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Avatar n tn My mother was diaganosed with Breast cancer bone metastasis six months back (with acute back pain). she was put on femara, than on Xeloda and Zometa and have completed six cycles each of these. but still her ca15-3 level is not reducing but increasing slowly present level is 67.0. she was asked for a PETSCAN after seeing the scan report doctors have decided to change her medicines and chemotherapy. She is 58 yrs old and looks quiet ok and do all works and walk steadily.
Avatar f tn hi to all.My mother was diagnosed recently with breast cancer and had a mastectomy done.the doctor said that out of 13 lymph nodes removed from her armpit, 11 had cancer. she is right now on chemotherapy with something that the doctor called an AC regime.All her workup tests showed negative for cancer spread.but now she has got low backache.She had a slip disc few years back.could the recent pain be due to cancer spread to the bones? The bone scan was negative when done one month back.
Avatar n tn Have been diagnosed with breast cancer 10ml stage 2 with hormone negative and her2postive am having chemo carbplatin , taxatere and herceptin but had to be taken off 2 treatments with herceptin as it effected my heart. will be having another heart check in 3wks to see if herceptin can be reintrodued on its own. Have had 6 treatments of the other two drugs.
Avatar n tn What about removal or freezing so that the liver can rebuild itself without the cancer? Are there sites to get more info or somewhere I can researach more information.
Avatar n tn My mother was diagnosed with breast cancer in the left breast in October 2006, the tumor was surgically removed (Lupectomy), and the final histopathology report showed, “An irregular scirrhous infiltrating grayish white tumor 2.4 by 2.2 by 2.0 cm with another tumor 0.1 to 0.2 cms away from the main tumor. On microscopy, it is infiltrating duct carcinoma (grade III) associated with multiple foci of high grade intraductal carcinoma with comedonecrosis. The resected margins are free.
Avatar n tn Hi, my mum was diagnosed with breast cancer 6 weeks ago. She had a biopsy and the tumor was found to be estrogen receptive. Her Bone Scan showed that the cancer had spread to her 7th rib and the CT Scan showed a small lesion in her lung, lymph nodes under armpit and lymph nodes in chest. The oncologist said that cancer is controllable but not curable.
Avatar n tn If the liver metastasis was a chance finding during gall bladder surgery – there wasn’t enough time to plan the lung issue. If the goal was to reduce the total amount of cancer (not attempting to cut out all sites of cancer), such an approach has also been considered in breast cancer. The outcomes however, will depend on how well your mother will respond to chemotherapy after the operation.
Avatar m tn Treatment is being given to control the disease, improve the quality of life, and relieve symptoms referable to breast cancer. Treatment options for metastatic breast cancer include systemic chemotherapy, hormonal therapy, and targeted therapy like Herceptin. Locally directed therapy is also given to control the metastatic site An example of locally directed therapy would be radiation therapy for the brain metastasis.
Avatar n tn And while I was initially pleased to learn I had negative lymph node involvement I am now concerned that perhaps neg. lymph nodes are common for lobular type breast cancer. I have learned that lobular cancer often mestastases to "broad spectrum of abdominal sites". . . and perhaps gets there via blood rather than lymph nodes. What is your opinion on this. I was considering requesting some type of imaging or scan of my abdominal area as check.
Avatar n tn And while I was initially pleased to learn I had negative lymph node involvement I am now concerned that perhaps neg. lymph nodes are common for lobular type breast cancer. I have learned that lobular cancer often mestastases to "broad spectrum of abdominal sites". . . and perhaps gets there via blood rather than lymph nodes. What is your opinion on this. I was considering requesting some type of imaging or scan of my abdominal area as check.
Avatar n tn Metastasis refers to cancer cells traveling to distant sites via the blood stream and/or lymphatic system. Vascular invasion is quite common in breast cancer. The clusters of metastatic cells end up in the blood stream/lymphatic system by actually breaking off from the primary tumor (how else would they get to distant organs?).
Avatar m tn I'm a retired nurse who came here after I was diagnosed with LCIS in '09 and I certainly don't profess to know everything about breast cancer treatment. I just try to provide information that I do know, web sites for reputable medical centers to get additional information and support to the people who come here. I do feel it's encouraging that her cancer was found at a small size and that what was known to be cancerous was removed.
Avatar f tn Over the years i thought ive had testicular cancer, (yes im a guy), lou garrigs disease, early parkinsons, certain mouth diseases, throat cancer, male breast cancer, intestinal cancer, brain tumours, skin cancer, muscular dystrophy...etc...does it ever end? i feel like if it keeps going on like this im really going to go insane, and i dont mean this as an exaggeration, i just dont think my mind can take it and i dont have the mental fortitude for this.
