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1481291 tn?1287796705 Hi, about a year ago, I had a breast augmentation with a lift. I am pregnant now and my dr said I probably wont be able to breastfeed. I was really hoping that I would be able to. Does anyone out there whos had breast surgery have any advice on breastfeeding??
Avatar n tn I honestly would say by the 4month it just lifted just like that I woke up one morning and that feeling was just gone! So I don't know if the breast feeding as anything to do with it or not...I only breast feed for 6 weeks because we found out my daughter was lactose intolerant and now she has a milk allergy but I hope this helped a little bit. I am really worried with this pregnancy that I may get it again. I will definatly call my doctor this time around.
Avatar f tn ---I guess all those women with health issues due to the breast implants are delusional!! So apparently none of what I am saying or feeling has any basis in reality or science. This is pretty much what most health care practitioners say. Meanwhile, my health and energy levels continue to decline. I was not able to get a removal date until the 24th.