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Avatar n tn i have two boils on my vagina, no heads also i itch there a lot and my skin have cuts there what is wrong with me?
Avatar f tn I have 3 boils on my vagina area, these boils are forming all over my body I don't have insurance but some people claim it may be that I am a diabetic. These boil on my vagina are painful especially the one on the top of the vagina on the lips. How can I get rid of these boils???
Avatar f tn For about two months, I have had some boils appear on my vagina. I had a discharge and the doctor said it was not an STD, but BV. So when the discharge came back, I went to the doctor again. She was feeling for lymph nodes, and I have a bump under my left armpit that started as a regular hair bump, but my mother pulled the hairs, and it swelled to a large bump. What could this be?
Avatar f tn After seeing the Dr she numb the area made a 5 inch incision and we got barely and puss but so much blood even tho before I seen her I did Pierce it with a piercing needle and it squirted puss also puss and blood flowed out well unwilling to pack it I'm left with a 5inch cut draining and the smell is atrocious is that normal this boil was on the left libia and covered my complete vagina area clitoris urine hole and vagina even after her cutting puss and blood remain flowing I go back tomorrow f
Avatar n tn i had a boil on my vagina last wk and now ive got another one what can be the cause of it?i do wear panty liners could that be the cause of it?
Avatar n tn i have 7 boils on my vigina and the DR. put me on antibiotics and they went away and now they came back. I shave too. I didn't know if that is why i keep getting them. Can they spread? If I have sex will my partner get them.
Avatar f tn Hello, i have a boil on my vagina just under that lips .My right vagina lip is alot larger that my left and it is very painful.I know I do not have an STD due to that fact that I havent had sex in years since my husband of ten years. Im Pretty sure it is a boil. I did get the lower half of the boil to pop on its own in my sleep after a really hot bath ,However it goes all the way up the legnth of my vagina lip. It is hard and I do not see another place for that area to be popped or drained.
Avatar f tn (not sure how to spell what I am describing) but anyway, they come often in my vagina area, and are very painful. It takes a couple of days before they either pop on their own, or they just decrease and go away. Used to I only got them when it was around the time of my menstral cycle but nowadays they come every week. I'm not sure what causes them, but would like any suggestions on this matter.
Avatar f tn Hi, i have been suffering from boils/pimples inside my vagina. I definately do not have any stds as i had a full MOT. And i am very careful with personal hygene. they seem to be linked to my hormones. Normally use magnesium sulfate cream to drw them out. This time however i noticed a small painless one. I gave a little squeeze and it dissapeared without and muck. It seemed to have just gone back inside somewhere.
Avatar f tn I have pimple looking bumps on my vagina that have hardened and will not go away, possibly ingrown hair that I believe came from shaving with a razor but I want to know is that normal, if so should I buy something to get rid of them?
Avatar f tn I was just wondering why do women have boils near/on vagina i am a 16 yr old african American female and i keep getting them could yuh possibly tell me what exactly is it too.? And also im not sexually active so what does it have to do with?
Avatar n tn for the last year i have been getting boils(4-5 at a time on my vagina outside and inside the lip part. I have been given bactrim each time, but is there a cause & cure for this.
Avatar f tn So I have boils on my vagina and i've been to the doctor about it and i'm on antibiotics to help treat them and they have popped but when i go to the bathroom to pass urine, it really stings and is extremely painful and uncomfortable. Is there anything i can put on the boils to help this? Like help protect them so it doesn't hurt as much? I heard putting Vaseline on them could help?
Avatar n tn I scratched it hoping to get relief but instead, I think I may have broken the skin, because the next day, I had three bumps down there. They are not in a cluster, just randomly spaced on the inside of my vagina. They are red around the outside with a white head. I was worried it could be herpes, but I really don't think that could be it since I have been with my boyfriend for a year and a half and have never gotten this before.
Avatar n tn They got worse after I had my daughter when I was 19 and as the yrs have gone by the boils have gotten aggressively worse finally a lab tech took it on herself to culture one and it was infected with a staph infection but the thing was when I was given the antibiotics for it it went away but the others I had did not.
Avatar n tn Im not quiet sure if they are herpes or boils though becaus i usually get them on my inner thighs or near the butocks area, and occasionally on my vagina lips, but rarely. Usually when they appear they feel like a syst and they swell. I try to pop them and when i do puss and blood usually come out. Some times after popping them or after they pop on their own it develops a hole. Ive researched them and it looks like as if i have staff but im not quiet sure.
Avatar n tn Just before that I started getting boils in my vagina area. Unfortunately it has left scars - there is quite few scars. Also certain parts of vagina area is changing colour to black. This is affecting my sex life and wondering whether it can be improved through plastic surgery. Would appreciate if you could suggest a good surgeon. There are black patches mainly on my legs and arms. I have been using Hydrocortisone without any improvements.
Avatar n tn Why do i get pus boils on my vagina lips? its sometimes dissappears, sometimes appears all over, i notice close to periods , i get it more? why is this? they come in all sizes, from the tiny mustard size , to big marble sizes, they keep coming back, no pain ,its embrassing.
Avatar n tn what causes several boils on top of vagina where hair is?
1507353 tn?1291098784 I always develop a swollen, painfu lump on my vagina during my period but it disappears a few days after, now on two occasions it grew bigger could not even walk....
Avatar n tn I am having lot of symptoms and totally worried....1) Few days back on first day of my monthly I found a painful lump on my vagina and when I looked online the symptoms matched with bartholin cyst and 2) I got a boil on my inner thighs at the same time...and 3) Before also I used to get boils on inner things and lower buttocks ...When I saw my buttocks on mirror today those boils have left very ugly looking scars with black pigmentation, skin looks dented .........
Avatar n tn I also have a history of boils in which in the last 2 weeks I have had 3 large boils in which I had to get one lance, and it looks like the other one is going to need to be lanced as well. I asked the person who I had sex with and he stated that he never had herpes or any signs?? Could this be something else besides herpes or are these definite signs of herpes..
Avatar n tn Ok, I have 2 bumps, one on the bottom of my inner left vaginal lip and one on the outside of my right. They don't hurt unless I touch them and sometime I'll touch them and they bleed a little, sometimes they itch too, if I touch them. I've had sex with one person, always with a condom though, and as far as I know, they don't seem likes herpes.
Avatar m tn i am 20.I have been suffering from boils in my inner thighs and on my vagina from past one year.they r very painful and filled with blood and pus. some boils r big n some are very tiny. i need to squeez them hard to get rid of them.they take atleast ten days to disappear but they dont stop coming bak on different places . i have been gettin them continously since 1 year. and i feel very itchy n the whole area has become so dry n full of marks because of the boils.