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1894899 tn?1322528073 I have two nodules, both large pushing 3cm I read at that stage of 3cm it has likely spread if cancer. I had FNA done and it was inconclusive, I had no idea that could even happen, inconclusive?? So they want me to have surgery and I said no. I have gone to three Dr.s and they all say have surgery. I want to keep my thyroid as I see it has great value. I do not believe in radiation or chemo. Just a personal thing with me and I don't want to argue that point with anyone.
Avatar f tn There are two main types of breast cancer: Ductal carcinoma in situ (DCIS), or intraductal carcinoma, is breast cancer in the lining of the milk ducts that has not yet invaded nearby tissues. It may progress to invasive cancer if untreated. Lobular carcinoma in situ (LCIS) is a marker for an increased risk of invasive cancer in the same or both breasts.
Avatar n tn It is an early cancer that has not become invasive (spread into the wall of the duct). DCIS does have the ability over a long period to become invasive cancer if untreated, so these tumors have to be completely removed. They usually affect only one area in the breast. Comedo type and grade 3 are additional descriptors about the characteristics of the cancer. They indicate that this cancer may be more likely to become invasive.
Avatar f tn Dear cetn, Ductal Carcinoma in situ (DCIS) is confined within the lining of the ducts of the breasts and, unlike invasive breast cancer, does not metastasize (spread to other organs). If left untreated, however, DCIS can evolve into an invasive cancer. In addition, DCIS is frequently found in association with invasive breast cancer. The invasive component generally dictates the type of treatment recommended.
Avatar n tn It's more likely locally advanced breast cancer, meaning a cancer that has been left alone long enough that it's eroded through the skin causing a chronic draining wound. In other words, the most common form of breast cancer rather than inflammatory. The difference is not very significant, however, in such an advanced case. The odor comes from the chronic ulceration and infection of the exposed surfaces. It's hard to say how long such a thing can go on, untreated.
173119 tn?1297003336 After her mammogram, she got up to use the restroom, and heard the techician ask the radiologist if he thought it could be inflammatory breast cancer. She did not hear his reply, but went home and looked it up on the internet. Needless to say, after what she saw on the internet, she is very frightened, and called her dr. today to see if she could have her biopsy done sooner than Friday, since she has now developed a nipple discharge over the weekend.
694885 tn?1232653548 Now the symptoms... Untreated Thyroid cancer (or any cancer) can lead to Metastasis which can result in a multitude of issues, a few or many, depends on where the cancer is... Brain: Dizziness, confusion, disorientation, pain, emotional outbursts. Bone: Pain, anemia, bleeding, pain &/or paralysis of extremities if spine compression, pain. Lung: From low oxygen levels there is shortness of breath, air hunger, confusion, disorientation, anxiety, pain.
Avatar n tn My mother was diagnosed in 2000 with breast cancer. She had a radical mass, radiation and chemo. She was put on Tamoxifan for 5 years and been feeling great up until the beginning of March when her abdomin started swelling. I took her to the doctor who direct admitted her. Since March 11th, she has had over 30 liters of fluid removed from her abdomin. Beginning of April we were told the fluid tested positive for cancer cells.
Avatar n tn i'm at stage 3&4 and started treatment but had to stop because treatment was killing me faster than virus was so, dr's stopped all medications and said we'll just have to wait to see if your body recovers enough to resume some sort of treatment in 4 to 6 months. During my treatment the drugs totally incapacitated me to the point i could not do anything so now i don't know if it's really going to be worth it in the long run.
Avatar n tn Did anyone on here learn anything about forteo related to breast cancer radiation? I am in the same situation. Had breast cancer and radiation at age 48. My osteoporosis has now put me in a wheelchair. I'm trying to decide whether to take forteo too. Please email me at my personal mail, if anyone on here learned any new info. ************(at)bresnan.
Avatar n tn I have a friend who had breast cancer and was on Arimidex for 3 years, she then stopped and was cancer free for about 2 years. Then her lower back started to hurt, she lost her balance a few times and fell. All the while she thought it was sciatic or pulled muscle issues. After 8 months she finally went to see a Dr. and was told she has 4 inoperable tumors on her spine with one near her waist that has compressed 2 discs.
Avatar f tn My right breast has been paining me for two days . I finally lay down flat on my back tonight to find that it was swollen and very soar to touch, so i probed and sqeezed it. Then what looked like yellow puss came out. It felt some what relieved but it is still soar. My mom died of cancer in 1977, I am very scared and nervous.
491527 tn?1214491403 Of course, I just read today about breast cancer causing cysts so I am learning a lot today. Information is power!
868575 tn?1250191618 Thank you for responding. It appears it may not be a breast issue at all... perhaps. THe last several days I have had severe burning bilat. Sometimes discolored, but mostly not. Ice is all that helps. But it has spread across my chest to my axilla... so I would fair to guess it is not my breasts. I am being worked up for other things, sich as MS which can cause burning such as this. I thank you for your answering me straight when I was just a head case with worry.
Avatar n tn She now has another lump, lobular cancer, estimated to be about 3 to 5 cms, and will have the breast removed in early January. Most of her friends who had Chemotherapy are now dead, and Chemo killed her 37 year old brother in 1975, via MD Anderson as a follow-up to his colon cancer. So my wife has strong feelings about the value of Chemotherapy. In our research we are unable to find any reports or data on survival rates when there was no Chemotherapy or radiation after surgery.
