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Avatar n tn 9 years later I developed a different type of cancer in that same breast but it had metastasized; I was post-menopausal so Arimidex was best treatment & worked well. Then the next year I developed diffuse Large B-cell lymohoma (very aggessive) very treatable with target treatment (Rituxan) + CHOP toxic combintion used against many kinds of cancer including breast; continued taking Arimidex & during PET-CT scans to see progress against lymphoma, breast cancer gone!
Avatar n tn My brother was diagnosed to have Stage III Breast Cancer..he underwent Modified Radical Mastectomy & his histopath results showed positive ER/PR/Her2Neu...what exactly does triple positive test results mean in lay man's term? ESTROGEN RECEPTOR ASSAY = POSITIVE, STAINING INTENSITY=+2, PERCENT TUMOR CELLS STAINED=+5, PROGESTERONE RECEPTOR ASSAY=POSITIVE, STAINING INTENSITY=+3, PERCENT TUMOR CELLS STAINED=+4, c-erb-B2 (Her-2/neu) =POSITIVE...
Avatar n tn t want to live my last years, or months, in a debilitating state battling cancer. He also knows that 15 years ago I had invasive ductal cancer in my other breast and had a mastectomy. My lymph nodes were clear. I didn't have chemo, radiation or hormonal therapy. In pre-op counseling he explained that breast cancer in the elderly spreads slowly and seemed quite certain that I wouldn't die of cancer. He recommended lumpectomy, no lymph node removal and hormonal therapy.
Avatar n tn My Mom was diagnosed with stage 4 breast cancer with a plueral effusion in 2000. MD Anderson never removed her tumor in the breast. They treated with chemo, aramidex, tamoxifen which did fine until the breast tumor came back 2 weeks ago. Now they want to do chemo again, then a masectomy then radiation all the while it is still in her pluera. Is this right treatment to do chemo again will it help or will it hurt her chances at her age and overall health.
Avatar f tn Hi, Partial breast radiation (of which MammoSite is one brand) is increasing in popularity, but it is more expensive, and according to a 2010 article in the Journal of Clinical Oncology, there has not been definitve reasearch showing that it is as effective as whole-breast radiation treatments. Here is an excerpt: Although the idea is promising, Sher said, there aren't any large studies that have compared whole-breast radiation to this treatment.
Avatar n tn Hello Mohamed Rafek, Are you quite sure it's DCIS with an 8 centimeter mass? I agree that I'd get a 3rd opinion. If the mass was 8 centimeters I would for sure go after chemo and rads. I wish there was a way to get rid of this disease, we all do. Unfortunately that's not a word used with breast cancer. Your lovely wife May Satea was smart to get a mastectomy. That removes almost all breast tissue and lessens the chance for recurrence.
Avatar n tn I had sugery May 4th. I am now cancer free. However, because my breast cancer is Inflammatory Breast Cancer I would like to know how much of a dose that they will give me upon radiation? My oncology doctor says this is a preventative measure. This discussion is related to <a href='/posts/show/260845'>Radiation therapy for breast cancer</a>.
Avatar n tn study, an analysis of medical records of almost 1,000 breast cancer patients showed that use of CYP2D6 inhibitors almost doubled the risk of breast cancer recurrence within two years after patients started tamoxifen. The records showed a two-year breast cancer recurrence rate of 13.9 percent in women taking tamoxifen along with a CYP2D6 inhibiting antidepressant, compared with a 7.5 percent recurrence rate among women taking tamoxifen alone, according to Dr. Ronald E.
1162347 tn?1293503170 Once over my first cancer, my oncologist requested a bilateral breast MRI + bilateral mammogram+ clinical exam. Had them all, the MRI and clinical exam were clean but the right breast mammogram showed clustered lobular micro calcifications and a surgical biopsy recommended. Two days later I had the biopsy & 1/3 of my right breast was removed with a slight reconstruction.
Avatar f tn I have recently been diagnosed with LCIS, ADH in two areas and papilomatosis with a strong immediate family history of breast and ovarian cancer. From the beginning I have thought about a prophylatic bi-lateral mastectomy. Is a prophylatic bi-lateral mastectomy unreasonable? I too have had many different opions from oncology surgeons and oncologists. Lois This discussion is related to <a href=''>LCIS</a>.
