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Avatar n tn I've had breast cancer twice now and also had saline implants. It's not unusual to have little twitches or small pains, you do have scar tissue in there. I would like to say and have said it before to Drs. that dismiss the pain with breast cancer shame on you. At age 32 they tried to dismiss my lump first because of my age and second because it was painful .... breast cancer doesn't hurt....WRONG!!!!!!! If I had listened to the Drs, I would not be here today. It was cancer.
Avatar n tn I had a breast implant operation done in August this year and my left breast healing normal, but my right breast anytime I give my self the massage a few little knots appear under the skin, is not painful, but I am worried, and the thing about it is that I got the procedure done in Venezuela and I live in Trinidad so I cannot see my doctor, I will like to know if this is something serious.
Avatar n tn My question is,(I know it is in my bloodlines), I want to get saline breast implants. I have read that implants do not cause cancer - just make it harder to detect. Would it be better to have the implant, under the pectorial muscle or over it? I understand that there are other ways (along with mamograms) to have your breasts examined (ie: ultrasound). Does anyone have an opinion? Thank you.
Avatar n tn I believe they have methods now that make it easier to detect cancer with implants in place. A good place to ask this is the Breast Cancer Forum.
Avatar n tn How bad will radiation be on my implant-would I get new implants after all is done? will the breast getting radiation look lik ethe other one? if I get cancer in the other one can you do a masectomy on the both even thouogh one has been radiated?
Avatar f tn I decided to get a lumpectomy followed with radiation. I had my breast implants replaced in Aug 2008 (I've had the implants for 23 years). Oct 2008 mammogram shows more DCIS same breast. My doctor recommends an MRI with most likely another biopsy. My question is if I have a biopsy can my plastic surgeon remove the implant, general surgeon remove what he can of DCIS and then replace my implant? Do you feel a Mastectomy is an option?
Avatar m tn Usually, breast cysts will primarily contain fluids (unlike breast cancer), and perhaps scattered mineral deposits and calcifications. A fully developed breast cyst will tend have rather obvious and clinically apparent symptoms. Ultrasounds are also very useful in distinguishing a benign breast cysts from a more 'solid' breast carcinoma. But, in the very early stages of cyst development these mature features will not be apparent.
Avatar n tn The plastic surgeon who originally performed the operation says calcification can mask the presence of cancer. How can my wife determine for sure there's no cancer before she has her breast implants replaced?
Avatar n tn I 'm 60 years old and have Estrogen receptive cancer of the right breast Stage 2 (tumor 2.5cm). Lumpectomy and Lympectomy (22 nodes removed, cancer migration to 1 node), was done. Chemotherapy, in progress. Both breasts are fibrocystic and had benign biopsies before cancer developed. Radiation therapy will hopefully prevent recurrance in the same area of the right breast, but the fibrocystic tissue will still be present.
Avatar n tn a study by the National Cancer Institute found women with breast implants were more likely to die from brain cancer or lung cancer compared to other plastic surgery patients. The link between breast implants and systemic complications is still not clearly understood. Epidemiologic research has not been conducted on large numbers of women who had implants for at least ten years, which would be a reasonable period of time to determine the health risks. 4.
Avatar n tn has there been any correlation between saline breast implants and the onset of chronic obstructive pulmonary disease?
Avatar n tn As such, we do not have expertise in the issues of potential silicone leakage except to say that studies have shown that the rate of breast cancer is no higher in women with silicone implants.
Avatar n tn I 'm 60 years old and have Estrogen receptive cancer of the right breast Stage 2 (tumor 2.5cm). Lumpectomy and Lympectomy (22 nodes removed, cancer migration to 1 node), was done. Chemotherapy, in progress. Both breasts are fibrocystic and had benign biopsies before cancer developed. Radiation therapy will hopefully prevent recurrance in the same area of the right breast, but the fibrocystic tissue will still be present.
Avatar f tn Not all calcifications are an indication of breast cancer ..... many are due to benign causes so I wouldn't be looking too far ahead just yet. Calcifications are seen normally scattered about the tissue. It's only when they are observed in groups or clusters that they are cause for concern and even then they needn't be due to cancer. If you were given the option to wait 6 months (the BIRADS 3 score) then a biopsy isn't deemed to be absolutely necessary at this time.
Avatar n tn After 4 yrs and with chemo and 31 radiation treatments my breast has shrunk considerably. I wisht to have implants to make both breast match. I have heard that a z plasty for implants is the way to go. What is your opinion on this?
Avatar n tn i have breast implants and recently noticed a change in them i had a ultra sound done from what i have read that a u/s does not show if the implant has ruptured only a mri and even that is only 90% accurate it did show that the implant was out of pocket my concern is that they found a small ovoid hypoechoic nodile at 4 oclock in the left breast thought to represent a small intramammry lymph node in the same area of concern should i be worried
Avatar f tn Remove implants and put in smaller implants with product called Alloderm over the top of the left implant to "thicken" up my very papery skin. I want to know if anyone is famililar with the product Alloderm? Do you think this could solve my "papery" problem. Would the smaller implants possibly make me more comfortable? What about complete removal? Would that make me more comfortable? What about prosthesis? Anyone use these things?
453893 tn?1205863401 I had breast implants on August 8th 2007. Seven months later, last week, I had a mammogram which revealed an 8mm nodular density on the upper right breast. This morning an ultrasound confirmed the presence of this white mass, so a biopsy has been scheduled for tomorrow. There is no lump in the breast, only this shadow. This breast is more sensitive and hurts consistently. The scar under the right breast hasn't healed at the same speed of the left breast scar.
Avatar f tn He just suggested it and I figured what the heck. There is some history of breast cancer, but none in their 30's. They were in their 60's when they were diagnosed. Anyways, I just felt that if I put it out there, more women would do the right thing and just wait for the results before going through with the breast augmentation.
Avatar n tn My mother-n-law was diagnosed with breast cancer in late December. She had the surgery in January where they removed the cancerous lumps and several lympthnods. She had radiation implants done in the hollow spots where the lumps were removed. She has had 4 rounds of Chemotherapy. Yesterday, she went back to her doctor for a checkup and they discovered she has hard knots where the hollow pocket was after removing the lumps.
Avatar n tn I have an extensive family history of breast cancer. I have already had three aspirations and a biopsy - at only 44. I'm tired of waiting for the positive result and want to electively have my breast removed and reconstructed. Am I being short-sited or uninformed?
Avatar f tn // Best wishes!
Avatar n tn I have been in remission for 5 years. I originally had stage two breast cancer that had spread to the lymph nodes. I opted for a lympectomy and received chemo and radiation. The cancer that was found was the size of a gum ball. I also, had reconstructive surgery with saline implants. I have found a small lump on the same breast, however it is in another area. It seems to be the size of a pea. When I apply pressure to find the lump it feels sore. I am scheduled for a mammogram next week.
Avatar f tn I live in South Florida, and am consulting with physicians at the University of Miami (Sylvester Cancer Institute). I do have a history of breast cancer on both sides of my family. My first genetic test came back with an "uncertain significance" on BRCA1. Then, I had a BART test which was negative.
Avatar n tn In terms of the heavy uterine bleeding and the question of hysterectomy, this is more of a gynecologic question than one of breast cancer. From a breast cancer perspective, we would not recommend the use of hormone therapy to manage the bleeding - even though the hormone receptor status us not known.