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Avatar f tn Lastly, I believe that there must be a checklist of items that are supposed to be checked postnatally by whoever is looking after the mother and baby. Surely they could have picked up on this under breast Issues, and at least inform the new mother what these lumps could be and when/if to seek further advice. Postnatal &Paediactric care is very scant in this country now anyway so I shouldnt surprised this was overlooked at that time.
Avatar n tn Yes, doctors don't have to operate on patients with hepatitis C. Same goes for HIV or someone with a live grenade inside them. A doctor, in California at least, can refuse to take on any patient even if they just don't like them. If the patient already is under the doctor's care, it's a different story. There's a law about abandoning patients where it's the doctor's responsibility to help the patient find another physician and to take care of any emergency problems in the meantime.
Avatar f tn He is a quite reknowned PS but I personally am not sure how good he is, I looked up his website and his before and after pics were strange as he used the models professional photos as his after pics and that does not give you a clue cuz anyone can look good w Photoshop so I questioned that) .back my story- My 20 year old honey like silicon polyeruothane (foam) covered implants were still intact! That said, I love my new ones!
Avatar n tn I am just 59 and suddenly, about 2 weeks after ending my Cipro and Flagyl courses (fun!) developed exactly the symptoms everyone is describing. I had an infected puncture wound that wasn't healing and had to go on both drugs. I did not know of the Cipro/collagen/elastin connection! Regarding hair loss over the past 5 years or so I had developed a bald patch at the hairline with increasing thinning all the way around the face.
128449 tn?1192829269 I know the bras I'm wearing aren't fitting right and I think it's why they bounce and sway back and forth so much, too! But I remember after I had each of my girls they were ENORMOUS, even compared to what they are now when my milk came in. It was one of the reasons I chose not to breastfeed. I couldn't stand it! This time I am bound and determined to nurse, but the boobs have got to be kept under control. I have a very hard time with that.
209384 tn?1231171906 Also wanted to get the Gyn and Gastro stuff taken care of before seeing him. Will let you know what he says.
Avatar f tn Being on welfare I can't imagine being able to afford a Nanny to take care of 14 toddlers/babies. Will child services step in and take the kids from her? After all 14 babies and 3 adults in a three bedroom house is kind of tight space. Is it fair to criticize her even though she was selfish wanting more kids on top of the 6 she already has with no job, no husband, and on welfare? Don't misunderstand my post.
Avatar n tn I had a failed IVF cycle before this one and it was so fun to have all of us get BFPs and beat the odds. Aleks: How are you feeling? I am excited for you u/s and to see how many are in there : ) Audrie: I hope you are doing well and am happy to hear that you are off the inserts that were making you irritated. Are you feeling better now? sarbear11: Your numbers are fantastic! They are very similar to mine and actually higher.
Avatar n tn I just about got home and the doctor called me. He asked me if he could e-mail my before and after pictures to me. He told me to call him after I looked at the pictures. I could not believe the pictures. I am smaller, just ask cali58, I emailed them to her. I tried to post them here, but it wouldn't work. The only explanation the doctor could give me about my measurements was that I was measured by two different people and maybe not in the exact same spot.
948349 tn?1294383837 For everything I have tried, I have never been able to accomplish my goal of no acne, the closest thing was a rigorous Proactive regime, which I used twice a day on my back. Now here I am 1 month after... and I'm absolutely blown away by the results. And NO MORE OILY SKIN!!!! I would always touch myself and I couldn't believe how oily my skin would be. My skin is not oily anymore! It just looks like healthy skin! The root of the problem??? Is the oil...