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Avatar n tn He is now in severe pain. Within the last two months though, he has also been suffering from neck pain, headaches, dizziness, nausea and aphasia. Suspecting dissemenation, we had another MRI scan done. They found nothing within his brain and said there is no change in the spine from the MRI they did in February of 2009. What else could be causing the brain symptoms? Could a tumor within his head be to small to be detected by the MRI and still causing the symtoms?
670780 tn?1225733635 As a result they could not remove it all and now it has spread. Early detection is key. If you google the symptoms of a brain tumor you will find many of the things you describe above. I would check with a local clinic and see if they can recommend a place to get an MRI.
Avatar n tn Anyway, this brain tumor thing- are there any headache free days for brain tumor? Other specific symptoms?
Avatar n tn Brain tumors are actually very rare, and headaches can be caused so many different things. Headaches are just one of many symptoms of brain tumors (and they are rarely the sole presenting symptom). Also, in 3-4 years you would have most likely developed other symptoms (or be dead by now) if it were a brain tumor. That said, it might be appropriate to have an mri to help figure out what is going on. You should see a neurologist for an examination - if you haven't already. Best of luck...
Avatar n tn Hi. Hi. Thank you for verifying the question. Cluster headaches are bouts of frequent headaches that may last from weeks to months, usually followed by remission. The exact cause of cluster headaches is unknown but other factors such as hormones and neurotransmitters were thought to be involved in the development of cluster headaches. Unlike migraine and tension headache, cluster headaches are generally not triggered by foods, hormonal changes or stress.
Avatar f tn t know why the thought of a brain tumor doesnt come to any of these doctors. Google says that those are exact brain tumor symptoms and that I should get immediate medical attention blah blah blah. And trust me I do NOT want a brain tumor. Its the most terrible, cruel disease anyone can have. But somehow I'm convinced, because these symptoms are not going away. I finally convinced my doctor to get me a CT scan. So I did and it showed up clear.
2159597 tn?1336821761 The long duration of your headaches along with accompanying symptoms of progressive pain warrant evaluation. Inadequate eating can cause hypoglycemia and the resultant headache. Similarly lack of sleep can also aggravate headaches. I hope the visual defects have been re tested recently for any changes. Headaches can be tension headaches, the commonest of the lot, the others are migrainous headaches, those caused due to brain disorders, disorders of the neck or ears to name a few.
Avatar f tn For the last 2 months I have had a headache, everyday, and it goes from a sharp pain in my face to a pressure pain like my brain is too big and trying to push out. I have neck pain, fatigue, mental fogginess, and slurred speech. I have a history of migranes but it is very different. The slurred speech occurs randomly and I do not always remember chunks of time when it occurs. What is going on? What can I do to control this and get my life back?
Avatar n tn I was afraid it was a tumor until i found out i had NO OTHER symptoms of a brain tumor or hemorrhaging. When i bend over or move my head quickly my pain spikes. my pain is a 2 on the scale. In the begging it was like a 6. now its down to 2. First because they said it was because of my eating habits and my sleeping schedule (im over weight and i stay up alot) but then about a month later, I was diagnosed with mono and they said in the acute faze i will have sleepiness and other symptoms.
Avatar m tn I get miagraines and tension headaches along with the neck pain. The last MRI showed I have damage in my neck but the doctors said it should not be causing all the pain I am having. I go to bed every day with a headach and wake up with one...each day it is to be seen if it turns into a miagraine or not. A close friend of mine has the exact same symptoms and was diagnosed with MS and another with cancer so it scares me. I know it is not normal t be in this much pain.
1556773 tn?1294532474 I'am a 38yr old female that has suffered with headaches for the last 10yrs or more.
Avatar m tn They both came back normal. I’m very worried about having a brain tumor. Does it sound like a brain tumor or could I just be suffering from tension headaches and tight neck muscles?
Avatar m tn But it generally does not seem to cause headaches? So did your MRI cover your brain also or just the neck? What did they say about blood flow to the brain?
354667 tn?1299137472 It is difficult to tell if these symptoms are due to brain tumor or not. However please keep in mind that patients with brain tumor usually have some neurological symptom along with headaches like dizziness, slurred speech, weakness or numbness on one side of the body. There is a possibility that these headaches are chronic daily headaches which can be chronic tension type headache, new daily persistent headache or chronic migraine.
Avatar n tn prolonged headache, pressure and tention, and all other kinds of bodily sensations which you describe. you should familiarize yourself with anxiety symptoms, and on here, especially on the anxiety forum, you will learn that all of your symptoms you are experiencing are common anxiety symptoms! The hard part is is accepting it, and aknowledging that anxiety, and depression has no limit when it comes to symptoms.
Avatar f tn for the past month or so I've been having painful headaches headaches. I went to be seen and my doc said it was just tension headaches. Now they've changed in pattern and it feels like lightning is striking my head. I've also had a lot of bowel movements followed by an upset stomach, frequent urination, altered mentality, clumsiness, forgetfulness, constant nausea, stuffy and running nose and back pain.
Avatar n tn I need help. I've been experiencing several symptoms: First, for the past several months I've had pressure behind my right eye Second, Ive had a pulse in my right ear for a few weeks. Finally, for the past week over been experiencing stabbing pains in my head, I don't have a history of headaches nor migraines, and I've never experienced these stabbing pains before this past week. On 8.29 I had nitrous for the removal of a large tattoo on my back.
Avatar f tn ve NEVER seen any STD give the symptoms you describe, so stop that thought. NOBODY on here can tell you if you have a brain tumor. We are helpful, but not psychic, all-knowing wizards with Xray/MRI vision...which you'd need to find a brain tumor. I can't imagine how you will do in college, if you are this stress wracked in your senior year. This can't be fun for you!
Avatar m tn i never ever get headaches and for 4 days now ive had this very slight pain around my head.. my neck now feels strained. the pain is kinda all over but sometimes at the back or top of my head. the pain does respond to normal pain killers (paracetemol) but not for very long. im terrified of it being a tumor.. is it even possible or do the headaches need to be serious for it to be a tumor..
Avatar m tn No I dont. There are so many other issues with brain tumours, but I am not going to mention them as I dont want you to start having other symptoms. Maybe see a massage therapist or chiropractor for your neck and see how that works? There are medication that you could discuss with your doctor which help anxiety as well as treat headaches.
Avatar n tn ) I would get a full physical with blood work, and also get help to address your anxiety and depression. If none of those reveals anything, then press for more testing. Of course, if more neurological symptoms surface, you should follow up on them. But the ones you list are most likely not due to a tumor. Best of luck.
Avatar m tn Do I have a brain tumor? I am 16 yo and over the past days, I have had headaches though opposed to the symptoms I looked up, the rarely occur during the morning. However, I have had sudden sharp pains randomly in my head that last for a few seconds though not really severe. With some headaches, I usually crack my neck to relieve it and it usually does the job. Can it be linked to some kind of neck problem?