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1811056 tn?1316646764 What treatments has your doctor given you for the migraines which can cause a lot of other weird symptoms besides head pain? Also depression can cause stress plus a lot of other symptoms which your Nortriptyline was an anti-depressant. If you are still having a lot of stress, what about taking another anti-depressant or an anti-anxiety medication? I'm wondering if going off those 2 meds cold turkey could still be affecting you.
Avatar n tn You might want to check out the American Brain Tumor Association's website. Here is an excerpt from their site about brain tumor symptoms: How do you know if you have a brain tumor? If you are concerned about any symptoms you are experiencing, or anything you read here, we encourage you to consult your doctor. Share your concerns. The listed symptoms can have many different causes; your doctor can listen to your medical history and make suggestions to help find the cause for your symptoms.
Avatar m tn Is MRI for MS, will be the same to detect brain tumor ? I don't know what to do, it's getting worst and worst for me! Is it possible that all my symptoms can be related to stress ?! I will be really grateful for some help.
Avatar n tn It sometimes almost feels like when you jerk your neck too fast and you get that tingly pain through your neck and back of your head. I really have no other symptoms at all. I just found out that a friend of a friend who is my age was diagnosed with a brain tumor after just having a bad headache for 3 days. It really freaked me out and now my headaches are worse than ever and I spend all day looking up stuff online that scares me.
Avatar m tn You mean that a MRI uses to track MS will not be the same if doctors are looking for brain tumor ? So that a MRI for MS will not show if you have a brain tumor ? Yes the headaches always are on the left side at the top of the head. I never have been diagnose for migraines before. I notice that since 1 or 2 months, i'm loosing more hair that usual, can it also be trigger by stress ?!
Avatar n tn Sometimes it goes away but it’s mostly there. -I have pain in my neck, lower and mid back. I sometimes get a cracking/popping sound when I move. -I have tingling in my right hand and foot and occasionally in my left hand and foot. It gets worse when I sit down. -I have shaky hands but I’ve had that for years. -My arms feel kinda weak or feel weird in some way but I haven’t lost movement or strength or anything.
2159597 tn?1336825361 I have had headaches everyday for the past 5 years and they seem to be progressing. Any helpful advice. Could it be a brain tumor? By the way i do wear glasses. I bought my first pair when i was 9.
Avatar f tn Whilst bending down and laughing and sneezing, I occasionally experience a sharp pain near the front of my head(around my left temple/forehead) There are no issues whilst not doing those activities(so far) I am about to go for an MRI for other reasons(I have had a heart surgery since I was a kid and I need to check-up) Will MRI detect any brain tumors(if there are any) Are my symptoms indicative of this(does brain tumor symptoms come and go?
670780 tn?1225737235 As a result they could not remove it all and now it has spread. Early detection is key. If you google the symptoms of a brain tumor you will find many of the things you describe above. I would check with a local clinic and see if they can recommend a place to get an MRI.
1138731 tn?1260825724 In the last two-weeks, I have developed, among other things, intense pressure in my head. Headaches and severe ear pain in both ears which occurs at the same time and feels like I'm under water. Went to a clinic last week and the DR. mentioned that I have fluid in both of my ears. I never get headaches, so this has been a bit strange for me. I have summarized my symptoms and the tests that have been ordered since I started to consult my DR. in early November.
Avatar n tn I mean I think this is allergies, but the thing is that I 'am scared that I have a brain tumor, I got nausueas today for about 2 mins and had to eat a banana and it went away...and I feel dizzy a little bit. But as I read about brain tumors you get headaches, vomit, and feel nausues too. What do you think it is????? HELP!! please thank you!! PS no family history of brain tumors and I get a pyshical every year and 100% right work out etc... dont smoke or drink...
Avatar n tn Could my headache be from a brain tumor or from all this worring of a brain tumor I know I must sound nuts to you but i'm real scared
Avatar m tn this is definitely not true, it all depends on where your tumor is located in your brain. Every spot causes different symptoms. The waking up with headaches is a symptom that most brain tumor patients have though I think. I was told it's because when you lay down all night it causes pressure in your head, idk. I have no speech issues or anything like that.
Avatar n tn I do not think the levothyroxine is contributing to your headaches, but it is likely that your neck is undergoing changes after the radiation treatments that lead to muscle stiffness, pain and headaches. Other typical symptoms of migraine headaches include photophobia (lights hurt the eyes), phonophobia (sounds make the headache worse), nausea/vomiting and worsening of the headache with movement.
Avatar n tn do what you think is best for you, just know that there are alot more symptoms to a brain tumor..I know people who have had them..and by the way, these people are now doing fine..brain tumors dont always kill us...good luck to you..
