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Avatar f tn I had an abscess in my right breast 10 years ago and it left a little lump after it healed. Two weeks ago I developed an abscess in the same spot. My GP recommended a week of antibiotics (Augmentin) and it started to drain on its own two days back. I feel a thickened area which hasn't gone down. Should I be worried? The abscess continues to drain slowly and I have covered it with sterilized gauze. Please help.
Avatar n tn I underwent a surgery for breast abscess on my left breast on Nov 1st 2002.My investigations say: Surgery done under GA,Left breast painted and draped .Incision made on the submit of the swelling which was just below the nipple.Thick pus let out.30ml of thick pus present.Pus sent for culture and found OK.Loculations broken down.Wash given usingH2o2, betadine and saline.Roller guaze used and wound packed. I have been going for dressing for the past 1 month.
Avatar m tn / The other abscess that was thought to have turned hard is actually still an abscess. I strongly suspect the surgeon missed when he tried to aspirate in the office w/o ultrasound. If it were scar tissue it would have not been detected in an ultra sound. According to the radiologist. I'm curious because the previous aspirations did not work is surgery the next step? I'm quite afraid to have a double draining. If surgery is required how long is the healing time, roughly.
Avatar n tn I recently found a large breast lump which after a mammogram and ultrasound was determined to be a breast abscess. It was asprirated, I was treated with antibotics. I still have breast pain after 4 weeks. I had another ultrasound which indicates 2 cyst in the same area. The cysts are not perfectly round. Should I have a biopsy?
1737879 tn?1386205914 I am not sure if they are confusing my ovarian cancer with my breast issue. I am going for another mammogram on 12/12 and maybe a ultrasound that same day. I just really have no idea what the report means. as always thank you for your time and response.
Avatar f tn Hi, Sorry to know that you have experienced so much pain...but this can happen sometimes even without the mammogram compression on the breast being the cause.If the lump was really a cyst,then I wouldn't worry because the fluid in the cyst is not toxic and the pain will eventually subside. However,your doctor should order more tests just to make sure that the lump was a 100% a cyst and not an abscess or something else. I hope you'll feel better soon...and best wishes to you.
Avatar f tn Can someone answer this question: How do you know you have an abscess? Do you do self-check or use the mammogram results? JoJo- My Thyroid test came back negative so I've continued to avoid soy products as much as I can which is very difficult since almost everything has soy including vitamins. There are a few multi-vitamins that do not have soy but you have to search hard. Also, Thanks for starting this forum! To All - I've continued the American Heart ***.
Avatar n tn left breast burning was diagnosed with mastitus had mammogram & sonogram took antibiotic still in pain what could this be?
Avatar n tn The fluid from the cyst was not sent out to be tested. Is that normal? Also I have another cyst know on my left breast on mynipple. I have no idea whats going on..Please give me some answers.
Avatar n tn I have a lg bump on my breast it looks like mabe a boil with no head to bust could this be cancer
Avatar n tn Six months ago, I had an abscess in my breast (I AM NOT BREAST FEEDING), and it was aspirated after mammogram and US. Since that time, I feel strong pain and heaviness at that breast. I made lately another ultrasound and it showed a scar tissue after the abscess and a few thin-walled cysts up to 19 mm on both sides. I want just to know what can be there to cause that continuous pain, it is not the cysts because I have them in both breasts and the pain is only at the breast which was aspirated.
Avatar n tn or trauma to the site or breast abscess or cystic disease of the breast are painful lesions. You could have pain in your breast associated with hormonal changes linked to your menstrual cycle . You could try some OTC pain relief medications, warm compresses and see if it helps with your symptoms. Just follow up with your physician for a detailed clinical evaluation and that should put your mind at ease.
Avatar n tn 20 days before i palpated a lump in my breast,. i got mammography, ultrasound, and FNAC twice Mammogram said---mammogram reveals dense glandular breast, HR USG reveals a complex cyst in the left brest upper outer qudrant., BIRADS -3 Adv FNAC. then i go the the FNAC done.. FNAC repot said ---The smear shows large number of polymorphs degenerated cells along with occasional foamy macrophages in a necrotic backgrouwn with rbc's.
Avatar n tn About two months ago I found a lump in my breast a little larger than a pea but on the surface of my breast. It was semi soft and I could move it around. I went in and had a mammogram and ultrasound. The findings were that it was something in the tissue, not cancer. Yesterday my breast was sore and I went to look at it and now it's about the size of a quarter. It's round, blood red and looks like there is a tiny circle in the middle.
Avatar n tn I questioned if I should remain on this medication, and was advised by my doctor that I needed it, and would be on it from now on. I have many concerns, but the most important is to know it is NOT breast cancer, and if it is cyst... what do I do to prevent them from returning? Will cyst lead to breast cancer???
Avatar n tn Libbyjoy, I have just been diagnosed with breast cancer, and besides an area on my mammogram, I had a small lump that was painful.(It sort of felt like an underwire bra that was sticking in me.) Cancerous lumps can be painful! Please have a doctor check your condition. I hope it is nothing more serious than perhaps a clogged milk duct.
