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Avatar f tn The risk is that the breast tissue sags over the implant and results in an unacceptable shape. Performing a breast lift over your existing implants, or over newly placed submuscular implants, will likely result in a more predictable result with better shape. Of course you must be willing to accept the additional scars a lift requires.
Avatar n tn Doctors recommend removal of fibroadenomas, if you are over 40 years old. Fibroadenomas are one of the findings that can be seen on your mammogram. They are benign (not cancerous) breast tumors that are made of glandular and fibrous breast tissue. Fibroadenomas can occur alone, in groups or as a complex. If you have multiple or complex fibroadenomas, this may raise your risk of breast cancer slightly. But nothing to worry this is not cancerous...
Avatar f tn I didn't imagine I would develop breast cancer until I was in my 50s, but here I am not even 40 and have a new man-made boob in the place of the old one. I knew there was a strong family correlation, my dad had prostate cancer (estrogen sensitive cancer, too) and mom and my maternal aunt had breast cancer. Talk with the genetic counselors and see what they have to say. Listen to yourself on what you hope to obtain by knowing the answer.
Avatar f tn I am recovering from having breast tissue removed from my armpit. I had surgery just over 2 weeks ago and the best thing ever. The lump used to hurt especialy at night in bed when I would sleep on my side. It also looked ugly and like another boob. My surgeon did an excellent job with the scar so far it looks okay. I would say if it hurts and you are concious about it have it removed. My sister also had both armpits done.
Avatar n tn and wants liposuction and breast augmentation due to breast migration.lm worried that what im reading now will happen...
Avatar n tn I itch ALL OVER MY BODY. My arms, shoulders, back, neck, chest, stomach, legs. I started itching bout 5-6 months ago. For some reason it went away for a few weeks and came back again, but worse. This second time around, I've been itching for 2-3 months. Last week I noticed a lump on my right side where my thigh begins. Right at the joint. I also noticed a few red spots. Which is strange because I'd itch but there wouldn't be any marks on my skin. I look normal.
471518 tn?1215637151 He told me 1 number was supposed to be 20 and mine was over 100. The other number was supposed to be 40 and mine was over 200. Any information would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance.
1222635 tn?1366399886 after i am finished with my laser surgery for stretch marks and after my winter clothes are purchased, we will have an extra 416 dollars to put into savings a month. 416. that is 10x the 40 dollars we are putting in right now. a boob job would cost 90 dollars a month. so we would have 326 dollars extra to play with, STILL. even AFTER a boob job. i bring in 240 a month. i think 90 a month is more than fair to me. he knows how bad i want one.
12259188 tn?1428964436 I asked because 1) I have brown skin so my stretch marks start out light then stay extremely dark forever lol 2) Maybe someone of color knows has tried a method to make them lighter and 3) This woman told me that she did an entire mommy makeover (tummy tuck, breast augmentation, butt lift) in order to go back to her pre-pregnancy body which I thought was "different". Mine has gotten so bad on my right side that I finally came to terms with them.
Avatar n tn I was actually in the process of preparing for breast augmentation surgery when this was discovered - will I still be able to have breast augmentation?
Avatar n tn i've heard that women who have breast augmentation can breastfeed. If they can, then I don't see why you can't!
Avatar n tn It's basically precancerous cells that could be approaching cancer. The oncologist will be the one to decide. If you have any relatives who have had breast cancer, your health, ect will play a part in what the oncologist decides. The treatment is your choice, it's always your choice.
128449 tn?1192829269 I was originally a very saggy B cup after loosing some weight at weight watchers and breastfeeding 4 children (these are UK sizes- may be a little different to US) so when I had a windfall I had breast augmentation to a DD :) very pleased with that and so was DH ;) Now I'm p/g again and I was measured in the lingerie shop a couple of weeks ago and my boobs are now an F cup! I'm only 12 weeks today OH MY! can you imagine how big they'll be by the time my milk comes in?!!!
Avatar n tn Here's a thought.. Maybe you are sleeping on your belly (and breasts) without realizing it. That would make them sore and you said you notice it when you wake up.. Noticed any changes like masses or tingling?? Are you SURE you aren't PREGGO!!?? Had an exam lately? Maybe you are developing Fibrocystic breasts... I have it and it can be very painful to one or both and it is worse when hormones are surging. Or maybe you are pregnant??? Could be..
Avatar f tn But the pain I had from hystertomy, gallbladder, 2 foot surgeries, impacted wisdom teeth, lumpedectomies, breast augmentation and explantation, uterus repair (2x) (just to name a few), all of these surgeries do not require prolonged narcotic pain meds. And I never saw anything on any of my pain meds that said "this medicine should never be stopped abruptly"- in fact I just now looked at one of my patient inserts and it says nothing about this.
