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Avatar f tn Before the show my local news station interviewed a rep from the American cancer socitety here in my town and she talked about the different events they do to raise awareness, she talked about how October is breast cancer awareness month and I waited for her to say something about how Sept is Ovarian Cancer and she said nothing. If the American Cancer society doesn't even acknowledge us how can we expect anything else.
Avatar n tn But come on I'll be the big 50 in a couple of months. I'm just happy that they were able to catch the Breast Cancer early, and looking forward to some new boobies that will be sitting up, and not hanging down to my waist. I have a dear friend who is a tatoo instructor and she has assured me that she and her staff can tatoo the nipple on where it will be very pleasing to the eye. At this point I'm just happy to have boobs that will help my clothes hang better.
874521 tn?1424120397 please look at this everyone with pets and even human cancer. It 'sounds' so remarkable and will be avail for veterinary use in the next few months, sure would like to know more of it, I will also take this website to my Vet to see. What do you all think of this? www.dailymotion.
Avatar m tn To provide worldwide rights to Roche, Inovio has re-acquired its hepatitis B, Asian-country rights from Inovio's international affiliate. Disease Background Prostate Cancer Prostate cancer is the second most frequently diagnosed cancer of men. Nearly three-quarters of the registered cases occur in developed countries. Accounting for nearly 300,000 deaths each year, prostate cancer is the sixth leading cause of death from cancer in men.
Avatar f tn She has been off all opioids for 2 years till last months she was told she had breast cancer and just went through a double mastectomy . She is more worried about coming off the pain pills then having Cancer . I understand how she feels . I have had 4 surgeries in 2 years and each time I come off the Percocet it seems worst . I am winging off now and it isn't fun . I know if I do it cold turkey I will be done in 5 days. I just don't have it in me this time .
Avatar n tn Hi. Why are there so few doctor forums for common problems? The breast cancer issue does not have a doctor forum! Yet there are plenty of doctor forums for pets!!!!! I love animals but really, this is not good. Communities are wonderful but when people are left to depend on non-medical personnel for answers it can lead to misunderstandings and fear sometimes too. We need good professionals to step up! PLEASE!!!
4545793 tn?1394596144 I have a pair of matching diamonds one each on shoulder blade, two stars on my feet my best friend has the matching pair of the opposite foot, breast cancer ribbon on the right side of my stomach my grandmother is a breast cancer survivor, on my leg by my ankle I have a skull with flower petals around the skull on the inside of my leg its for my pitbull daisy she is still alive and then on the other side another skull with flowers around it its supposed to be a skull and flowers deal when its
Avatar n tn I only ask because I have been taking methotrexate (one of the chemo drugs that used to be given for breast cancer) for some 7 yrs, with a 4 month break for FEC chemo when dx with bc in 2003. It sure didn't stop me getting breast cancer, which neither my Oncologist nor Gastro can explain. They may sometimes act like "God" but they still don't have all the answers, as they are only human! However, it has blissfully sent my severe Crohn's symptoms into remission.
Avatar f tn Please include me as well! I was researching because I thought I had breast cancer or some rare breast fungus. I recently bought two new victoria's secret bras, pushed by the employees I might add, only to be left with a rare and annoying rash on my left breast. I am FURIOUS! Please send me details on how I can help. I have photos and plan on contacting whomever I need to take care of this situation.
Avatar f tn Hulda Clark has found that parasites can cause hives, she also had found a cure for Cancer, Aids, and any other disease, ever cure advanced cancer, not arrest cancer but cure it.
Avatar n tn I received the following info from the MAYO clinic -FYI. I'm following through with medical follow up and they are runing tests to rule out temporal lobe tomor. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Original Article: -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Phantosmia: What causes olfactory hallucinations? Q. What causes olfactory hallucinations (phantosmia)? A.