79887 tn?1215003342 I don't see an answer to my question when I do a search on breast cancer and it's symptoms. It only states the appearance of what breast cancer can look like of the anatomy of the breast. I would really appreciate any information that anyone has to offer to me on this subject. I am suffering and have been for months now which is only getting worst and I just found out I may have a malignancy in my breast. I'm just at the starting line.
Avatar m tn but the doctors make my mom tensed by saying that this might be again cancer .But she didnt had a cancer first time .It was our fault that we did the breast removal without much tests.We dont actually know which dept of doctor we must consult now.we are totally confused and tensed.Is my mom having cancer or is it lymphedema??I am posting this with lot of hope.please help me.
Avatar n tn Dear jsbla: This is a breast cancer forum but your question is not terribly complicated so I will answer. CA-125 is not a screening test. It is also not diagnostic. It is often done when ovarian cancer is diagnosed (in surgery) so that the response to subsequent chemotherapy can be measured. The only role for CA-125 in ovarian cancer is to track the disease AFTER diagnosis.
Avatar m tn A study published in the Journal of Nutritional Biochemistry found that administering both vitamin A and vitamin C to cultured human breast cancer cells was more than three times as effective than the administration of either compound alone (since) the combination of the two vitamins inhibited proliferation by 75.7 percent compared to untreated cells. . . The ability of retinoic acid (vitamin A) to inhibit tumor cell proliferation is well known, although its mechanism has not been defined.
Avatar f tn In September there was not a module on my isthmus. I had breast cancer last year and at that time discovered I have Li -Fraumeni Syndrome which predisposes me to most cancers.
Avatar m tn Hi, The findings in your wife's report do NOT indicate breast cancer. Glandular Parenchyma basically refers to the "normal" substance of the breast tissue. Although all seems normal,according to the report,there is an increased echogenicity and vascularity change within the breast tissue indicating an inflammation called Mastitis. This condition is benign and your wife should not be overly worried about it.
Avatar f tn I was told the type of cancer was papillary with a follicular variant. I am 35 and a mother of 4 ages 2 to 13 so I wanted to make sure we did all we could. However now I have had my 1 year scan and the cancer is in my lymphatic system. I'm not sure what to make of it. My Thyroglobin numbers were all fine, I don't understand how this could be. My doctor is giving me the same treatment, same dose of R-131 again in 3 weeks. I am sick of tiny chances. I have been told in the last year.
Avatar f tn I was actually getting a mammogram, ultra sound, xray, and biopsy for breast cancer and liver cancer. But the kids only went back to school today so have held off. But will get things happening now. Doctor has advised I get all but only been for liver test so far. Thanks again.
Avatar n tn My grandmother passed away from untreated breast cancer. She was on oxygen at all times, had several blockages to her heart and was an insulin dependent diabetic. There was no way to do surgery on her. She died o f complications of a parasitic bowel infection because her body could not fight anything off. I have seen breast cancer go untreated at my work place too and often pain meds are prescribed to keep them comfortable. My best wishes to you and your family.
Avatar m tn Told Doc I thought I had lyme or cancer, then she found breast lump then I was diagnosed with lyme and cancer. I was on iv antibiotics for a long time, and had to do alternative cancer treatment due to how sick I was. I wanted the tumors biopsied for spirochete, mycobacteria, fungi, and bunch of other stuff but they refused. I have since learned that intracellular pathogens cause cancer.
Avatar f tn But if it was melanoma, wouldn't it have changed in shape and size over these 10 months being left untreated?! And if it was breast cancer, wouldn't I noticed other severe symptoms like bloody discharge from the nipple? I had an OB GYN appointment on September of 2014 and she did do a breast exam, she said everything was good. I hope she saw the freckle and considered that as good also. My freckle is flat, it's a part of my skin and is not raised. it's dark brown. Like really dark brown.
Avatar m tn RA is no different. Left untreated, it can ruin your life. Studies have shown chronic, untreated inflammation can even have fatal consequences. Not trying to scare you, but IMO, the consequences of going untreated are worse than the side effects of the meds. Of course, no one can force you to take a medication you don't want, not even a doctor. It's always your choice to swallow it, inject it, or not. That's not to say that lifestyle changes don't help. They DO!
Avatar m tn My mom had a breast cancer in 2005 and it was successfully treated using surgery and chemotherapy. After that she became a vegan and started refusing any and all traditional medicine. This means no doctors, no hospital, no pharmacy drugs. Now she told me that she feels the cancer is coming back, and this time she won't seek any treatment (or even diagnostic) because it's against her principles. I am really sure that she is serious about this and won't change her mind.
765439 tn?1292964014 I got the vet to remove this breast lump, and it was found to have become partly cancer. Removing it, (and a few weeks later other breast tissue that seemed suspect) proved to be a complete cure (for that particular ailment anyway) The vet told me it's impossible in most cases to tell if a lump is cancer or not by simply examining it. He also told me that the majority of dog lumps are in fact NOT cancer. Statistically, the cance of malignancy is lower than we think.