Avatar n tn he is a 40 yr old white male in good health to our knowledge.. PS can anything be done for his penis size other then surgery?? perhaps hormones or something?? thank you --------------------------------------------------------------------- Dear Bobbie, When evaluating individuals such as your friend, we need to consider secondary sexual characteristics such as body habitus (appearance), hair growth, breast development, and voice.
Avatar n tn I am having cosmetic surgery (I am know to this board hense really do not want to give my name, kind of embarrassing (sp)) anyway I'm having a breast augmentation. I am now on Lortab twice a day and oxycontin 20m nightly. I have been told that the surgery is quite painful the first couple of days. My problem is what kind of pain meds I should ask for. I will make sure I tell the doctor who gives me pain pills cause I don't want a fuss at the pharmacy.
Avatar n tn I had one laser treatment but it was a freebie and did nothing (SmartXide Dot laser) I've done all this for well over a year and NOTHING has improved. I look like a 40-year-old with an 80-year-old's arms. I live in Canada, so have more opportunity to cover my arms than someone living in Florida and cover them I do. I am embarrassed by them. I feel shocked when I look in the mirror. So ladies, I empathize fully. If I find a solution, I will post for you all.
Avatar n tn i shaved once in a while but now i have more hair all over my body than i have time to deal with. i have hairs on my breast, between my breast, stomach, sides of face, under my chin, arms, legs, fingers toes and my back. the hair isnt that thick but its still embarrasing. shaving takes too long and waxing myself doesnt always worktoo well for me. i dont like guys kissing me bcuz i dnt want them too close to my face.
Avatar n tn Hey everyone! Check out this information about lipodissolve. I don’t really know what to make of it all but the procedure seems to be raising lots of unanswered questions: “” “” Oh and this website I found also seems to be pretty informative: Anyone have any thoughts regarding all this?
181575 tn?1250202386 A 2007 study indicated that the cumulative probability of virologic breakthrough associated with entecavir resistance was 0.8% over 4 years. 4. Combination therapy (CT) using telbivudine plus lamivudine and monotherapy (MT) using telbivudine alone in a 2005 comparison of 104 patients did not show a difference in effectiveness. 5.
Avatar n tn These cysts most often do not require any treatment and resolve on their own over 2-3 months. It is usual to arrange follow-up ultrasound scans over this time if they do occur. Hormonal Problems: Although the IUS delivers its hormone directly to the lining of the womb, it does lead to a slight increase in progesterone levels in the blood stream. The levels are much lower than that found with the pill and usually don't lead to side effects.
Avatar n tn If that's true then that might be what it is. I am about 8 and a half weeks. Thanks for the info!
Avatar n tn I had some trouble with profile pictures showing up all over my screen. At the bottom of this screen is a spot titled "contact us." You can click on that, choose tech help and send them an email. They've been a great help to me.
Avatar n tn For the past year, I have been experiencing burning and stinging in my vulva (which is NOT made worse by peeing), which comes and goes but can last for over a month and is extremely uncomfortable. The area looks normal, and there is no unusual discharge. The last time I had these symptoms was in March - they came on suddenly with a stinging sensation, and lasted for 6 weeks.
503727 tn?1210442710 I took xanax, and the first pill worked fine then after that they didn't work anymore Now i've started prozac and I feel even worse, everytime I stand up I get the feeling im going to black out. Hopefully this will go away soon. I feel like my life is over, like I will never have it back and I am just destined to lie in a bed all the time worried about everything and be dizzy.
Avatar f tn I was given 4 plates and screws in the mandible and maxilla and got the same story about the bioavailability of titanium, but I question it. I have done some moderate research over the last few months and I found one excellent study about a very small percentage of patients having significant health systems since receiving Ti implants. I wish I would have bookmarked that study but even only spending about 20 minutes researching last night after reading your post I came up with the following.
Avatar n tn at the Pain Mgmt. clinic that I have been going to for over a year. I know that if he had ever heard of these symptoms before (he or the 2 Orthopedic Surgeons of the 2 PT's,2 Physical Medicine Dr.'s etc.)he would have said so. I have had numerous nerve blocks,and muscle injections,with some relief from the nerve pain but no interruption of the basic pain from thoracic to ribs and then to sternum (if I don't sit up in time).
948349 tn?1294383837 I have been supplementing pretty high doses for a week now - I'm sure it will take longer to see results but thus far the quality of my skin has visibly improved and blackheads are much smaller - will see how it goes over the next months. I'm not sure if you knew this, but there is a dermatologist who used Vitamin D to cure acne back in the 1930's and his research paper is available online.