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627145 tn?1230305626 It can go to bone, lung, liver and intestines, so even if it does not spread locally, it can still spread elsewhere. In fact, MOST breast cancer spreads to areas distant from the original cancer.
Avatar n tn atypical hyperplasia puts you at higher risk of breast cancer in your lifetime. This is what I was told by my surgeon. It is abnormal cells and many of them and they are one step from cancer.
Avatar n tn t a cancer at all but a marker for increased risk of developing invasive breast cancer — DCIS is more likely to develop into invasive breast cancer if left untreated.
Avatar f tn Hello and welcome to MedHelp Forums. First, let me say that any time you notice a change in your breasts, it is recommended to seek an opinion of a doctor who can visually and manually examine you. So, that's our first recommendation. There is a type of breast cancer called inflammatory breast cancer which involves one or both breasts becoming red, inflamed, swollen and painful.
Avatar n tn The lesion is abnormal, that is for sure. There isn't an exact definition for big of a lesion because they can get bigger. This may mean your lung, breast or kidney(s) are/is inflamed. Also, this could be breast cancer, lung cancer, Wilm's tumor, chronic nephritis, neuroblastoma (highly unlikely for your age), and of course, benign tumor. I recommend taking this situation to your oncologist.
Avatar f tn A hardened lump could be just dead tissue, an enlarged or infected gland, or breast cancer. Only examination by your doctor, with a mammogram and ultrasound will give you an idea of what it is, and a doctor would probably want to do a fine needle biopsy just to be sure whether it is cancer or not. 80% of lumps are benign. I am a 3yr cancer survivor, bilateral mastectomy, 2 rounds reconstruction. No chemo, no radiation, oral chemo will total 5 years. Side effects difficult but doable.
Avatar f tn I am 43 years old so, I am guessing that I will always have dense breast tissue if it has not changed by now. When my mother was found to have breast cancer she had a lump in the left breast that rapidly grew in one months time from the size of a small marble to the size of a tangerine. At the size of a tangerine the lump still did not show on mammogram so a biopsy was done and within 30 days she had the left mastectomy .
Avatar f tn Often minor ductal and periductal inflammation is present. The lesion is in some cases very difficult to distinguish from breast cancer. Patients usually present with a distinct firm mass mostly in the subareolar region. It occurs on average 2 years and almost exclusively up to 6 years after pregnancy, usual age range is 17 to 42 years. Use of hormonal contraceptives, prolactin raising medications and hyperprolactinemia have been implicated in the pathogenesis or as predisposing factors.
Avatar f tn Is there a "typical" presentation of Breast Cancer in Hodgkins Lymphoma patients who have received mantle & axillary radiation? Is DCIS in such a patient more likely to become invasive than in the general population?
Avatar n tn The surgeon performed a surgical biopsy with an incision half way around the areola and removal of milk ducts. The pathology report came back negative. However, in the time since the surgery, there have continued to be instances (such as vigorous use of a wash cloth) where the nipple bleeds from the side. It also seems to have an opening. My original surgeon said that this was just from "having a weird anatomy.
Avatar f tn org/cancer/breast-cancer/screening-tests-and-early-detection/mammograms/understanding-your-mammogram-report.html When is your biopsy?
Avatar f tn My adoptive mom died from breast cancer. SHe had it twice so I do check my breast once a month. I have a diagnostic mammogram and ultrasound next week. Of course I am worrying. I thought for sure she would tell me it was nothing and taht would be it. I have looked online what dense breasts mean because I wasnt sure what it meant. And of course everything says that the more dense they are the higher chance of having cancer.
Avatar n tn Since my hysterectomy my paps have been worthless -- always not enough cells to test for anyting probably because there is no cervix -- you are postmenopausal so you might want to have them consider not only the trans vag ultrasounds but also a CA 125 blood test -- if there is no family history of breast or ovarian or prostate cancer, it may be overkill, but if you can get the insurance company to cover it, I'd go for the ultrasounds every 6 months and the CA125 at least annually -- not that
Avatar n tn Welcome to the forum. The definition of persistent infection, whether HPV or anything else, is pretty straightforward. It means the infectious agent remains in the body. For HPV, however, it's a bit complicated. Some HPV infections persist in the forum of viral DNA, which can't be transmitted and never cause disease. Whether you call this "persistence" or not is a matter of semantics, not biology.
Avatar f tn t want the fool thing on my mind all the time! i have friends who have breast cancer, in fact the day i got the ultra sound done i found out that a friend sister's metastatic breast cancer is no longer responding to the radiation just to control the size of the brain tumors and they found 4 new lesions in her brain, very bad news.
Avatar f tn Apocrine metaplasia denotes a benign lesion that has no increased risk for the development of breast cancer. It is most commonly seen in the lining of cysts. Apocrine means a type of glandular secretion in which the end part of the secreting cell is cast off along with the secretion products that have accumulated. Metaplasia means a change in the type of cells in a tissue to another form of cells that are not normal for that tissue.
Avatar n tn 0.9 x 0.3 x 0.9 cm thinly septated elongated cyst in the right breast 8:00 position 9 cm from the nipple. 0.7 x 0.3 x 0.5 cm mildly complicated cyst 9:00 position 3 cm from the nipple. 0.6 x 0.3 x 0.8 cm complicated cyst 10 o'clock position 9 cm from the nipple. 0.8 x 0.4 x 0.7 cm irregular shaped hypoechoic solid appearing mass in the right breast 10o'clock position 5 cm from the nipple. No internal vascularity.
Avatar f tn I am 20 years old and never have had any issues with my health and I do not have any breast cancer on either sides of my family. I went to the gynecologist about a month ago and she pointed out an slight indent on my left breast on my areola right underneath my nipple, there is no lump at all and no other abnormalities. I do naturally have lumpy breast.