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Avatar n tn Two months ago my right breastBreast - premenstrual tenderness and swelling Breast augmentation - series Breast biopsy Breast cancer Breast infection Breast lift (mastopexy) - series Breast lump Breast lump removal Breast lump removal - series Breast lump self exam Breast lumps became very itchy.
1481291 tn?1287796705 Hi, about a year ago, I had a breast augmentation with a lift. I am pregnant now and my dr said I probably wont be able to breastfeed. I was really hoping that I would be able to. Does anyone out there whos had breast surgery have any advice on breastfeeding??
Avatar f tn She went into surgery for about 45 mins, came out, went home and that was the end of it. Both my sisters now have breast tissue under their underarms and both hate the way it looks. They both had it checked out and the doc told them it was harmless. One sister though has been complaining that it hurts her when she is close to getting her AF so shes going back to the doc to possibly have it removed.
Avatar n tn Often breast cysts can produce pain in the area. I would think this would have shown up on the Ultrasound but you don't mention the results of your test. Ater the Surgeon examines you and reviews your films he/she may recommend some type of biopsy to determine the exact nature of the lump. Pain isn't usually associated with breast cancer and your age is certainly in your favor. Regards ....
Avatar n tn I was diagnosed with invasive lobular left breast, grade T1, no node involvement June 03. Had lumpectomy and second one for better margins and 36 radiations treatments. HR positive and am in femara/zometa study. June 04 found lump in same breast. The surgeon said there would not be enough of my breast left if he did another lumpectomy; therefore I had simple mastectomy. Pathology came back negative. Probable scar tissue.
377600 tn?1225167036 Also, the psychological trauma of the surgery can slow the healing process—unlike the hopefulness experienced when a woman experiences breast augmentation. Cross handed Congress a petition with 20 million signatures that was collected online (Lifetime website) by Lifetime television viewers (Fox). “The petition supports legislation that would let a woman and her doctor decide when it's time to go home”(Fox). Lopping off a body part requires time to heal.
Avatar f tn Symptoms experienced by the partner can include stomach pain, indigestion, changes in appetite, weight gain, diarrhea, constipation, headache, toothache, cravings, nausea, breast augmentation, hardening of the nipple and insomnia. In some extreme cases, fathers can grow a belly similar to a 7-month pregnant woman and gain approximately 25 to 30 pounds ("false pregnancy").
Avatar n tn Had breast augmentation, a nose job (rhinoplasty), and some liposuction done in Costa Rica a few months ago for $7000.00. I'm pretty sure that would cost well over $18,000 here. Would highly recommend looking into the company Travels and Transformations. I had all my procedures done by a board certified doctor. I'm pretty sure their facilities are even more advanced than in the states. It really looked that way anyway.
Avatar n tn Also, it's my firm belief that no one should ever expect someone to get breast augmentation. It carries great risks and he should be happy with you the way you are. I know it sounds very 'self-help', but if he couldn't deal with your breast size, he should have told you that in the beginning instead of guilting you into surgery. Your breasts don't make him unhappy, he does. He needs help, not bigger boobs.
Avatar f tn you must be against fake breast because you very wrong i recently have breast augmentation from a small b to a small d i love them they look and feel real the pain is minimum after 4 or 5 days i was back to my normal routine if anything the worst adjustment is no underwire or push up bras the first few months! newbie2b i would say go for it i did it to love my body and it worked it instantly boosted my confidence and happiness!
377600 tn?1225167036 Also, the psychological trauma of the surgery can slow the healing process—unlike the hopefulness experienced when a woman experiences breast augmentation. Cross handed Congress a petition with 20 million signatures that was collected online (Lifetime website) by Lifetime television viewers (Fox). “The petition supports legislation that would let a woman and her doctor decide when it's time to go home”(Fox). Lopping off a body part requires time to heal.
1346146 tn?1299364097 I've been exclusively breastfeeding and my son is nine months old. Recently, he's become much more interested in solids and table food than nursing, and only nurses about once or twice a day anymore, sometimes three times a day, but that's rare. Because of this, my supply is diminishing quickly. I used to produce an average of 15 ounces in 10 hours, and within a week, I'm hardly producing six ounces in that timeframe (I work full time and I pump at work).
