cancer at all but a marker for increased risk of developing invasive breast cancer — DCIS is more likely to develop into invasive breast cancer if left untreated.
287578 tn?1198549844 I am a breast cancer survivor and a long time poster from the breast cancer forum. My brother was diagnosed with advanced hepatocellular carcinoma last week. He also has cirosissis and Hep C. Is there any hope for treatment? I know it can't be cured. How long does he have to live (approximately)? Any facilities that specialize in this type of cancer? Thank you all in advance.
Avatar m tn Dear soccermom2008, Left untreated breast cancer can continue to grow and spread. Where it spreads and how quickly it spreads varies. Some pieces of information can give us clues about how the cancer might act in an individual. These clues are obtained from information from the biopsy, what the cells look like under the microscope (are they more or less aggressive cells), what are the characteristics of the cells.
Avatar n tn Rather than worrying about the various medical terminology that has been used in your report I would advise you to have the recommended biopsy ASAP!!! Why there has been a 3 year delay in having the Ultrasound is beyond me. The issue of spreading cancer cells via biopsy isn't of any concern; a biopsy is the only way to determine if this finding is malignant or benign and I urge you to proceed immediately with yours. Regardles if the lump remains stable or continues to grow ....
Avatar f tn Is there a certain time frame as to when cervical cancer is present? How many years will it take for cervical cancer to ccur within a non-treated individual? Is it also possible that HPV can cause abnormal labia minora's, causing them to grow and to look odd and unusual? Please Let me know immediatly, Thanks Amy. This discussion is related to <a href=''>HPV Concern</a>.
Avatar n tn I believe I have ALH. On the american cancer page it says my risk of developing breast cancer in the next 15 years is 20-25%. Isn't surgery at this point a bit drastic? Both the american cancer site and another doctor on another post here seem to suggest more intensive monitoring, with mammogramms and possible MRI, but not surgery at this satge.
Avatar n tn Hi, I was diagnosed with DCIS 5 years ago and wasn't given a decision about lumpectomy or not, so I didn't consider not having one. They were doing a study on not having radiation at that time and asked if I wanted to be in the study. I have a strong family history of breast cancer on my mother's side, three aunts, so I opted to have the radiation.
Avatar m tn I was diagnosed with GERD about one year ago and had it for maybe a year before that. In this entire time I basically ignored it and drank alot of Milk and took Tums as needed. I now realize the mistake I've made may have caused me Cancer. I'm only 23 years old but have what feels to be a lump inside my throat (have had the lump for maybe 2 years) on my right hand side which is a symptom of Larynx Cancer. Although I have no others especially the main one Hoarseness in the voice.
79887 tn?1214999742 Did any of you with progressive breast cancer before you found out that you had it, suffer daily with multiple areas of pain all through out the body? If breast cancer is left untreated, say for instance, reason being that the person just didn't know it yet, does the body eventually feel horrible pain in different areas of the body? like the joints, or in between the ribs or the ribs itself, the muscles, tissue, joints, bone, etc. ?
Avatar f tn As i understood from both radiologist and the surgeon, they are trying to rule out breast cancer. I was told, chances are small, but in case cancer is the cause of the lumps, waiting for 3 months how much can it advance?
Avatar f tn My mother in law is 85. About 9 years ago she had breast cancer and went through a mastectomy. The doctor said her cancer is back but it is in her lymph nodes now. They said they couldn't treat her due to her age. How long can someone expect to live with untreated cancer?
Avatar f tn I had breast cancer in 2005 and finished my chemo and radio at the end of 2006. i do have a few problems with my arm and my right breast still hurts from time to time. i had a partial mastectomy. I started having a lot of aching this week and my arm swelled and was told after visiting the docs as a rash had formed that i may have shingles. i have noticed a couple of blisters forming and its quite sore. How does this affect my arm with having no lymph glands. I also feel a lump in my arm.
173119 tn?1296999736 After her mammogram, she got up to use the restroom, and heard the techician ask the radiologist if he thought it could be inflammatory breast cancer. She did not hear his reply, but went home and looked it up on the internet. Needless to say, after what she saw on the internet, she is very frightened, and called her dr. today to see if she could have her biopsy done sooner than Friday, since she has now developed a nipple discharge over the weekend.
Avatar f tn Nipple discharge is rarely a sign of breast cancer, but it might be indicative of an underlying condition that requires treatment. In the meantime, avoid nipple stimulation( including frequent checks for discharge) because it can actually make the discharge persist. Please make an appointment to consult with a breast specialist who will be able to differentiate the serious underlying causes of nipple discharge from those that do not require any further evaluation.
Avatar n tn My 81 year old mom has Infiltrating Ductal Carcinoma grade 3, estrogen + breast cancer with a tumor of 4x3x2 cm. No node or met survey yet.She says she has lived a good life and prefers not to endure the pain and discomfort of surgery, chemo or radiation, but wants to enjoy the time she has. Our question is what is the likely course of this disease if untreated? The tumor is easily felt. Would the pain of a tumor rupturing be more problem that surgery and recovery?
Avatar n tn Since then I have twice had benign lumps removed (2006 one lymph node in axilla, 2007 fibroadenoma in breast), and now there is another lump developing in the armpit... rats. Since my US and mammo were always negative, twice each for the actual cancer, the doctors say they must take all lumps seriously. Fair enough, but still I'm not sure I want this done any more. Question: Does the axilla toilette / general lymph node removal actually make a difference?
Avatar m tn RA is no different. Left untreated, it can ruin your life. Studies have shown chronic, untreated inflammation can even have fatal consequences. Not trying to scare you, but IMO, the consequences of going untreated are worse than the side effects of the meds. Of course, no one can force you to take a medication you don't want, not even a doctor. It's always your choice to swallow it, inject it, or not. That's not to say that lifestyle changes don't help. They DO!
Avatar f tn Please do try to get her some medical attention. At least a needle-biopsy of the tumour, so that you will know what you are facing, and some antiseptics and a dressing for the poor girl's open wound. If this is a benign tumour, and could be removed easily she may have quite a few years still left in her. If it's cancer, then radical surgery often does provide a cure. My own dog had a half breast strip at age 13-14 and came through it very well indeed.
Avatar f tn how common is it to have a lesion on your liver in breast cancer survivors and have it not be a metastasis? How about symptoms? Can you have untreated metastasis to the liver for 6 months and remain symptom free? How about this mammogram finding? I am seriously freaking out.....