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Avatar f tn I am a 3 year survivor of breast cancer but for the past year have had to take zantac or another antacid every day due to "indigestion". It does not burn - but I can have two bites of food and feel so full and bloated I can't eat more. I feel bloated and miserable. I have not lost weight - so have not paid a lot of attention until recently when the symptoms seem more intense and I'm finding myself taking both the zantac and additional tums and still feeling miserable.
Avatar f tn I was diagnosed with Invasive Lobular Cancer in my Right Breast last Oct. Stage 2 Three out of 17 nodes positive. E & P positive and Her2 negative. Pathology showed 3 seperate locations in the breast. I had a mastectomy of the right breast, Chemo consisting of 4 rounds of EC and 12 of Taxol and am just finishing 33 daily radiation treatments, 28 + 5 booster treatments.
Avatar f tn 1) If the same person has both breast cancer and ovarian cancer, what are their chances of this being genetic vs. sporadic? (Looking for percentages here). 2) If this patient does have the BRCA1 and/or BRCA2 mutations, what are the chances that is has been passed on to me? (Looking for percentages here). 3) If I am later found to have the BRCA1 and/or BRCA2 mutation, how much does that increase my chances of developing breast and/or ovarian cancer in my lifetime?
Avatar m tn At the beginning of the study, the women provided blood samples and a completed dietary questionnaire. During the study, 363 cases of breast cancer cropped up. A correlation was found between an increase in blood levels of trans-monounsaturated fatty acids and a 75 percent boost in the risk of developing breast cancer.
962875 tn?1314213636 Some studies might require you to complete a questionnaire, while others might need a sample of blood, urine, saliva, breast fluid, or breast tissue. Some studies might be clinical trials testing a new detection marker or drug. (YOU CAN REFUSE ANY OR ALL INVITATIONS.) I signed up in honor of a loved one who is fighting breast cancer, as well as in the hope that I might contribute in some small way to a future with less breast cancer for women as a whole...
Avatar n tn I feel very strongly about my participation in this study, as not only do I have breast cancer, but my brother and father both died of different cancers - father of bowel cancer. On a related subject - stress - when I was dx with bc in 2003, I was going through a flare with my Crohn's disease, and within 4 days I got steroid induced psychosis, which is very rare (I had been on this drug for some 30 yrs and never had a mental problem).
698408 tn?1256961948 Sarcasm fully intended BTW as Breast Cancer research in this country is flooded for money right now due to some high profile sportspeople losing lives or spouses while prostate and colon cancers struggle for funding for diagnostic and treatment beds. A friend of mine who works in medical research told me they are all hoping a footballer or cricketer gets colon cancer soon and I think she was only half joking.
Avatar f tn What family was left after WW11 did not speak of diseases, especially cancer. I have OVCA and my oncologist suggested that I have the BRCA 1 and 2 tests done, for my children and grandchildren. He said it's important for them to have all the medical information they can have. Unfortunately, being positive increases the possibility of them developing cancer in their lifetimes. Now they can be more vigilant with their future health.
Avatar f tn OK, I'm a 33 year old female whose only major med problems have included a complex migraine 10 years ago (causing my body to react in a way that a stroke would), seldom migraines, and most recently (within the last year) the removal of abnormal cells in the cervix due to dysplaysia. For the latter I had a LEAP procedure done 13 months ago, and then had 3 consecutive TCA procedures done over a 7 months ago. I currently (and have been for the past 3 years) take Levothyroxin 0.75mcg daily.
Avatar m tn At the beginning of the study, the women provided blood samples and a completed dietary questionnaire. During the study, 363 cases of breast cancer cropped up. A correlation was found between an increase in blood levels of trans-monounsaturated fatty acids and a 75 percent boost in the risk of developing breast cancer.
Avatar m tn At the beginning of the study, the women provided blood samples and a completed dietary questionnaire. During the study, 363 cases of breast cancer cropped up. A correlation was found between an increase in blood levels of trans-monounsaturated fatty acids and a 75 percent boost in the risk of developing breast cancer.
1684282 tn?1505701570 There is no question that opioids are effective analgesics in the treatment of pain caused by acute injury or surgery, and they are invaluable in the palliative care of patients with cancer and other lethal diseases. But we have criminalized the nonmedical use of opioids and deploy vast armies of combatants in the (largely ineffective) war on such drugs as heroin and opium.
Avatar m tn Supplemental Vitamin D May Help Reduce Breast Cancer April 29, 2010 — Vitamin D from supplements may reduce the risk for breast cancer in women with relatively low vitamin D intakes, suggest study findings published online April 14 ahead of print in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition. The study also found a significant inverse trend for higher calcium intakes but no interaction between vitamin D and calcium.