Avatar n tn Hello Doctor, if you could please help answer my question, I would appreciate it. My mom had stage 3 breast cancer in 2005. She had a mastectomy, as well as chemo, radiation and Herceptin. She is now on Tamoxifen. About a month ago, she started getting a small cough. It is not a deep cough, more like a tickle in her throat. She has nothing come up when she coughs either. She also hurt her back about 3 weeks ago and since then has had some shortness of breath.
Avatar n tn I have been recently diagnosed with metastatic breast cancer which has compromised some bones in my spine, ribs, pelvis and shoulder. My oncologist has put me on Tamoxefin and like Patircia, I am in the clinical trial ( Denosumab/Zometa). Her posting and the responses were of special interest to me as it sparked some questions regarding my own treatment. Obviously, like Patrica I was perimenopausal (very low Estrogen - on the brink of menopause).
694885 tn?1232653548 Now the symptoms... Untreated Thyroid cancer (or any cancer) can lead to Metastasis which can result in a multitude of issues, a few or many, depends on where the cancer is... Brain: Dizziness, confusion, disorientation, pain, emotional outbursts. Bone: Pain, anemia, bleeding, pain &/or paralysis of extremities if spine compression, pain. Lung: From low oxygen levels there is shortness of breath, air hunger, confusion, disorientation, anxiety, pain.
Avatar f tn Liver, lung, bone and brain are the most common sites for metastacised breast cancer, but yes! breast cancer can be on the outside of the breast - these would be skin mets.
Avatar n tn Hi, My right breast cancer was diagnosed in April of 2008, 15 months after my first abnormal mammogram. When my first mammogram was performed I could feel enlarged lymph nodes at two sites. One was my right axilla and the other was my left groin. My question is: Does the left goin enlarged lymph nodes indicate a possible site for metastasis? Should I be addressing this issue with my radiation oncologist? My mass was 2.5mm and very close to the chest wall and skin.
Avatar n tn What is the status of the breast cancer and the liver metastasis? If the liver metastasis had a complete response to treatment, you may benefit from having a mastectomy done. However, if there is progressive disease in the liver metastasis, the benefit of having a mastectomy done will not be as good. You can respond to hormonal treatment with tamoxifen or any of the aromatase inhibitors available and achieve either stable disease or complete response.
Avatar n tn Hi, This is being done to rule out any metastasis to the liver. The most common sites of breast cancer metastasis are the liver, bones and brain. It is usual to get a bone scan and a USG abdomen for this reason. You should discuss all the treatment options and investigations in detail with your consulting physician. You have to make all your doubts known to him and ask him for all the options that you have. Only then will you be convinced rightfully.
Avatar n tn It is used to reduce the chance of recurrence both locally and distantly as well as reduce the risk of developing a contralateral (opposite breast) breast cancer. Tamoxifen can also be used to reduce the risk of developing breast cancer in women who are at high risk.
Avatar f tn A bone scan uses radio-labeled materials that are taken up specifically by bone, but about all you see is the bones. Cancer can metastasize to many different sites. A PET scan can find certain metastatic tumors that have gone places besides the bone. That is the value of PET. Realize, that all tests have limitations, and limitations of PET include 1) size of metastasis must be about 1 cm or more.
Avatar n tn Dear shahworld: The stage of breast cancer depends upon the measurement of the invasive (or infiltrating) breast cancer and the number and location of positive lymph nodes as well as any distant sites of metastasis. From this report, it is not clear if the "14 reactive axillary lymph nodes" are "reactive" or positive.
751009 tn?1248800145 pain - for lack of better definition -- as well as severe pain in breast at tumor sites. This pain in breast is a good thing as in my case, means that the targeted therapy is indeed working! I also take hydrocone as needed - usually only for 10-14 days after Herceptin treatment - and although it does not completely remove the pain, I can better manage my normal daily activities.
Avatar n tn It's not lymphoma. Breast cancer in lymph nodes is still breast cancer. When it's spread to lymph nodes, it can still be cured, as long as it has spread no further. Chemotherapy (drugs to kill cancer cells) is effective in breast cancer, and is virtually always given when it's in the lymph nodes. The cure rate depends on many factors, including how many nodes are involved, and various characteristics of the cancer itself.
Avatar f tn Hi there. The most common sites of cancer spread or metastasis of primary lung cancer are to the lymph nodes, liver, bones, brain and adrenal glands. so there is no distal mets to the colon. On the other hand, the most common types of cancers spreading to the lung are colon, breast, prostate and bladder. Symptoms of cancer metastatic to lungs are similar to primary lung cancer including, cough, coughing up blood, chest and back pain and shortness of breath.
Avatar n tn Assuming I had some kind of breast cancer could that cancer have spread to that part of my body? Or does breast cancer only spread to organs? Finally, I've read on various sites that male breast cancer can be caused by hormonal imballances, could you tell me some sure signs of hormonal imballances? And since I'm a little overweight, could the fat in my breasts have act (assuming I had breast cancer) as some kind of buffer zone, delaying the time the cancer needs to spread?