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Avatar f tn I have quit using cocaine after 2 years of use 10 days ago when I first noticed memory, concentration, and analytical impairments while performing work functions on the job. It was frustrating as my attention span became noticing impaired and I had to write down information from emails or assignments on a memo pad because of impairments in attention span and concentration. In response to the panic, I started taking cdp choline and ginkgo to boost memory and concentration levels.
Avatar f tn DLPA, CDP CHOILNE, 5HTP, L-Tyrosine, and Gingko. I've been taking the supplements for 3 days and I don't really feel any improvements in memory and learning functioning. Maybe it's just wishful thinking but I am hoping and praying that through prolonged abstinence that the cognitive impairements can be recovered or somewhat improved. Is there any medical treatment to aide in the recovery process? Will impairments improve after time? I need answers!
Avatar f tn I recently quit cocaine 2 weeks ago after 2 years of cocaine use when I first noticed memory, learning, problem solving, and concentration impairments while performing job functions on the job.  My job requires alot of analytical thinking and analysis of information.  My average intake during those 2 years was 3 grams/week.  I became very nervous and stressed 2 weeks ago because the simplest assignments and tasks at work would confuse me.
Avatar n tn which works to improve focus , concentration and memory by balancing left/right brain activity and supports the central nervous system.
15355684 tn?1440035790 Recently I found a superfood called Bulletproof brain octane oil that helps improve brain performance at Giddy Yoyo, a certified organic food product seller in Canada. Does anyone here have tried this product? or if someone who knows better superfood then please share.
Avatar f tn I am also taking Piracetam, because it makes me feel good, improves blood flow the brain, improves memory, cognition, creativity, and concentration. Another thing you can do to help improve the supply of dopamine in your neurons that has been lost from cocaine use is supplement the following. B-Vitamin, Multimineral, L-Glutamine, L-Tyrosine (amino acid that will actually be made into the dopamine), and vitamin C.
Avatar m tn 2) Is there anything else I can do that will improve my brain function? 3) What type of brain scan will show the damage I may have caused and how much does that cost? One more thing to add- I was on an antidepressant from 23YO-28YO. I also had severe sleep apnea that was successfully treated with surgery. I am currently overweight 5'6" 202lbs (weight gained from Antidepressant use). 50lbs gained within 1.5 years of starting treatment.
Avatar m tn All I am saying is talk to your dr but if depression is seriously affecting your life it is important to give meds a chance. Give the meds time, do concentration exercises and brain activity improvement exercises to get your concentration back up. Also exercise cann greatly improve your concentration, motivation, and generally improve your over all quality of life.
Avatar m tn sometimes conversations hours after they have occurred. is there anythinng I can do to help improve my memory???
Avatar f tn Hello, I am wondering if anybody has a suggestion of medications or anything that works to help with memory problems associated with SCT that will not cause more memory problems or possible brain damage with long term use?
1257808 tn?1322762215 How can I improve my concentration and memory? It became worse with meds. Meds not work well until now. Improvement too slowly. I'm having trouble in studying and learning.
Avatar f tn hi shiny76, i have the same problems with my brain. i used to love organizing and now my brain isn't organizing info the way it used to. it's so hard to explain. i kept seeing docs and kept getting a diagnosis of depression. i know the same way you know that this isn't depression it's a brain functioning problem. i am now seeing an alternative med doc. i have low thyroid syndrome where my body temp consistently below 98 and my t3 low, tsh and t4 always normal.
Avatar f tn The worst of my symptoms of anxiety/depression has been my memory loss and trouble concentrating. I'm 21 and these symptoms have made me feel disabled during school. I don't know how to explain it other than my mind fogging and completely shutting off to the point where I can read one sentence over and over, and still not comprehend it. My question is, once my medication starts working, will my memory come back? Meaning will I remember the things I had trouble remembering.
Avatar n tn i recently gave up coffee, because it was triggering my anxiety symptoms, but the problem is that coffee always helped me to study, to concentrate on what i was reading, and to improve my memory. i tried to study the other day and it seemed hard to concentrate, but i don't want to drink it anymore in case it makes me anxious again. so basically, my question is - is there any other decaffeinated beverage that you know of that can help you concentrate, like a kind of tea or something?
Avatar n tn it is again a natural supplement ,this works on a sub-molecular level to improve Focus, concentration and memory , you can google it for more information.
Avatar m tn Based on the results of these tests some assignments, vitamin supplements, yoga techniques, memory games etc can be tried to improve memory. Take care!
5093508 tn?1390543931 Vitamin E capsules increase blood flow to the brain and other nervous system components. It also improves concentration, memory, productivity, and reduces the risk of several diseases. You can buy a vitamin E capsule to improve your brain functioning.
Avatar f tn I agree that brain exercise is good, but I also believe in Vitamins and supplements. 1) It has been proven according to recent studies that Vit B complex of same mg per Vit. ( I Take B complex 100 mg ) will protect from Alzheimer's 2) Magnesium L Threonate was discovered by MIT to be the only Mg that will cross the blood brain barrier- it helps for long term memory 3) Huperzine - Helps in short term memory and faster recall. These combo of supplements finally helped me get my memory back.
Avatar n tn It is difficult to tell if these symptoms are due to neurological disorder like Presenile dementia which cause loss of memory and concentration, decreased judgement, misplacing things, mood swings, confusion and loss of confidence. I would suggest you to contact your family doctor about it. Do keep us posted!
Avatar n tn Now my biggest concern is the memory and the lack of concentration! My husbnd will tell me a story and 2minutes later i ask him a question about what he was just talking bout and he just responds with, "didn't you hear a word I said?", he is completely right! I cant' keep a job because of my memory and lack of concentration! My girls deserve a mom that imore active with them, that does things with them, other than sitting around in the house...
Avatar f tn Eggs, beans, seeds and nuts are protein-rich foods that the body uses to make amino acids. Amino acids are precursors to the neurotransmitters, or specialized brain cells, which help you to maintain mental acuity and motivation. A half-cup of cottage cheese, 1 cup of yogurt or 1 ounce of hard cheese provide between 10 and 15 ounces of protein, approximately one third of your daily protein requirement. Omega-3 fatty acids.
648720 tn?1227637088 It is due to my meds as well as my secondary diagnosis of anxiety. Anxiety in and of itself can cause concentration problems because of the way it effects the brain; it actually blocks your short term memory from picking up signals. It cannot be fixed with more meds, but you might notice some alleviation when you stop certain meds. You have to ask yourself which is the lesser of two evils. I decided memory loss and inability to concentrate are the lesser of my problems.