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2146297 tn?1337574892 They once talked about butt implants and that sounded incredibly painful and an extremely long healing period of about 3 months where you can't sit on your behind because the fat cells would flatten. Augmentation surgery doesn't sound near that difficult as some of the lifts, tucks or even liposuction. I don't personally know anyone who has had augmentation but I do know several women who have had reductions done and they are so glad they did.
Avatar n tn I want to get a breast augmentation done but I'm afraid because people say that after several years the skin gets bad as well as the implan and the implant will need an additional surgery leaving the breast with more notable scars every time.
Avatar n tn Hi In Dec 07, I had TUBA breast augmentation, I went from a 34 A to 34 D. I did not want to be a D cup. Before the doc put me under I said not to big, don't want to be a D. When I awoke I asked the nurse the CCs used and they were int eh 400's and I started to cry. I tried to like them. I am becoming more and more self conscious. I am seen as the boob girl, and that is not what I want. I don't want boob envy, I want to look proportionate. It is hard to get close to fit.
Avatar n tn I underwent bilateral mastectomies in 8/2000 with immediate reconstruction using silicone anatomical implants at the time of initial surgery. THEN had chemo + 5 1/2 wks radiation to both breast "mounds." Underwent nipple reconstruction + tatooing. Due to radiation, nipple reconstruction has completely disappeared as if never had and tatooing did not take. Radiated skin has misshaped my breast "mounds" and they are no longer "shaped" (i.e., pointed).
Avatar n tn Without choosing the most drastic procedure to produce the best symmetry, is it possible to get good symmetry with a left breast mastectomy with expander implant and a right breast augmentation and time of replacement surgery? I do not qualify for tram flat cause I'm to thin.
Avatar n tn Dr. Doctor, I had Breast Augmentation surgery 6 month ago. My recovery was easy and without complication. A few weeks ago I noticed that the skin around the crease stretched and the implant dropped into it. I researched online and looked at bottomed out pictures and that is what my right breast looks like. My nipple is high, I have almost no upper fullness and my scar is visible. My next check up with my Plastic Surgeon is in 6 month. How can this be fixed and how soon can I have it fixed?
214901 tn?1227571155 In the situation noted above, I try to make sure that every breast augmentation patient is fitted for implants and makes their own decision about size (with my help, if desired) prior to the procedure. I never try to dictate my aesthetics to the patient. I then let the patient know what costs are involved should they request an alteration of their size after the surgery.
Avatar f tn You also want a surgeon that does A LOT of reconstructive breast surgery. Not a boob mill Doctor. NOT some guy who graduated at the BOTTOM of his class either. Decide what you want, cut out some pictures or print some off the net. Ask to see his book of before and afters, ask to talk to patients, get on the net and spent 25 bucks and see if he has been sued and for what. You can check with your state registry, but lots of times they cover up for Doctors.
Avatar f tn I just underwent my 4th Breast Augmentation in a course of 7 years. A year ago my left breast deflated and I had it replaced. 10 months after that surgery it deflated again. Each time I had a burning sensation. It is now 2 weeks after my 4th surgery and the burning sensation is back again in the left breast! Is this normal? Should I be concerned?
Avatar n tn A Canadian Study with Implications for the U.S. By Aleina Tweed, British Columbia Centre of Excellence for Women’s Health For decades, women who have undergone breast implant surgery have reported high implant failure rates and unidentifiable illnesses. In 1992, silicone gel-filled implants were subject to government moratoriums in the United States and in Canada, until such time as their safety could be assured. In the years that have followed, researchers have tried to find answers.
Avatar n tn carolyn.***@**** Subject: Breast Augmentation. Dear Dr. Kerrigan, I am writing this e-mail to ask for your help and advice. I am a 25 year old trans women. I am confident in my appearance except for the fact that I have extremely small breasts. Due to my transition I have not be able to find a job for going on 2 years, so money is not where i consider myself to be richest.
Avatar n tn I plan on getting breast augmentation to even mine out sometime in 2009. There is a good 2 cup difference in my breasts before I nurse. I don't know that there is a way to fix it without surgery. Perhaps time will even them out. I have never gone more than a few months without nursing or being pregnant in the last 7 years : ) That is why i am waiting until 2009 to move forward with the surgery.
Avatar n tn A lot of women wait to do any plastic surgery until after having their last baby, so they can tune up and tighten up anything they want at that time without being concerned that all the expensive plastic surgery is going to be blown out of the water by a subsequent pregnancy. Good luck in any case.
