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Avatar f tn It's difficult to say what someone should ask ....... whatever concerns her is what she should ask about. It's a good idea to write down any questions before a person sees the Dr. so nothing is forgotten. I'm guessing that you will be going with her which is also a good idea; an extra pair of ears can be very valuable as we often miss something that is said. I think she will have more questions after she sees the Surgeon and is advised as to the next step in the process.
Avatar n tn She is seeing the surgeon next week, and this being so new to us, was wondering what types of questions to ask? She has been through so much in the past. She had brain surgery for an anyeurism and then a stroke afterwards. She is in good spirits, but we want to come up with questions we should ask during our visit. Any help will be greatly appreciated.
Avatar f tn Can you give me some idea on some questions I need to ask. I am reading much and learning on the internet and all this is very overwhelming to sort out. I have heard that post menopausal women chemo is only effective in 3 out of 100 and that once chemo is used it would not be affective should cancer pop up at a later date. I don't know if this is true or a myth. Any and all help would be greatly appreciated. Also, my paternal grandmother had ovarian cancer...
Avatar n tn Hi there, I'm so sorry you've received this diagnosis. Most of us here have been right where you are. It's scary, and world altering. I'm 46, will be 47 this year and my kids were 12 and 15 when I went through my cancer treatment. I'm done now and we're all in one piece. Do you have a team yet? Are you in a major metropolitan area? If so, check out what options you have in terms of Breast Cancer centers. Often times there are groups of drs.
Avatar n tn The waiting is tough enough - will the surgeon also make me wait longer for an ultrasound/mamogram? Any suggested questions I should ask the surgeon? Any advice on making the waiting easier? I feel like this is weighing so heavily on me that it is effecting my work and my home life! I guess - all in all, I really just need some comforting words.
Avatar n tn In this report you will learn only about completely safe cancer supplements that can be used with no supervision. You may well ask why , if a safe and natural product is able to kill cancer, doesn't your doctor recommend it. Of course, he probably doesn't know about it, but even if he did, he's not likely to use it. It's the nature of the medical/drug industry. Doctors use and recommend drugs that are approved in a process that costs hundreds of millions of dollars.
Avatar f tn Take a list of questions with you so you don't get nervous and forget to ask anything that concerns you .You might want to bring someone along to help you ask questions. This person can also help you understand and/or remember the Doctor’s answers and recommendations. Wishing you all the best.
254544 tn?1310779332 This gene mutation and the elevated levels of HER2 that it causes can occur in many types of cancer — not only breast cancer. HER2-positive breast cancers tend to be more aggressive than other types of breast cancer. They're also less responsive to hormone treatment. However, treatments that specifically target HER2 are very effective. They include: Trastuzumab (Herceptin). Trastuzumab, which specifically targets HER2, kills these cancer cells and decreases the risk of recurrence.
Avatar n tn I dont believe the OB is an oncologist, and would like to know what questions I should ask him? I will write all questions down as I am very scared and nervoius and will forget them when I get there if I dont write them down. My DR says that the OBGYN will already be aware of the issues I am dealing with and that I will be surgery in the week. Any help is greatful....thank you.
458511 tn?1206469258 I have never had problems like this before, and really didn't ask any questions. They have referred me to a gyn surgeon. What questions should I ask him to find out the specifics of what is going on? Ovarian cancer does not run in my family, though every female over 45 has been treated for breast cancer. They told me to come back to the er if the pain didn't stop in 48 hours (by tomorrow morning) and I have not seen any improvement as of yet.
Avatar n tn In your opinion, is it okay to begin reconstruction at the time of the mastectomy? Or is it better to wait to make sure that all of the cancer has been taken care of? I have very large breasts, and I know that the mastectomy is going to be devastating psychologically. But, being worried about still having cancer is more so to me! I want to do what I have to do to be well!!! Thanks again!
Avatar n tn I sense hesitation, if you have questions, ask. If the answer is not what you'd like go elsewhere. Do not sit on cancer or its possibility of starting. If a Dr. is recommending this because there is something in cyst behavior that is abnormal explore that. Be careful and persistent with cancer. It does not play fair. That said, blessings to you and let us know how things go.
Avatar n tn I have now been refered to a surgeon for a biopsy. What questions or concerns should I have when I go for my appointment? When I was given my appointment they said that it was a Class 4 and I needed to been seen ASAP. What does Class 4 mean?
Avatar f tn I sure this is a frightening time for you, the waiting is tough. It looks like you got more than a peek at that radiologist report, or you have incredible photographic memory :) It sounds like you are on the right path by having the core needle biopsy. I know I appreciated that the core biopsy was definitive in identifying the make-up of my lump. I had my results back in a few days. Do you already have an appointment to get the results?
