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Avatar n tn Stage 0 is precancer. It may grow into an invasive cancer and may not. You could have had this mass, forever. But the docs don't know. Which DCIS will grow and which will not. So, they treat all DCIS, aggressively. So, they won't get sued. If i were you, I would get it cut out, with a lumpectomy. And then, do nothing, more. No radiation. No Tamoxifen. And go on a schedule of 6 month Diagnostic mammos/MRIs. If anything comes back, they'll catch it early. Deal with it then.
255017 tn?1206911375 It's never easy but for sure you can do this. Staging will come after your surgery. As you have bilateral breast cancers, they will try to determine if it has spread or if it's two different cancers. Please let us help you as you go through this. I've had a lot of difficulty with this site since August but have sent you a private message... not sure it went through or not but.. Best wishes.
Avatar f tn Can anyone tell me more about staging breast cancer. I have not had sentinel node dissection yet, but was told I was a T3. What does that mean??
Avatar n tn in staging cancer do they give tests like liver scan, bone scan, etc. before surgery. I cancer is found (stage 4) do they still remove the breast since the damage is already done? Also, can you spread cancer by feeling or pushing a lump with your fingers?
Avatar n tn I need your help and support again. I'm classified as 2b. With the new staging standards coming out, I read that Infraclavicular nodal disease is classified as N3. At MD Anderson they used an ultrasound and found that one of my infraclavicular nodes is cancerous (it is not palpable), am I then stage 3b? I'm getting neoadjuvant chemo (4 taxol, followed by FEC) and the tumor is shrunking. I will get a mastectomy in Nov. What can I expect with stage 3b? Thanks again.
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Avatar f tn My sister was just diagnosed with triple negative stage 3 grade2b breast cancer. I'm not finding much inof on this grade. What is the treatment and sruvival rate for this type of cancer?
Avatar n tn My mom who is 57 years old recently went through a modified radical mastectomy for her right breast. Below are the details from the pathology report. Please help me understand the following from her reports. 1. Since her apical nodes are involved, does this mean that cancer has spread to other parts in her body? 2. Since they found comedo pattern, does this mean the cancer is very aggressive? 3. She is ER/PR negative and HER2/nu 2+. Awaiting FISH test results for further diagnosis? 4.
Avatar n tn Dear Dolly44, Staging of breast cancer is based on the TNM staging system. T = tumor, N= lymphnodes, M = metastasis. With the information T1N1 this would indicate a stage 2 disease, this of course assumes that the M would be 0 - meaning no metastasis. If any metastasis (spread of the cancer outside the breast and lymphnodes) would be considered stage 4. Several factors are taken into account when discussing prognosis - not something that can be done well over the internet.
Avatar n tn It is somewhat confusing, because the cancer was limited to one ovary only with no stromal invasion. Following a staging surgery, two pathologists stated it was 1a. My gynecologist states it is 1c because I had atypical cells with psaommoma a bodies in the peritoneanal wash, and my gyno-oncologist states it is 1c because I had a cystectomy prior to the staging surgery/hysterectomy. Does any of this make sense to you?
Avatar n tn i was diagnoised with invasive agressive breast cancer that had already gone to my bones. surgery was not an option at that point and i was given 5-6 yrs, that was in march of '05. i did very good for awhile but things are rapidly going down hill. they took me off chemo 'to give my body a rest' because of side effects. i am trouble walking and hands, feet, and arms are numb and not much dexterity. i wonder too how they know how long a person has.
Avatar n tn My first cousin has a lump in her right breast that was recently diagnosed as cancer. She stated that she noticed the lump about two years ago but did not go to the doctor. She finally went to the doctor when she noticed that the lump was growing. The doctors are going to shrink the lump with chemotherapy giving her treatments once every three weeks according to my cousin. What is her prognosis? I am so scared that she has had cancer to long to survive.
Avatar f tn I promise there are a couple of questions at the end of this. I am 54 years old and was dx stage IV metastatic OVCA with peritoneal carcinomatosis and lymph node involvement two months ago (July 2007) without surgery or a biopsy. My initial dx was made after a pelvic exam, mammograms (mom & sis have breast cancer), ultrasound of the abdomen, and CT scans of the pelvis, abdomen, chest and neck. An enlarged lymph node at my collarbone is what drove me to the doctor, and I also had ascites.
Avatar f tn http://www.webmd.
Avatar n tn Some doctors order a bone scan as routine part of the staging work-up for breast cancer, while other oncologists prefer to have the bone scan done only if the patient manifests with symptoms (e.g. hip and back pains) which would make one suspect the presence of bone metastases. You can ask your friend's doctor the reasons why he has ordered a scan. I'm sure he'll be more than willing to explain things to you.
Avatar m tn hello everyone my mother(age 44) was diagones with breast cancer . her histopathology report tates the TNM staging as T1N2Mx . This states that the metastatis could not be accessed. But the report also states the involvement of Lymph nodes in cancer as (4/7). please tell me the survival rate accordingly.
Avatar m tn // I agree with Japdip, that your mother's oncologist and her team of doctors are the only ones,(having access to all her medical records and files),who can give you all the information you need. Best wishes to you and your mom.
Avatar f tn Any cancer has the ability to spread to lungs most common being bladder, colon, breast and prostate cancer. You will need a PET scan to confirm and differentiate from pneumoconiosis since malignant cells have higher rate of glucose metabolism. Thus, the principle of PET scan is intracellular accumulation of FDG snd preferential accumulation of glucose in malignant cells, leads to visualization of malignancy on PET scan.
Avatar f tn For example, if you are more than 60 years old, you would be 15x more likely to get breast cancer than the average woman due to the BrCA status. If you have repeated scans, the risk could be as much as 24x. If we assume the average woman has a risk of 1 in a 1000 or 0.001, your risk changes from 0.015 to 0.024. The more critical radiation involves radiation as therapy such as for patients with lymphoma. In this case, the risk can increase 5.2x. So your risk would change from 0.015 to 0.078.
Avatar n tn Dear JoMomma, There is no stage 5 breast cancer. Breast cancers are classified within 4 stages based on a TNM staging system. TNM stands for tumor, nodes and metastasis. If your sister had a stage 4 breast cancer that would mean that there was evidence that cancer had spread to another area of the body, distant from the breast. It may be that she has misunderstood something in terms of a numbering system related to breast cancer?
Avatar n tn I've been told medullary breast cancer has a better prognosis than some other types but the Dr.'s have been vague on exactly what "better" means. Could you give me info or statistics specific to medullary breast cancer or a resource where I could find more info? Exactly what does "better" mean? Is medullary breast cancer just a sub-type of invasive ductile cancer? Are all medullary cancers er/pr negative?
Avatar f tn Ovarian had spread to a lymph node in my breast and then Carbo/Taxol killed it. I know that they use Taxol for breast cancer. I have heard a lot on breast cancer patients getting ovarian cancer. Please let us know how you mother makes out. Life really can be unfair...she's got enough to deal with. All my best to you and your Mom.
Avatar n tn You can verify this staging and visit the National Comprehensive Cancer Network on Breast cancer treatment in the following website: I also suggest that you discuss with her oncologist regarding radiation treatment since this could lessen the chance of the cancer recurring. Hoping for an uneventful treatment course... Regards.