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Avatar n tn I recently started using a new body wash, and after a couple of days 4-5 uses, I started to develop a rash all over my body which is accompanied by extreme itching. I've since stopped using the body wash and switched back to soap. I've also started using benadryll to relieve the itching. It's been a few days but the rash hasn't started to go away yet. How long does it usually take for the skin to clear up, and are there any other treatments for it?
Avatar n tn I woke up this morning with a pinkish-red rash on my whole body. My arms, stomach, lower back, thighs, hips.... Its itches a little on places like the inside of my elbow and where my bra is rubbing under my arm pit.... but generally it doesnt itch. In some spots it looks like red pin dots but also blotchy..... Any ideas?
Avatar m tn That's definitely not something to ignore. You may have some symptoms of Lyme disease (though I'm not sure about the "strange white heads" - could you be explaining a sort of rash?) You would likely have sort of a rash, possibly with a bulls-eye? Check out this website for symptoms ... ... and see a doctor. The brown bug could have been a tick which carry Lyme Disease ..
Avatar f tn I had a rash covering my entire body, even my scalp. I am really sensitive to even mosquito bites so that's probably why it was intolerable for me. After 6 months of treatment I quit and my virus at that point was undetectable but after a month my doc wanted me to return to check my levels and it was back to where I started orginally. My treatment didnt' work. I've been with this disease probably 20+ years and my level of the virus was pretty low.
Avatar m tn I have a rash all over my body, it does not itch but stings a little, also I have a headache and want to sleep a lot. I went to the doctor here in HCMC, he said I have the Flu. I do not feel this is the Flu at all.
Avatar m tn Ive been dealing with a rash that comes and goes and this has been happening for about a year now. Before the rash comes about, I get a sensation that my entire body is being poked with hot needles; not the pins and needles sensation people feel when they fall sleep on their arm, but a feeling that someone took a bunch of needles out of the oven and started poking me with them. The feeling begins in my arms and feet first and then hits my entire body; from head to toe.
Avatar n tn I have been going to see specialists for the past ten years. I have horrible body welts that I wake up to in the morning. They go away towards the end of the day. My Dr says that according to my tests I am having a problem with Malabsorbtion. Could this be the cause? Also what causes Malabsorbtion?
Avatar n tn I have been TORTURED for the past month with this rash. This rash developed around my neck area, with only looking like Flea bites, that itched but not to severe, after a few days, maybe a week it started to spread down my back to the point now which I am covered,the itching has left me being up all night itching to the point I can not sleep. They start as looking like flea bites, to meshing together, where my back looks like sand paper and completly red.
Avatar f tn ( I would like to know what are the causes of this rash? Is it due to HIV? And do HIV cause rash on skin? Hope to hear from you soon. Thanks.
Avatar n tn It takes at least 2 to 4 weeks for the virus to incubate, which causes the HIV related sicknesses (like a rash) to occur. The rash you are experience is VERY UNLIKELY being caused by HIV. By the way, I suffer from persistent Geographic Tongue, and I am HIV negative, if that is of any help. For more information on Geographic Tongue, visit this MedHelp page: http://www.medhelp.
Avatar n tn what type of disease is found if the body starts itching with no rash and body fatique?
Avatar f tn ve had no illness/temperature/fatigue, but in the last couple of days, I have a patchy light rash on my body. It is light red and only itches occasionally. 1: Does this sound indicative of any STI? Trying to find info is difficult. 2: I took a preventative 1g Zithromax around 3 weeks ago - could this be a side effect?
Avatar n tn sorry you are feeling so badly. Do you have a rash or just itching? When the whole body itches, it might be pruitus. That you are also nauseated begs the question of your having an allergic reaction of some sort. I would encourage you to see your doctor or go to an urgent care as soon as possible.
Avatar m tn im getting this kind of itchy rash ( in my arms, chest and back ) when inside of my body heats up, its so wierd coz after 10-15 mins all of them will disappear..anyone knows what causes this? maybe cold weather? coz this happens to me lately when the cold weather starts in cali, it doesnt show's up everyday, just only when my body heats up, or sometimes if i have a feeling of goosebumps my body reacts to heat and starts showing these rashes..
2090601 tn?1334515062 I wear cotton camisoles instead of a bra, because bras have that ployester band, which causes me to sweat, and get an itchy rash. I wear all light cotton, and I know I look awful without the bra ( but not according to my husband), so I do also use a light button down shirt, if I'm in a crowd. Driving in the sun makes it bad for me, so you can your car fan/air-condit, and block the sunb from going on your arm. Any product with fragrance is supposed to cause the itching.
Avatar n tn Then it spread to my hips and i have got alot off bumps, like mosqito bites (like they 1st started on my stomach), now it has spread to my under arm and near my armpit, this rash being more like the rash on my thighs, close together and raised. I also have some very large fleshy bumps, just near my armpits, around the back, that are very sore now due to scrathing.
Avatar n tn It could also be a food allergy. So look back and see if there is some food that causes the rash or something else-maybe a bush or portion of playground or something he plays with just few hours prior to the rash. Consult a skin specialist to find the cause. Take care!
Avatar n tn How can we prevent and treat this rash when we dont even know what causes it? Ive heard to take claritin or benadryl beforehand and spray down with a vinegar-water solution after being in the ocean. Any suggestions?
267076 tn?1270674331 I've been having pains in my upper legs - front of thighs. Sometimes it hurts to walk. I also get a pain in my upper arms - in the muscles. My legs feel like I've been doing too many squats but I haven't. My arms feel like I've been exercising them too but I haven't. The muscles feel like they are in a knot. When I get this feeling, I sometimes get dizzy or spaced out - like I'm out of body (I know that sounds weird but it's the only way I can explain it).
Avatar m tn I complained to him about itching all over my body, but no rash just skin irritation, and some body aches. Was prescribed Methylprednisolone and Cingular...relieved me for quite some time, but the itching is back, but now with some mild testicular pain. I'm a little nervous now...what kind of autoimmune disease could be causing these body itching and mild pain in my groin area?
Avatar n tn In that same year I started experiencing pain in my chest which a Holter monitor showed tachycardia. Approx 4 months ago I got a rash on my cheek and one on the lower left side of my belly.They are extremely itchy. Also having intermittent flu like symptoms (bone & muscle pain)but no fever, brain fog,extreme fatigue and chronic headaches and Dermographism.After much research and being told I'm too young to have all these problems I asked my new Dermotolgist about Mastocytosis.
Avatar f tn Have anyone got to the point where your whole body itch? It not around my stomach,so I know it not because I'm having stretch mark. My leg, arms, hand, and everywhere itchy. It will coming out looking like rash or bump. I'm 21 weeks. My finger have some rash that look like eczema too. My appointment is not till next month.