Avatar m tn Since early July, I've been in the middle of diagnostic tests for a lump in each breast. My left breast lump was diagnosed as a benign cluster of cysts by ultrasound. Shortly after that ultrasound, I noticed pain in my right breast that did not go away with cycles. The pain was pretty mild at first but I eventually noticed a mass. The mass is moveable but not free floating. It stays in one place. It's oblong and misshapen. Parts of it are smooth and other parts are textured.
Avatar f tn For the past five years I have suffered with a breast abscess or what they think is an abscess. I have had it drained 3 time and have had surgery once. It is still present and still hurting and leaking , I have an appointment tomorrow for a mammogram. I am concerned that this lump is more than what they are seeing. Do I have reason to worry or are theses abscesses normal? They are telling me that when I go through menopause that it will go away , that could be 10 years...
Avatar f tn How are you? It's good that you are having regular mammogram and check-ups. Ultrasound has excellent contrast resolution and quickly determines if a suspicious area is in fact a cyst or an increased density of solid tissue. On the other hand, lymph nodes may become enlarged or swollen any time they produce additional white blood cells to ward off an infection. These infections are often benign and may swell from the formation of an abscess in the nodes or if they contain cancer cells.
868575 tn?1250191618 Thank you for responding. It appears it may not be a breast issue at all... perhaps. THe last several days I have had severe burning bilat. Sometimes discolored, but mostly not. Ice is all that helps. But it has spread across my chest to my axilla... so I would fair to guess it is not my breasts. I am being worked up for other things, sich as MS which can cause burning such as this. I thank you for your answering me straight when I was just a head case with worry.
Avatar n tn I have breast masses on both breast.Breast mass on my left is quite painful compared to those on my right.I just want to know which is more alarming/dangerous those that are painful or not.Actually my breast mass on my right breast developed into a solid mass with birad 3.My OB-Gyne gave me that option to have it surgically removed or wait for another 6 mos for further monitoring.Right now i haven't decided if i want it to be remove. Please help!
Avatar n tn I have been reading the posts here for clues to what I may have but feel I am now more confused than ever. What is a breast papilloma? I have a lump on my left breast about an inch above my aereola. The surface of it is visible as it is kind of shiny. It started out small and is very slowly getting larger and more noticeable. It is beginning to look like I am getting more of the small ones on the same breast.
Avatar f tn Twice, I had an ultrasound where they found no drainable fluid and then 2-4 days later I had a full on abscess that opened on its own (through the scars of other abscesses). They can fill up fast.
Avatar f tn Your symptoms could be thrombophlebitis ( mondor disease)or you may have a vein or duct inflammation or some other pathology inside the breast, like an abscess or lump You know that nothing can be said for sure over the internet.This problem might not be serious,but please consult your doctor, to find out exactly what's going on okay? All the best to you.
Avatar f tn She told me that normally she would do a needle aspiration but it was in an area where they couldn't do that. She set me up with our Breast Imaging Center for a mammogram and a sonogram. That is not until Thursday even though she put a STAT on it. It is now Tuesday and the Lump and the blotch are still the same. I am worried for a few reasons. 1.) Is it commonplace to have both a mammogram and a sonogram? 2.) Does it mean anything that it is very tender to the touch? 3.
Avatar f tn i have breast soreness and pain in my right breast its very painfull to press on the front of my breast. This discussion is related to <a href=''>lymph node and swollen breast</a>.
Avatar f tn ) with all colourful patches and the scar.         In Feb 2011 developed another tiny bump 2 cms above the excision. Had an FNAC done and the culture showed no growth (culture never showed any growth for any of the abscess). Few days later my scar (from earlier excision) had two openings which was oozing clear fluid.         Had been very patient all this while and having a very supportive husband a daughter helped me through all of this.
Avatar n tn It could also be a breast abscess, or secondary infection in a breast cyst etc. Do ask for a copy of the mammogram and ultrasound reports. In case the pain is too much, she could take some OTC pain relief medications and try some breast massage, warm compresses and breast exercises. The early appointments need not be a cause of concern, as these could be due to the age of your mother or that other appointments might have got rescheduled.
Avatar n tn I have a large lump on my rib that is right below my left breast. It is not in my breast but below my breast.I had a tumor removed a year ago in my right breast, which was benign, but this is strange. It is very large and very distinctive. Can you have a tumor on your rib and not in your breast that might be Breast cancer and what do you think it can be. It just keeps getting bigger and bigger.
Avatar n tn i'm 36 years old and lately my left breast stat hurting me and i have a thickness on the left side of my ribs my shulder and neck hurt me as well...i'm coserned about all these symptoms because i'm scared it's breast cancer...i have an irrigular periods and i had a surgery because i had a microadenoma in the gland under my brain...i need to educate myself before i make any step with regard my breast.