Avatar n tn If it is a cancer I think I would much rather it be thyroid cancer as from what I read it is much more curable then breast cancer. I am going to a top thyroid surgeon, but I can't believe I didn't ask endocrinologist states yes breast cancer can metastasize to the thyroid. My TSH is very low and the surgeon did say that that lessens the chance of it being thyroid cancer. Any words of wisdom out there for me?
322973 tn?1239908038 The present and future role of bisphosphonates in the management of patients with breast cancer. Breast Cancer Res 2002, 4:24-29 __________________________________________________________________________________________ Cochrane Review Background Bone is the most common site of metastatic disease associated with breast cancer (BC). Bisphosphonates inhibit osteoclast-mediated bone resorption.
Avatar f tn You might also ask why he thinks it's not cancer. Is it a clear cysts (not cancer) or a solid lump (could be cancer). You might also ask if this spot is pre-cancerous? Could it turn into cancer? Do you need other tests, PET scan is a good but expensive tests that shows hot spots (cancer or infections) that might also help in understanding your body. Be prepared with questions and talk with both groups that you seen. Good luck.
Avatar n tn Is there a chance of it been breast cancer? I have seen a Surgeon who is going to remove it next week and some of the surronding tissue and can expect the results in about a week later. It showed up on 2 mammograms and on the ultrasound scan but it is only millimetres in size. Extremely anxious. I really appreciate all your help. Thank you ever so much.
Avatar f tn If you have to have radiation you may want to consider DIEP reconstruction. Here is a link to different types of reconstruction available. Feel free to ask questions and research everything! Best wishes!
Avatar n tn I recently was diagnoised with DCIS after a recommendation from my surgeon to have a mystectomy, I know am told that my DCIS has progressed to DCIS - invasive. The surgeon said my lynphnodes were negative and said that my margins were clear. Now I am told that I have stage 1 cancer and will have to have chemo. What are margins?? is it a good sign that my lymphnodes were clear?? Has anyone had to go through this recently. I am afraid....
Avatar n tn Does anybody have any helpful advice on what kinds of specific questions to ask the surgeon (other than general questions regarding treatment options, etc...)? ANY WISDOM/ADVICE WOULD BE GREATLY APPRECIATED!!!
Avatar m tn Thx so much for the info! She has an MRI w/ dye on Sunday & 1st ocologist appt on monday & we want to bring a tape recorder and i was told no. i just want to chart her progress, i have been taking notes, but there is so much information. Did you ever ask to bring a tape recorder? I hope you are doing much better now.
Avatar f tn was also used. my cancer was a 3C. (you need to ask your doctor about the staging and the final answer will come with the surgery) At this point nobody knows if your cancer has spread elsewhere beyond the lymph nodes, and/or outside the lymph nodes into the nearby tissue. Possibly, your surgeon stopped finishing the lymph node dissection , because he feels you may benefit from chemotherapy first and before surgery.
Avatar n tn Mine was after the lumpectomy and at the same time as the mastectomy. Ask the surgeon to combine the lumpectomy and SLN, if possible. My surgeon said that if the sentinal node was positive, then he would elect to do the axillary removal during surgery to keep from having a 2nd procedure. SLN and axillary: ask the surgeon to explain the differences clearly and draw it out for you. Hve the surgeon explain what a positive reading on the nodes would mean for her treatment plan.
Avatar n tn Several factors are taken into account before determining the recommendations for treatment for example, the size of the tumor, the stage of cancer, whether or not cancer is found in lymph nodes, whether the tumor is responsive to estrogen or not. You ask several good questions which would be best answered by your surgeon who has the benefit of your specific information. You may also benefit from consultation with a medical oncologist regarding recommendations for treatment after surgery.
Avatar n tn I need some intelligent questions to ask the Doctor when I meet with him later today to discuss having a biopsy to hopefully rule out breast cancer. Can anyone help?
Avatar n tn This forum was a wonderful place to ask questions that prepared me to hear and absorb the information when I was asking my various doctors about the options ahead of me. I am very grateful I found this forum. I hope all turns out well for you.
656157 tn?1224641403 However, I am not so open to taking RAI given all the thyroid and breast cancer inmy family and now I hear they are linked. Is the other half removed soley for cancer tracking purposes or do they believe that cancer can also grow on the other side as well. Still somewhat confused? going in December... love to hear different insight.
Avatar f tn For example, if you are more than 60 years old, you would be 15x more likely to get breast cancer than the average woman due to the BrCA status. If you have repeated scans, the risk could be as much as 24x. If we assume the average woman has a risk of 1 in a 1000 or 0.001, your risk changes from 0.015 to 0.024. The more critical radiation involves radiation as therapy such as for patients with lymphoma. In this case, the risk can increase 5.2x. So your risk would change from 0.015 to 0.078.