Avatar f tn These would be recommended by the radiation oncology staff. Regarding creams to fade darkening, the radiation oncology staff may be best equipped to make a recommendation regarding whether any of these remedies may be helpful or whether you would be wasting your money. I am not aware of any supplements being used for this purpose. You should discuss the breast reconstruction (fat implants) issues with a breast reconstruction plastic surgeon.
Avatar f tn From the San Antonio Breast Conference in December 2009, new data shows a higher than predicted rate of breast cancer recurrence even with very small breast cancers that are HER2 positive. The data is from the first large study to analyze early-stage breast cancer patients with HER2 positive tumors one centimeter or smaller. All these women would benefit from adjuvant Trastuzumab, also known as Herceptin, (for one year, the standard in America) - along with adjuvant chemotherapy.
962875 tn?1314210036 Women on tamoxifen often complain of cognitive problems, but in some cases this has been dismissed as "all in their heads." Some recent research comparing tamoxifen to an AI verified this side effect: "A recent paper has looked at an unusual side effect which has not been greatly appreciated in the past. Many patients who are on adjuvant hormonal therapy complained of cognitive dysfunction, a neuropsychological side effect which can reduce quality of life substantially.
Avatar n tn m a little puzzled by your question since the report clearly states that you do have Breast Cancer. I would think that your Dr. has explained in detail what is to follow. Surely you have been referred to an Oncologist who will set up a treatment plan and also a Surgeon who will evaluate all the findings and recommend the proper type of surgery for your particular situation. At 6+ cm.
Avatar n tn ER/PR refers to the amount of hormone receptors found on the surface of cancer cells which your breast cancer has. Having a lot of these receptors (or a positive ER/PR) indicates that the cancer is hormone-sensitive and would benefit from treatment which would counteract the effects of estrogen stimulation. Since you're ER/PR negative, this means that your tumor is not sensitive to hormonal effects, and so you would not benefit from treatment with Tamoxifen or similar drugs.
Avatar f tn Well, I think if you are concerned you should be evaluated by a Breast Specialist (if you have any breast issues) or perhaps a Geneticist if either of you wish to be tested for the Breast Cancer Gene; this can be a very expensive proposition unless it is proven to the Ins. Co. that it's necessary. I'm not one to advise much "just because" .... if there is a proven family history of Breast Cancer then proceed with whatever makes you comfortable.
Avatar n tn It showed begining signs of cancer. I am going to see an oncology doctor in a week. The surgeon mentioned getting a prophalaxis. Has anyone had this type of a problem and if so what did you do?
Avatar m tn in April 2011, estrogen and progesterone receptor status is a predictive marker of early breast cancer and post-treatment relapse. As you get older your hormone levels decrease, and your fat cells in your body increases. This can cause higher levels of aromatase, an enzyme that converts testosterone to estrogen. The treatment of benign prostatic hyperplasia in men and breast cancer in post-menopausal women is to use a class of drugs called aromatase inhibitors.
Avatar f tn carcinoma in lump, two lymph nodes taken clear of cancer. all blood test said no cancer and it had not gotten out of tumor. [left breast} will there be a problem about my being delayed taken radiation. it was drained on Monday 3/24/08 needs it again. waiting for oncology from M.D. Anderson to make a appt. for radiation. This discussion is related to <a href=''>Breast lump after surgery</a>.
Avatar m tn t let stress controll you. Stress enhance back pain and it may cause breast pain n any uncomfort in your armpit, or breast.
Avatar n tn t had positive Mammograms or some form of indication that you may have a suspicion of Breast Cancer I really see no reason for a Mastectomy at this time. I wonder if you have even found a Surgeon who would perform this procedure at this point. If indeed you have such a Surgeon and Mastectomy has been recommended then that office should have some information as to where you might find some financial help. Good Luck ......
233915 tn?1218813127 We lost my step-father August 30th to cancer. His battle began last October. I've watched him go through 4 rounds of chem, over 15 radiation treatments, I was there when he had an Ominvor Resovoir put in his brain to deliver chemo directly to the spinal fluid after the cancer spread further, a peg tube was then put in place when he could no longer swallow...