Breast abscess vs mastitis

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Avatar n tn That made the milk to get stuck in my breasts and I landed with the worst breast infection imaginable. I had to undergo surgery for the breast abscess and had the worst 2 months ever. There isnt harm in taking those antibiotics, so do not delay. I ve seen many a breast abscess getting avoided just by taking antibiotics in time. Also, please do not use the pump.
1548207 tn?1303457780 I feel like the controlled draining heals better for me but the financial cost is overwhelming me currently so I am on the fence about it. Ladies any opinion on the doc vs letting it burst and deal on your own? Also i keep hearing u ladies discuss this clay can someone tell me a good brand and where to buy it and how it works i would like to try it?
Avatar f tn in cats, the odds of cancer vs. a benign mammary (breast) mass is 99%. That's why we recommend spaying! How many other cancers can we prevent that efficiently? My advice when I do this kind of surgery (mastectomy as you know) is: - to prevent licking/chewing at the incision with an E collar (plastic cone) until suture removal (10-14 days) and - to keep the patient confined for 2-4 weeks. That depends on how extensive the surgery is. Please let us know how everything goes.
Avatar n tn Contraceptive pill - may cause slight breast size increase. Hormone replacement therapy - may cause slight breast size increase.