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25201 tn?1255584436 The goal of hormone therapy is to prevent breast cancer cells from receiving stimulation from estrogen. Estrogen deprivation can be acheived by blocking the receptor - which is the way tamoxifen works. Standard care is to recommend adjuvant hormonal therapy to women whose breast tumors contain hormone receptor protein (ER/PR positive) regardless of age, menopausal status, involvement of axillary lymph nodes or tumor size.
Avatar n tn I wish there was a way to get rid of this disease, we all do. Unfortunately that's not a word used with breast cancer. Your lovely wife May Satea was smart to get a mastectomy. That removes almost all breast tissue and lessens the chance for recurrence. If the mass was really that large I'd be aggressive with the treatment. I wish you and your wife all the best and want to thank you for helping her through this terrifying time.
1225331 tn?1333369369 Basically, it's still undetermined on whether or not I have cancer. It's very frustrating. I have the same symptoms as what my mom had, and elevated labs. She says that my octreoscan was clear, but I reminded her that so was my mom's. Right now she says there's not enough evidence to Dx it - just like they told my mom. By the time they figured it out for her, it was too late. They didn't see my mom's until they opened her up, which they don't want to do with me.
Avatar n tn almost two years ago i had breast cancer i didnt i just had radiation, about four weeks ago i got a yeast infection under the breast i had the cancer. then i developed a rash on that breast and on other parts of the body. i take requip for restless leg syndrom, and lunesta sometimes, but i have been taking antihistimes for itching.
2111016 tn?1334210851 my is suffering from invassive ductal carcinoma grade 3, i have dignosed through different lab and removed nodes measuring 7x7x3 after that made recurrence and after that 36 cm nodes refound in it breast. i visited oncology consulted who advised 6 cycles of chemo, on completion chemo i was refered to surgen, surgen removed axillary nodes which was sent to lab and found the result, LUMP, BREAST, LATARLITY NOS, EXISION, DUCTAL CARCINOMA IN SITU. TYPE: COMEDO, SOLID.
Avatar n tn My brother was diagnosed to have Stage III Breast Cancer..he underwent Modified Radical Mastectomy & his histopath results showed positive ER/PR/Her2Neu...what exactly does triple positive test results mean in lay man's term? ESTROGEN RECEPTOR ASSAY = POSITIVE, STAINING INTENSITY=+2, PERCENT TUMOR CELLS STAINED=+5, PROGESTERONE RECEPTOR ASSAY=POSITIVE, STAINING INTENSITY=+3, PERCENT TUMOR CELLS STAINED=+4, c-erb-B2 (Her-2/neu) =POSITIVE...
Avatar f tn hello my relative got breast cancer 5 years back it was stage 3 b 7 lymph nodes were removed it effected the right breast. mastectomy was done 5 yrs back.
322973 tn?1239908038 The present and future role of bisphosphonates in the management of patients with breast cancer. Breast Cancer Res 2002, 4:24-29 __________________________________________________________________________________________ Cochrane Review Background Bone is the most common site of metastatic disease associated with breast cancer (BC). Bisphosphonates inhibit osteoclast-mediated bone resorption.
Avatar n tn Hard to read but the bottom line appears to be that this type of breast cancer is rare and aggressive. You might try some breast cancer organization sites for treatment options and more info. Squamous Cell Carcinoma of the Breast Bryan T. Hennessy, Savitri Krishnamurthy, Sharon Giordano, Thomas A. Buchholz, Shu W. Kau, Zhigang Duan, Vicente Valero, Gabriel N. Hortobagyi From the Departments of Breast Medical Oncology, Pathology, and Radiation Therapy, The University of Texas M.D.
Avatar n tn My Mom was diagnosed with stage 4 breast cancer with a plueral effusion in 2000. MD Anderson never removed her tumor in the breast. They treated with chemo, aramidex, tamoxifen which did fine until the breast tumor came back 2 weeks ago. Now they want to do chemo again, then a masectomy then radiation all the while it is still in her pluera. Is this right treatment to do chemo again will it help or will it hurt her chances at her age and overall health.
Avatar f tn I am an oncology nurse since 94 and the best one to give some idea is her oncologist. Why I say some idea is that I have seen the best estimates of life expectancy be years after or days to weeks after an estimate was given. I think the person with the cancer has the best idea but not always willing to share with the ones that they love. Just give her all the love and support that you can for as long as you can, do not waste time with worry over how much time you have left.
