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Avatar n tn Breast conserving therapy (BCT): lumpectomy (removal of cancerous lump and Small margin of surrounding normal tissue) and axillary node dissection (removal of underarm lymph nodes) followed by radiation Or modified radical mastectomy (removal of the affected breast) and axillary node dissection. Good luck to your sister!!
Avatar f tn Hi, For a more detailed information regarding Breast cancer Stages,click on this link below and I hope it will help. Best wishes..
Avatar n tn As for the final stages, it will depend on where your mother's cancer is growing. Ovca often spreads to the liver and/or the lungs, and it is the effects on these that bring closure to a life. Basically, your mother is likely to just slowly and gradually become more fatigued and weaker, and "go to bed." From there, she will likely eat less and sleep more until she simply goes.
Avatar n tn Hi, my question comes from Breast Cancer in the family. My mother was diagnosed with Breast Cancer last September, unfortunately it was discovered in the last stages and had prior to discovering it spread to her bones etc. I am 34 years old, should I be checked? I know in many doctor offices they wont do it until your 40 and up, but being as how my mother has it, should I schedule a mamagram and tell the doctor about my mother's recent diagnosis?
Avatar f tn Basically it's changes inside the breast, fibroadenoma, sclerosing adenosis or fibrocystic, ect so they want to remove the area before it could change to cancer or they may want to watch it closer, it really is up to the experts but right now it's not looking like cancer but that's not to say it won't turn. My mother has the same thing, cancer lobular and ductal in right breast stages 1 and 2 had masectomy last Aug.
Avatar f tn Hi, Of course there is....Treatment should be aggressive and many survive breast cancer stage 3 C. Stages 3 c breast cancer may be treated with a mastectomy, surgery, radiation and/or hormone therapy. Stage 3 - C cancer of the breast is subdivided into two more classifications to differentiate them better. The two types of stage 3 - C carcinoma differ from each other because one is operable while the other is non - operable.
Avatar m tn Usually, breast cysts will primarily contain fluids (unlike breast cancer), and perhaps scattered mineral deposits and calcifications. A fully developed breast cyst will tend have rather obvious and clinically apparent symptoms. Ultrasounds are also very useful in distinguishing a benign breast cysts from a more 'solid' breast carcinoma. But, in the very early stages of cyst development these mature features will not be apparent.
Avatar n tn Other possibilities are a galatocele or milk filled lump in breastfeeding ladies, or an abscess, or breast cancers (usually are painful in late stages). Sometimes fibroadenoma of breast which is a benign condition is also painful. Injury to breast can also cause contusion or blood collection. Do discuss this with your doctor and get yourself examined. Take care!
Avatar m tn There are actually only 4 stages that are used to describe the advancement of breast cancer. Stage 4 is when the cancer has spread to other organs and/or tissues such as the brain, bone, liver or lungs. It is stated that Stage 4 has a 5 year survival rate of only 16%. Please keep in mind that this varies according to the location of the metastisis. I personally know of survivors of many years with mets to the bone.
Avatar n tn The official stages for breast cancer are Stages 0 through Stage IV, and each stage and subcategory of the stages has clearly defined features. Another breast cancer Website had an article that mentioned Stage V in its title, but not in the article itself. After I pointed out the error to them, they indicated they would make a correction. (They also mentioned that some people "unofficially" talk about Stage V when there is nothing more that can be done except palliative treatment.
561921 tn?1216609221 my mother which passed in 1981, due to breast cancer, 2 sisters that are survivors, and I also have had 3 aunts that died from breast cancer. I was diagnosed with DCIS in my left breast in Oct. 07. The surgeon reccommeded I have a bilateral mastectomy, due to the strong family history, which I had done in Nov. 07. At the same time I had tissue expanders placed in the breast cavities to have emplants. I went through bi-weekly injections of saline over a period of several months.
Avatar f tn Can anyone tell me more about staging breast cancer. I have not had sentinel node dissection yet, but was told I was a T3. What does that mean??
Avatar f tn If I was able to see the calcification, is that a bad thing. Microcalcifications, if they are cancer, mean that they could possibly be in the very early stages of cancer. Is that true? My other breast cancer, 17 years ago, was a lump that I found myself and it was just under 1 cm. Thats not a microcalcification right? Do I understand that if these little circular cells were separated it would not be a bad thing but the fact that they are clustering could be a problem? Is that correct.
Avatar m tn this is not part of the official TNM staging classification.) The official stages for breast cancer are Stages 0 through Stage IV, and each stage and subcategory of the stages has clearly defined features. Another breast cancer Web site had an article that mentioned Stage V in its title, but not in the article itself. After I pointed out the error to them, they indicated they would make a correction.