Avatar n tn i've heard that women who have breast augmentation can breastfeed. If they can, then I don't see why you can't!
Avatar n tn It's basically precancerous cells that could be approaching cancer. The oncologist will be the one to decide. If you have any relatives who have had breast cancer, your health, ect will play a part in what the oncologist decides. The treatment is your choice, it's always your choice.
Avatar f tn I'm happy to give you those 20-30 minutes and then I'd prefer the freedom to move around and to check on baby intermittently with a Doppler ~BP/other vitals I will be happy to give occasionally intermittently as well ~ move as freely as possible to allow labor to progress quickly and efficiently ~ listen to music ~ stay in my own clothes that have easy access for being checked or at least keep on under shirt under gown ~ family and friends are allowed to come and go as they please
Avatar n tn I honestly would say by the 4month it just lifted just like that I woke up one morning and that feeling was just gone! So I don't know if the breast feeding as anything to do with it or not...I only breast feed for 6 weeks because we found out my daughter was lactose intolerant and now she has a milk allergy but I hope this helped a little bit. I am really worried with this pregnancy that I may get it again. I will definatly call my doctor this time around.
Avatar n tn Are you putting this on the same level as a nose job, breast augmentation or lip plumping? Given the alternative, I'd readily accept my doctor's removal of my diseased organs anytime. You're right. We have choices in life. I choose to preserve my life for as long as I can. I also choose to help educate other women about ovca, not to terrorize and intimidate them. There's a difference, don't you think?
Avatar n tn Hey everyone! Check out this information about lipodissolve. I don’t really know what to make of it all but the procedure seems to be raising lots of unanswered questions: “” “” Oh and this website I found also seems to be pretty informative: Anyone have any thoughts regarding all this?
Avatar n tn your periods will take some time to get back to normal... I really can't believe all these bad experiences, I had mine removed to try for a baby and I want it back again as soon as I have had a baby. before the mirena my little sis had bled for 18mths continuously she has pcos. After 8 weeks with the mirena, nothing..she thibnks its a miracle. I guess we are lucky.
Avatar n tn I never experienced these problems before the procedure and had an ablation due to SVT. My question is - has anyone had similar experiences following an ablation procedure? If so what were your symptoms, how long did the discomfort last, and what type of treatment did you undergo? I am a helthy 29 year old that had been exercising regularly before the procedure. Since then I have not been able to do so because of the pain. I just want to feel "normal" again.
Avatar f tn ---I guess all those women with health issues due to the breast implants are delusional!! So apparently none of what I am saying or feeling has any basis in reality or science. This is pretty much what most health care practitioners say. Meanwhile, my health and energy levels continue to decline. I was not able to get a removal date until the 24th.
Avatar n tn With history since 8 years ago, characterized by augmentation of cyclic white vaginal discharge, associated to pruritus, burning, dyspareunia, vulvar erythema and vulvovaginal pain. Since the onset of symptoms and the first consult, I was treated at any times by recurrent candidiasis vulvovaginal (diagnosticated basicly by the clinics findings), without confirmation with laboratory exams or cultures.
Avatar n tn I am sure that everything will be just fine with the heartbeats. Just continue to pray. It is obvious (from all our experiences) that God answers prayer! Happy almost Friday everyone!
948349 tn?1294383837 This site has great information and half of what they say can be backed up by my own personal experiences with seeing what works with acne and what doesn't... It's tough... there are so many components to my acne that need to be worked on... I am definitely going to keep this updated though... And I strive to get rid of my acne naturally once and for all by taking the proper care of my body.
Avatar n tn it started with my calf muscles and it stopped and now its my stomach, under the breast, lower stomach, my breast, pelvic, sides of my rib cage, all of my back arm pits, arms every once in awhile and at night my scalp. I have no rash but i scratch so hard it becomes red and painful. i keep reading that it could be so many different things. i have no idea what to do. it drives me crazy i cant even sleep considering im typing this at 3:11 in the morning.