Avatar f tn For your reference there is one study, which suggests that the prognosis remains the same in Breast Cancer patients generally and Breast Cancer patients post RT for Hodgkins. You can access the abstract of this Stanford study at pubmed: You may find the complete article on Jouran of Clinical oncology:
Avatar f tn I had grade 3 dcis &idc, er and pr postive breast cancer last year. I have tried Arimidex, Tamoxifen, and Femera with no luck. Now the dr would like to do a total hysterectomy. I am 45 and stopped having periods 3 years ago. Is this beneficial or not?
Avatar f tn I was diagnosed with T2N0M0 breast cancer and went for mastectomy followed by 4 sessions of Taxotere. Now my doctor prescribed Aromasin alone for 5 years. He did not give me Tamoxifen first followed by Aromasin, but just Aromasin for 5 years. Is this acceptable ? I am 57 years old, mother of 4 children. Please advise.
Avatar m tn I don't see anywhere in your post that you have been diagnosed with breast cancer so this is pretty much out of our realm of expertise here as we deal strictly with Breast Cancer issues. This seems to be an issue for Internal Medicine or possibly Cancer in General/ Oncology. I can answer your last question : 1. nodule -- a fairly hard more or less round abnormal structure. 2. node -- similar to the nodule except that it is not an abnormal finding. 3.
Avatar n tn I've even started reading some materials about breast cancer to educate myself. Here is the dilemma. My mother in laws cancer was detected so early that the doctor told her that she has a 98% cure rate. His exact words were "Of all the cancers to have this was the best one". She had surgery and had the lump removed along with some lymph nodes, not many. Everything was a success. I've read about other woman who've had that their breast removed and had breast reconstrucction.
Avatar n tn Hi Jim, I am sorry about your wife. I just finished with chemo and radiation therapies and want to share my experience. I am scheduled for follow-up mammograms every six months, and MRI on a yearly basis. After the lumpectomy and right before the chemo, I requested a PET CT scan, for peace of mind. It was not offered to me, I requested it. There was no sign of malignancy in any other part of the body.
517119 tn?1285874992 However I do think it is wrong of you to start nit picking at someone else's positive comments when the focus should be on trying to support a fellow sufferor of breast cancer and help her get through the treatment over the coming months. I wish you a long life and happiness and pray that you remain BC free like all of us hope.
Avatar f tn My neice age 39, has breast cancer, it has spread to other areas. Today she had a CT scan with contrast. According to the tech, she has alot of "hot spots". A few hours later her doctor calls her and she needs to come in on Monday to have an ECHO done. What's the reasoning behind this, anyone know or have a guess? They pretty much scanned her whole body.. Thanks for your prompt answer.
Avatar m tn My wife has been diagnosed with stage 3 cancer, metastisized from breast cancer 6 years ago. Following a PET scan she was show to have cancer in rib cage (with one broken rib due to cancer) and in the spine and hip. She is also having fluid buildup in her abdomen. The doc (cancer surgeon) said that the only course of treatment is end-of-life hospice. We meet this Wed. with our regular oncology doctor. As the caregiver, what should I do? Are there treatment options?
Avatar m tn Michelle Holmes of Harvard Medical School, who led the study published in the Journal of Clinical Oncology. Breast cancer survivors who take aspirin regularly may be less likely to have their cancer return or die from the disease, U.S. researchers reported Tuesday.
Avatar f tn I have stage 0 breast cancer, I was given the option to do chemotherapy. I have chose to do chemo. I was also told that I also have the choice to do just radiation treatments. I have had my first chemo treatment and I unfortunately made the choice now that I don't want chemo. Can I stop chemo and just go ahead with the radiation treatments even if I have started chemo. I should have done more research on this and now wish I have. Thank you for your help.
Avatar m tn In desperate need of 75 year old mother had Stage 3 breast cancer with lymph node involvement. She had just past her 5 year remission mark when she became very ill and it was discovered after tests she has been diagnosed with breast cancer reoccurring in her bone marrow. Does anyone have information or where i can find some on prognosis/survival rates for this is very difficult to find any information as most address spreading to bones and not bone marrow.