967168 tn?1477588089 Enlarged liver - The liver is a common site for metastatic cancer (dx via CT 2005) Increased Risk of Breast Cancer Low Melatonin Level Hypoalbuminemia (A low albumin level) Vitamin A Requirement Cancer in family members Chronic fatigue for over 3 months High coffee consumption (may be time to try to break my habit ugh) Omnivorous diet Discontinued low-carb diet Being in your 40s It appears there is a very serious likelihood that you have Diabetes Type II You are showing signs of significant
Avatar f tn Did your doctor have experience with IGM? Yes 11. Were you misdiagnosed? No, I was worked up for inflammatory breast cancer and this is the dx of exclusion after 4 negative biopsies 12. Were you diagnosed with abscess? Yes 13. Were you treated for abscess? Were you lanced/packed? No, the surgeon says it's better to leave it alone 14. Were you diagnosed with cysts? No, the imaging just showed massive inflammation, no distinct masses or cysts 15.
Avatar f tn Even though the studies were just coming out then they were more concerned with breast cancer. So in my mind I didn't want another cancer.
Avatar f tn and of course, all the other practical considerations, is there breast cancer in the family? etc etc...I think they have a test that tests you for the gene of breast cancer?, or something like that...either that or they are working on it...just have heard over and over of women saying their docs told them HRT is bad for them with hep c, and as you can see by this study (and there are 4 or 5 more that I have seen) it's anything to you....
Avatar f tn Of course we aren't horrible people (even if some of us did make questionnable choices when we were younger and stupider) but believe me after just watching the girl with stage4 breast cancer die (they found out later she had HCV as well) and listening to everyone in here talk about how it was the damn hep that killed her not the metastisized breast/brain/bone/spine/liver cancer - that was the day I went nutso and got up and started screaming at them to shut up that I used to have hep and it cou
55646 tn?1263664409 There are false positives and false negatives on almost every test out there. Do you not look for breast cancer with a mammogram because of the chances of a missed cancer or a test that says there is a mass when there is none? Do you not look for prostate cancer because the test may tell you you have elevated PSA levels, when they mean nothing? Or do you take the test info and confirm if needed, or retest with another test to clarify? I think the later.
Avatar f tn It looks like we need a cookbook called, "1000 ways to cook chicken breast" This was in my inbox from a yahoo group today. I am going to have to rethink our dinner menu. It is hared to get through but the conclusion was clearly understood. This isn't really new news just more numbers to back it up I guess. Joe so loves roast.
Avatar f tn He complained of having a boil in his anal area which was disturbing him, and that cause me to worry the worst, cancer etc (as our family has a quite a history), and made a doctor visit with him the next day with our physician. That is where the problem started. The (she) doctor is also a close family friend of ours, and I have been taking him to her, ever since he was a kid.
Avatar f tn Because Deer Velvet contains estrogens and testosterone, hormone-sensitive conditions, like breast cancer, endometriosis, estrogen dominance,etc.would get exasperated, I think long term use should be considered very carefully. Most Doctors on the other hand , do not have the knowledge nor the time to advise you on such matters, outside the scope of their conventional treatments.
Avatar n tn My GP thought he felt an ill-defined lump in my left breast (I am a male) and because my mother died of breast cancer at the age of 47 he ordered both mammograms and ultrasound to rule out breast cancer. He has also ordered CBC and TSH blood tests among others including HIV. He is out of the office and I won't have a visit until two weeks. However the US and Mammographic Tech said they saw nothing unusual. I have also had a chest xray which came back as normal for my age.
Avatar m tn beautiful note and to the point. this last month some friends made thousands of dollars in fund raising for breast cancer. for years women held much shame connected with this disease and hid in the shadows, but look at how they reached out in the last years to promote their passion. not to mention how the hiv community faced their stigma. during it all i thought why not for hcv? i know we can loosen the stigma when we unite together to fight this disease and raise others support.
Avatar n tn its a symptom of colon cancer depending on whether the polyps is malignant or benign. Hey, maybe our body is trying to let us know we have somthing in us when other people sneeze in our presence. Everything though is going wrong in my life, lost everything, lost my love, lost my past self. instead of hanging it up, ive decided to give it one last courageous push, i will reconstruct myself. if i dont speak to u guys again jus want to let yall know u guys are the bomb. been a pleasure.
181575 tn?1250202386 3d. Finally, patients who require cancer chemotherapy or treatment with an anti-tumor necrosis factor (TNF)-alpha agent and who have detectable HBsAg, whether they are inactive carriers or have chronic hepatitis B that has not been treated, should receive an oral antiviral agent as prophylaxis against reactivation of HBV infection.
1896835 tn?1321576203 His doctor will also schedule abdominal imaging and AFP markers to rule out the development of HCC, or primary liver cancer; once cirrhosis is established, this will be an ongoing concern.
Avatar n tn I seem to have sometimes dull sometimes sharp pains under my breast bone. I get bloated very easily after eating. I burp a lot of stomach gas. Lots of belching ensues. Sometimes I feel like my esophagus swells up and then I can feel my heart beating in my chest, the fluttering and butterfly feeling. Then, this irregular beating in my chest scares me and causes anxiety, then the viscous cycle repeats. The anxiety causes more chest pain, more gas, and more discomfort.