Avatar f tn I don't know if you are aware of it but there is a Forum here specifically for Stages 3 and 4 Breast Cancer. You might post there also and contact some of these Survivors. Best Wishes ....
Avatar m tn All these changes can also occur in benign causes,but we always have to get a health professional to check out these worrisome symptoms. The earliest stages of breast cancer usually have no symptoms at all, which is why annual screening mammogram is so important by the time a woman reaches 40 years old and earlier if there is a family history of breast cancer. I hope this helps a little,but you could also find a lot of information regarding breast cancer symptoms over the internet. Take care..
Avatar f tn Even normally there is considerable time between diagnosis and the various stages of treatment for Breast Cancer. Carry on as best you can, our thoughts are with you. Any updates along the way will be much appreciated ..... Kindest regards.
Avatar n tn Dear JoMomma, There is no stage 5 breast cancer. Breast cancers are classified within 4 stages based on a TNM staging system. TNM stands for tumor, nodes and metastasis. If your sister had a stage 4 breast cancer that would mean that there was evidence that cancer had spread to another area of the body, distant from the breast. It may be that she has misunderstood something in terms of a numbering system related to breast cancer?
Avatar n tn Has anyone heard of "Breast Cancer Radar" ? I was only able to find it in a few places on the search engines... my boyfriend saw in the news in Kansas (I live in Arkansas) that they were using it in Joplin Missouri to diagnose breast cancer with excellent accuracy, but I can't find anywhere on-line that it is anything but experimental and not available to the general public.
Avatar f tn No, there is no link between COPD/emphysema and breast cancer. The prognosis of breast cancer depends on the stage of the cancer. If it is localized to breast itself with no involvement of the nodes, then prognosis is excellent. If there is localized spread to same side lymph nodes, then too the prognosis is good. In later stages, the prognosis is not good. Also a lot depends on the extent to which she can take the side effects of the chemo. Take care!
Avatar n tn While I was their they found a dense area on my right breast which they said could either be radial scarring or breast cancer in the very early stages and about milimetres in size. I an 33 years old and the mother of 3 young kids with no family history of brest cancer. What should I do now and what questions should I ask my surgeon. THANKS.
Avatar n tn I had an aunt on my fathers side who passed away from ovarian cancer, two of her daughters(my 1st cousins) have lost both breasts to breast cancer, and another aunt on my dads side that had breast cancer in one breast. She passed away years later of lung cancer. I also had an aunt on my mothers side that passed away from ovarian cancer, and a 1st cousin on my mothers side had recently lost a breast because of breast cancer. I am considering a breast reduction, and my Dr.
716693 tn?1229970758 Pain is rarely associated with breast cancer with the exception of one type where the breast becomes very swollen, hot to the touch and the skin is quite red. It is true that with your family history you may well be at higher risk than normal but that doesn't mean you will actually develop bc. You are wise to have the mammogram ... they are recommended for every woman after the age 40 and even younger with a strong family history.
Avatar n tn It is very scary to know and keep track of cancer developing. What are my chances or surviving from uterus or breast cancer? I have been very careful but I still get these problems. Pls advise.
317787 tn?1473362051 She started her chemo for the breast cancer on Friday. They are going to treat her for that for a few months since the breast cancer is aggressive and so large. Then they will stop the treatment in order to deal with the colon cancer and hopefully remove it. I just wanted to update.
Avatar f tn Had bilateral mastectomy in July 2010. Pathology result triple negative breast cancer - grade 111 and the tumor was only 3.5mm with no lymph node invasion. I will be doing the BRCA test soon. My question is what is the right treatment for me at this time? Do I need chemotherapy? If yes what med and what is the dose? If my gene study reveal negative for BRCA, do I benefit from oopherectomy? My aunt died of ovarian CA at 53. What else I can do to prevent recurrence?
Avatar n tn I was just told that I have breast cancer and in the uncertainty of the conversation , I was told it was level III. What i do not know is can a biopsy tell the grade or the stage. I am getting different information from what i am reading. Anyone one that might know ?
Avatar f tn Hello everyone, I have just been diagnosed with secondary breast cancer, I had breast cancer 16 years ago. My question is, since the beginning of the year I have had a dreadful cough. I have also had severe bouts of being really poorly, sickness, loss of appetite and losing weight. My G.P. did a breathing test and with the results diagnosed asthma and put me on an inhaler. I maintained from the start I felt the inhalers were not helping.