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Avatar m tn Hi. For about 2 months now I have had this rash on my upper body. It started on the sides of my upper body where my arms contact my torso. It then spread to my stomach and then my neck. It was originally just pinkish red but it started to form bumps in the area. It itches when I sweat and shower. It burns at times when I apply hydrocortisone and lotion. I am very worried about this. Thank you. these pictures are about 6 weeks old http://postimg.
Avatar m tn Please note that these pictures were taken with a phone camera with poor contrast. In reality the rash is much redder than shown. The spots feel a lot like mosquito bites, but redder and smaller. My cheeks even have the rash and are a bit swollen. The rash started appearing 2 days ago or so, and I originally thought it was the rash in my groin region getting worse and spreading, but the rash down there has started getting better. Yesterday other than the itchiness I felt fine.
Avatar m tn Two weeks after sex i had itching on my groin area and red rash on left thigh . I used hydrocortisone it disappeared and after few days it reappear again, on December 15 2013, tested for Herpes HSV2 IGG test and the results came negative. i met a doctor and he suggested me to use some powder and tablets but still no use and started reappear after three weeks. at present, i have red rash on my thigh area when i scratch it looks like white dry skin but no itching, it seems white circles.
Avatar f tn From your description it sounds like a rash or hives - a possible allergic reaction to something. Has it gone down yet? If not then consult a doctor if you can. There might be something that you're allergic to but you're not aware of it.
Avatar m tn When do the rash come in the body during ARS.? Is it specific like in 4 weeks after possible exposure or it can come anytime in 12 weeks. And can somebody be able to tell me how do they look like and its nature. Thanks.
Avatar m tn I have had a test done so ill find out for sure soon, but im worried now because theres a sort of rash at the top of my right leg. There little bumps and theres also some on my stomach on the right side as well. Is this a concern? Im not sure exactly how long its been there. I know its said if you get any symptons it happens the first 2-4 weeks, although this is 15 weeks ago is it still possible symptons can show up?
Avatar f tn m wondering if Bio--film collects,stores and creates these masses on the body? Have you come across anyone with Tumors/Lipomas? Is the rash Yeast? I keep hearing yeast and rash?!... But new for me.
Avatar m tn as stated before...if you are worried...see a doctor. no one here can diagnose her over the internet.
Avatar n tn can yeast or other types of fungus cause body acne? i have acne on the outer sides of my back running from my shoulders all the way down my back (not as much down the center). i also have it on the front side of my shoulders running down the outside of my arms down to my elbow. and on the upper part of the front of my neck. I dont have nearly as much acne on the top center of my back.
Avatar m tn OK so about early October or late September I developed a random blotchy rash that appeared all over my body almost instantaneously. They are non raised, non itchy, pinpoint etc I have informed countless doctors that lymphoma runs in my family, I have very large growing lymph nodes, my stools have changed, these appear on my arms and legs.
Avatar n tn There are a lot of things that can cause a rash. You might google "rash on child" and look at some of the pictures, but you are probably better off taking the child to the doctor and finding out what it is.
Avatar f tn My 13month old daughter has a rash all over her body, the doctor says that it is a viral infection. She has small raised bumps that are alittle red. The thing that worries me is that it is still spreading, It does not seem to bother her at all, she is alittle cranky at night but she is also teething. We are going back tomorrow to see our doctor because this morning she woke up with a fever. Wondering if any other parents have any experience or even pictures.
Avatar m tn I mentioned that I noticed you cant put pictures up of body parts on this forum and that this is a PG 13 forum. I would never ask if I can put pornography pictures up. I took picture of this sick rash I have on my upper thigh or groin area. I wanted to post it up so there might be another person here who might have it and can tell me what it might be.
Avatar m tn i have had a rashes thorough out my body. can somebody tell me what it could be. the pictures of my rash can be seen in the following link. would highly appreciate your comments.. regards.
Avatar f tn No itching or burning until he gets hot then he experiences slight stinging. The rash doesn’t appear anywhere else on his body. He doesn’t take any prescription drugs and has no known medical conditions. I have pictures...
Avatar f tn She treated him with an anabiotic and a cream. By Sunday the rash has spread all over his body butt, ankles then there are few on his arms thighs stomach back and neck. We took him to the hospital last night and the doctor there said it was just a viral rash that had to take it's course. She said to continue the anabiotic and she also gave him a steroid to take.
Avatar n tn Trying to figure out what this is ... I've taken a few pictures in hope that it assists some of you. First time on here so I hope I'm doing this correctly (asking the question). I've had this for about a year off and on - lately a lot more on than off. I will get rashes anywhere on my body (ranging from arms to legs, torso - everywhere). The skin will become itchy with very slight redness, or sometimes even bright redness.
Avatar f tn does anyone know how the hiv rash looks like? is it a distinct type of rash where it is easily identified? do they look like hives?
Avatar m tn I was told to wash with Hibilens daily and to take doyxcycline for one week as a precaution, but he didnt think it was bacterial, ruling out also an allergic reaction. Maybe heat rash or a folliculitis. I have now again experienced these bumps. This time on my biceps, a little on forearms, a few on the neck and 2 or 3 on my chest area. NONE on the legs or lower torso like last time. I have shaved my arms in that area previously, but not my chest or neck area. ANY idea what this might be?
Avatar f tn Hey guys, new here. I came here trying to figure out this rash I have. I can say that I was diagnosed, twice (same doctor) that it is scabies. The problem I have is there is to much funny business and I guess I need to know for sure that I have an infestation of little guys literally crawling under my skin. The things I question are, the rash isn't in the "normal" places. None on my face, hands( between the fingers),wrist, or genitals but literally everywhere else.
Avatar m tn The rash on my upper body looks like pictures of the “hiv rash” I have seen online. This has me very concerned. Should I be confident in the results and could another illnes be causing these symptoms?
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Avatar f tn See out the bug or go back to doctors for a third time? The pictures of the rash type he showed me looked the same as my rash though but obviously you worry.. Any comments?
Avatar f tn There is only one on the whole body, is ut molluscum or something else? I went to a doc and she think it is but when i went to dermatologist he said NO, just bug bite. So I am confuse and wish i can post pic to be sure. Thing that make me even more confuse that its single and only such thing on my body and that is on thigh.
Avatar m tn I have had unprotected sex a bit over a month ago and a rash has appeared down the left hand side of my body, under my armpit, it is only slightly irritant and has been there for about a week, it seems to be getting worse but it is only a red rash and looks nothing like and herpes or syphilis pictures I've seen online but I'm scared still of getting herpes or syphilis, any help?
2114131 tn?1399240871 My husband used Eucerin body wash in the shower, took cool showers, used Eucerin moisturizer after the shower, took Hydroxyzine (Atarax), used Triamcinolone (a topical steroid ointment), and we put tea tree oil when he got a few small blisters on his back. You need to check the Incivek website. There are pictures of a "mild rash", a "moderate rash", and a "severe rash".