Avatar m tn If you were my patient, I would advise you that your headaches are almost certainly tension headaches. A brain tumor is extremely unlikely and would usually present with different symptoms. I would advise trying some massage therapy to see if the headaches respond to that. An MRI of your head and neck could be safely done during pregnancy as this does not involve any radiation, but I would probably have you evaluated by a neurologist before recommending an expensive test like that.
Avatar n tn I'd originally just brushed these moments aside (I'd smelt pizza at my work as well a few times over the last few weeks), until I saw that it was one of the symptoms of a brain tumor} [Symptom 6] {Tingling/weird feelings in hands.
Avatar n tn I came home and stated having periodic episodes of flushing, tremors in my right arm and pain in my neck, shoulders and top of head. I am now convinced its a brain tumor. I had a cat scan 8 months ago that came back negative but I'm convinced that the tumor was somehow missed or located in my brainstem where a cat scan can't get good enough detail to see. I still have all the symptoms of tachycardia and trembling and breathing issues as well.
Avatar n tn I always seem to have a high heart rate when thinking about the symptoms, and I am ALWAYS finding myself thinking about death, and being paranoid that I am going to die of a brain tumor. I am VERY concered ALL the time, always assuming i have a brain tumor.
Avatar n tn Are you having the same symptoms of headaches and double vision? Surgery always has it's risks. The approach they take to get to the pineal region is from the base of the scull just above the neck. They put you in a position with your chin rolled down to your chest. This view provides a direct view of the area without having to move any parts of the brain out of the way. Unfortunatly my wife had difficulty due to her large chest.
Avatar m tn I had headaches off and on but they’re not the typical brain tumor headache. It’s not very painful and the pain is concentrated on the left side but it does hurt other places. The pain only lasts for about a second. Some mornings i notice the dizziness as soon as i wake up, and some mornings its subtle. However, it usually hits me pretty hard when I've been up for a few hours. I’ve been to the ER twice but this was only after about the first week.
Avatar m tn There are several causes of headaches. Headaches can be divided into primary and secondary. Primary headache disorders are headaches without a direct cause. These are diagnosed after secondary causes have been excluded. Secondary headache disorders are due to an underlying problem, there are many many causes but some include medication side effects, systemic illness, nervous system infection, tumors, bleeds in the brain or clots in the veins of the brain, and others.
Avatar f tn Do you have any nausea or aura symptoms? Any food substances that increase your headaches? Are you taking any painkillers and do they give you some relief? You need to sleep well and and maintain adequate hydration. Eat a healthy diet and maintain adequate hydration. Avoid alcohol and smoking. Try a warm shower, reading a book or listening to soft music before you sleep.
730575 tn?1234139606 ve been having constant headaches for 4 months but they don't seem to be the typical back of neck headaches,the pain is in the front of my head,nose and face and even sometimes under my jawline !Are Chiare headaches always at back of head?
Avatar f tn Its been 4 months and I am still not well-at all. I have dizzeness, severe headaches and pain, and always feel like im under water or in a fog. Oh ya I stammer a lot and have memory loss and am so very tired and just wiped out. Sometimes I dont see things right. When will this all end? Can someone tell me what kind of meds works best for the pain in the head. I tried Vicodin but got tired of being nausea, Then I was on Butalbital and that was worse-didnt help the pain.
Avatar f tn I've also had a lot of bowel movements followed by an upset stomach, frequent urination, altered mentality, clumsiness, forgetfulness, constant nausea, stuffy and running nose and back pain. The headache mainly attacks the back of my head close to my neck and so sometimes I'll get neck pain. I'm really scared, I'm only 18 but i don't know what's wrong the docs don't know what's wrong.
Avatar n tn I was wondering if anyone has any idea what could be causing these symptoms. I am very worried about a brain tumor but I try and ease myself since all the tests I have had always come back negative. Plus, I didn't know since I had a CT scan done 14 months ago if a tumor could develop and cause these type of symptoms that quickly. Please help!
Avatar n tn He is now in severe pain. Within the last two months though, he has also been suffering from neck pain, headaches, dizziness, nausea and aphasia. Suspecting dissemenation, we had another MRI scan done. They found nothing within his brain and said there is no change in the spine from the MRI they did in February of 2009. What else could be causing the brain symptoms? Could a tumor within his head be to small to be detected by the MRI and still causing the symtoms?
Avatar n tn I went to a neurologist who specialized in MS and he ruled out a brain tumor and MS for a number of reasons (i.e. location of the lesion, other tests etc) and left it to the unexplained. I have a serious hunch that what I am dealing with is a brain lesion caused by my Endo. I've read recently that lesions are possible in other parts of the body (i.e. kidneys, heart, brain) from Endo.