Avatar f tn I am for some reason fearful of having breast surgery again beacuse of the MVP. Do you think this is a concern? The implants that I have now are causing me discomfort as well. When I lay on my side, it is painful between my breasts and on the side that I am laying on. It feels like something is being pinched. This has been going on for about a year and is the primary reason why I want to have my breasts re-done. Do you know why I would be experiencing this type of breast discomfort?
Avatar n tn This is not a complaint that I am aware of occurring in many years of medical practice and breast augmentation surgery. Your post-operative infections may have resulted in increased vascularity to the area, particularly if that is the area of your incision. Sometimes laser therapy may be helpful. Assuming your subsequent surgery occurs without complication, I would not expect it to make this problem worse.
Avatar n tn My cardiothoracic surgeon and cosmetic surgeon both did not see any problems for me to undergo breast augmentation surgery. I had it about a month after my heart surgery. I don't know about your specific conditions but I'd check with a cardiologist and a cosmetic surgeon (board certified) and see what they think. Your cosmetic surgeon might need a written 'okay' from your cardiologist before going ahead with the surgery. Good luck!
Avatar f tn I had a reduction from a J, and was shocked and depressed from the moment I came out of theatre. That was five weeks ago, and I still cry about it, I do not want to go out, I got measured today and am a 'C' I wanted to be a DD. I wish I had never had this done, sure my back is relieved, but it would have been relieved if I was a DD. I thought I explained well enough to the surgeon that I still wanted 'big boobs' as I am overweight and big framed.
Avatar f tn Is there a doc that specializes in breast surgery in your area? Ok...having read all that...I think you might want to go talk with the genetic counselors. At a minimum, if you come up positive for the gene, you might have enough ammunition to ditch those hurtful breasts. I had fibrocystic disease, but NOT like that. I'm so sorry, that truly sounds unpleasant to have to deal with on a continual basis.
Avatar f tn I am undergoing surgery for the removal of axillary breast tissue under my right arm. The surgery is scheduled for 20 Aug 07. I was briefed throughly that the casuses could be hereditary, due to lactating, etc. I noticed mine shortly after nursing my youngest child (23 months) and it has been bothersome ever since. I have gone to the doctor so many times and they always tell me maybe it is my lympnodes or cancer.. I had a breast ultrasound done and there is no trace of cancer.
Avatar f tn I am a healthy 37 year old woman. I had a breast augmentation 3 months ago. Before surgery I told my doctor that I felt like I had an upper respiratory infection. He did blood work and said I was fine. After surgery is when all my problems started. I had a constant tingling feeling in the back of my head for months, I had problems swallowing to the point that I did not eat for a week and a half. I would just slowly drink water.
385018 tn?1200089602 I am 32 years old and did a breast augmentation on March 2006.My implant was After two weeks I found out that I was 10 days pregnant. After 3 weeks my surgeon took off the right side implant because of the complication due to hormonal changes as what he say and I can't take antibiotics more. I delivered my baby Dec. 22, 2006. Four months past my surgeon advise me to put it back my right side implant but I told him that I want my left side to be firm again because it sagged due to my pregnancy.
Avatar f tn I had a Lumpectomy in January 2010 with negative Margins. Five years ago I had Cosmetic Breast Augmentation Saline Implants. My Surgeon recommended Radiation. I understand ,that a standard Procedure will be out of consideration, because of Capsular Contracture.Is it BRANCHYTHERAPY an option in my particular case? Please, advise!
Avatar n tn Hi there! I initially had breast augmentation with saline implants in '98. In '02 I decided to go a little bigger.(Mcghan 390cc filled to 430 cc's) Dr. said I was borderline for needing lift, but thought implants alone would be sufficient. The first couple of years they looked great, but now my nipple is looking a little low on breast mound. I was wondering if I had lift if I could get away with using same implants, or do I need a new set? If I got new ones could I get silicone?
Avatar n tn they found 8 lumps,fat necorsis,an extremly rare inflammation due to the breast reduction, fluid left from the surgery,and hematomos. The surgeon that did this last surgery said that I may or maynot be in pain for the rest of my life...and suggest that I have the whole reduction done over again to get the "dead" tissue out. Bummer indeed. I am still much larger than I anticipated being...and the scars that I have from the reduction make me look as though I was hacked.
89592 tn?1391278022 I had breast augmentation in 2002....getting rid of some tissue. Too heavy for me. she asked if I had implants ever? I said NO. One tech told me that the digital mammo only does breast tissue and not armpit. Really, because I always feel like a contortionist trying to get part of the armpit in the machine. How did you know I have 2 cats? ha... but they don'y have claws. though I am cleaning the litter box every 30 mins. Thank you so much for your help. I am clueless about this.