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Avatar f tn macrocalcifications and microcalcifications.
Avatar f tn yes, I agree, I never lost weight with BC, and gained weight with chemotherapy. Only when the initial breast cancer spread did I lose weight, quite a bit, and kept losing with more chemotherapy then. This has stopped though now but I also did not regain the weight.
Avatar n tn Hi, Fibroid breast tumors or Fibroadenomas are the most common types of breast lumps that occur in women especially in their 20s or 30s and they are benign in nature (Not cancer) and are usually left alone but could be surgically removed if they cause excessive pain. The doctor will occasionally monitor these lumps to see if they change or grow. You don't say what your doctor has recommended concerning the Microcalcifications which are quite normal in breast tissue and they are not harmful.
Avatar f tn After PET scan the doctor found cancer in bilateral lymph nodes. Axillary lymph nodes were clear and left breast was clear also. Could these be two different types of breastcancer that were found coincidentally since there is no clear path between them? Could this be metastasis of primary tumor in right breast that has traveled to left lymph nodes? Have you ever heard of this kind of thing happening before? Doctor seemed puzzled with results also.
Avatar n tn Other, less common types of breast cancer include lobular breast cancer, which develops in the cells that line the milk-producing lobules, inflammatory breast cancer, and Paget's disease of the breast. It is possible for breast cancer to spread to other parts of the body, such as the liver, bones, or lymph nodes (small glands that filter bacteria from the body). I don't like to give advice, but I don't see any danger in those suggestions.
Avatar f tn Harmful mutations in these genes produce a hereditary breast-ovarian cancer syndrome in affected families. They are not responsible for all types of breast cancer but for some types.
Avatar f tn My mother past away at 53 from breasted cancer..her mother past away from breast cancer all the women. On onlygrandmas side of the family has had breasted cancer. I'm now 49 went in for my mammo and they found a place in my left breasted( deep central asymmetry) with a BI - rad of 3 they think I'm not sure about is they cant see the back part. They did an ultrasound and said they couldn't find it..what sound my next step be? I go back in Feb. For anther mammo.
Avatar f tn This is great information. For the needle biopsy, which types of cancer would contratindicate this type of biopsy?
Avatar f tn gov/cancertopics/types/breast. Treatment options depend on the specifics of the situation, including cell types, tumor size, type of surgery, hormone receptor status, HER2 neu status and a variety of other factors. This should be discussed with the surgeon, oncologist and radiation oncologist in order to determine the best course of treatment in any individual case.
Avatar n tn Hi there I recommend that you monitor the pain and itching closely by keeping a journal Take note of whether the pain correlates to your menstrual cycle (if this is applicable) and if the pain increases or decreases over the next few weeks Look for any signs of redness on your breast or any visible lumps as there are more aggressive types of breast cancer that can cause pain, itching and rapid changes (Metaplastic and Inflammatory) These carcinomas are very rare, so please be reassured that
Avatar n tn They then claimed that a premature delivery before 32 weeks doubles the risk of breast cancer because it leaves more places in the breast for cancer to start. They said abortion also stops the progression of breast lobule development and prevents the development of Type 4 and subsequently Type 3 cancer resistant lobules.
Avatar f tn Hello, Inflammatory breast cancer, or IBC for short, is a rare type of breast cancer that produces symptoms that are different than more common types of breast cancer. Unlike other breast cancers, inflammatory breast cancer symptoms don't always include breast lumps.
Avatar m tn Hi,greetings!my wife has a cysts or lump in the left breast and they got family history of breast cancer.we have it checked on mamogram and biopsy as what the med depart of out local hospital advises us to do and it turns out not a cancer which is good..but since then it has been 2 years now and every time she gets stress and tired from work the lump creates a painful thing in the breast.what does it mean?what we should do? Thanks..
Avatar f tn Atypical cells may be the early stages in cancer development, and having these may increase your risk of developing invasive breast cancer in the future. Aside from radiation, you can ask your doctor about other breast cancer risk reduction strategies such as that of hormonal treatment with tamoxifen or raloxifene. Other breast conditions that may increase the risk of invasive cancer would include DCIS (ductal carcinoma in situ). Regards.
Avatar f tn Certain genetic defects or mutations causing breast cancer can also lead to the development of other cancer types. Defects in the BRCA-2 tumor suppressor gene can lead to breast, ovarian, melanoma and pancreatic cancers. A defect in the PTEN tumor suppressor gene on the other hand, results in Cowden's syndrome, characterized by a markedly increased risk of breast and thyroid cancer.
Avatar f tn As you have probably discovered through your research, medullary BC tends to be less likely than the other, more common forms of BC, to spread to the lymph nodes, and has been found to respond well to tx. The ER/PR/HER2 statuses can vary, just as with other types of breast cancer, and this is mainly important in terms of the availability of targeted treatments.
Avatar m tn Rafsan, your mother does need to get medical attention as soon as possible. As women, we know the severity of Breast Cancer. There are different types, some can spread rapidly without one even knowing. My mother's doctor just recently found a lump and turns out it is cancerous. I am not trying to scare you, but you do need to be aware of the high risk that women have of getting Breast Cancer. I would seek immediate medical attention..
Avatar n tn When a lemon-sized hematoma was left in my breast after a biopsy that revealed I had breast cancer, the radiation oncologist was very concerned about how long it was left there. Can hematomas encourage cancer growth if left in the breast.? Do the enzymes that come to break down the hematoma have carcinogenic properties?
Avatar f tn If you mean how can you tell if there is dimpling a simple look in the mirror while you raise your arms ... lean forward a bit and examine the breast. The best thing is to see your DR. for a breast exam as he/she is an expert in these matters. Pain is not often associated with breast cancer but is present with other types of breast issues such as benign tumors (Fibroadenomas). Whether you can feel a lump for certain or identify dimpling won't help your situation .... you need to see the Dr.
Avatar n tn Thanks for ur comments...I am 48 years age and mammography reveals no abnormality but mom had breast cancer. any comments welcome.
720228 tn?1530911279 Lynch Syndrome has connection to many types of cancer ... Breast Cancer is NOT one of them. Breast pain is usually a result of hormone activity and I presume that since you had a baby just last year that you may not be over the age of 40 ..... Dense breast tissue is present in nearly half of all women of any age. This does not mean that you are at a higher risk for developing Breast Cancer.