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Avatar n tn, bloodroot extract,or Neoplasene, Hoxsey Formula, Medicinal Mushrooms, Chinese herbal cancer therapies and more. If you email me at work I can send or Fax my cancer diet protocol for cats.
Avatar m tn Hoxsey Formula, or Hoxsey Formula with Boneset. PolyMVA, Bloodroot extract, Essiac tea, and more. A dietary change is also important. Hills N/D is a good commercial cancer diet, as it contains little to no carbohydrates. Cancers feed on carbohydrates. Most of these herbals are available online with or without prescriptions. Dr. Steve Marsden has his own line of herbal formula's including the Hoxsey Formula's. Your veterinarian can order them for you.
Avatar n tn com) Neoplasene, or bloodroot extract Hoxsey Formula with Boneset Stasis Breaker (available from Jing Tang Herbal Company with a prescription) Max Formula (available from Jing Tang Herbal Company with a prescription) Essiac tea Turmeric spice (1/4 tsp per 10 pounds) Si Miao San if there are any GI problems (available from any Chinese herbal company) Mushroom extracts Diet containing no grains or carbs except some juiced broccoli, Kale, garlic, ginger, and Goji berries.
Avatar n tn Kojic Acid, Licorice Root Extract, Bearberry Extract (containing Arbutin), Vitamin C, Astragalus Extract, **** Quai Extract, Lactic Acid, Tartaric Acid, Malic Acid, Green Tea Extract, Vitamin E, Bloodroot Extract, Wild Yam Extract, Wild Indigo Extract, Wild Reishi Mushroom Extract, Bilberry Extract, Vitamin E.) Can you please tell me if they are safe to use on my penis and which one you think is more effective? If you don't think any of these are useful, can you recommend a product?
Avatar n tn Hi, I used a product to remove a mole on my face called dermatend (uses bloodroot). The product worked, but it left a very small scar, which I really could care less about, but with the scar came redness. It's now a year later and I still have a really distinguishable patch of redness on my cheek. I figured the redness would fade with time, but I thought it wouldn't take longer than a year.
Avatar n tn PolyMVA, Bloodroot or Neoplasene, The Chinese herbal formulas (available by prescription from Dr. Xie's Jing Tang Herbal Company): Stasis Breaker, Max's Formula, Wei Qi booster (and others), Hoxsey Formula, Hoxsey Formula with Boneset, Vitamins and minerals, especially the antioxidants and Vitamin D,; Medicinal Mushroom Extracts, Probiotics, Turmeric or Cumin, and many more.
Avatar m tn I also had warts on my hands for about 1 1/2 and I used an herb to treat them, and they've disappeared, it's called bloodroot. Is it possible I already had another strand of HPV in addition to my hands? I know this is long but thanks.
Avatar n tn Poly MVA, Neoplasene (bloodroot extract), Hoxsey formula and many Chinese herbal formula's. The chemotherapy agents can have lots of side-effects and need to be given in a very safe manner, often with other medications to eliminate such side-effects as inappetance or nausea.
Avatar m tn I showed her a small mole that think i had cut and had a tiny scab on it. She said she had some special liquid called bloodroot that can tell weather or not a mole is sinister. She put a dab on the mole on my right arm and also a similar mole on my left arm and covered them with plasters. This was 2 days ago, now the moles look like they a bubbling up and there are small yellow ***** lumps around. The yellow puss makes the mole underneath look greeny/brown.
Avatar f tn We've tried coal tar ointment, salicylic acid shampoo, even things like tea tree oil, vinegar, bleach and bloodroot! None seem to have any effect at all. He doesn't drink coffee at all and takes in very little caffeine. He hasn't had excessive sun exposure. We think a few particularly humid days where he had to wear a suit for work and was sweating prodigiously might have triggered it.... but what is it and why won't it go away??
Avatar m tn About three weeks ago, I applied bloodroot to the tag to remove it. A very small piece from the top scabbed over and came off, but that was it, and I stopped applying the bloodroot. Now, about 3 weeks later, all of a sudden the skin tag has started to hurt. Within a 2 day time period, it has turned almost completely black and my skin surrounding it is red, indicating an infection. Because it is black, it now looks like a mole more than a skin tag.
438514 tn?1305737740 The products contain such ingredients as bloodroot, shark cartilage, coral calcium, cesium, ellagic acid and a variety of mushrooms. The FDA worries that people will buy such products rather than get proper treatment, or use them instead of treatments proven safe and effective. There's also the possibility that unproven products could interact with other drugs a patient is taking. The FDA said if its letters are ignored, there could be criminal prosecution.
Avatar f tn I have been using EPO for the last couple of months and I have found that it has really helped my cm. I am taking Clomid and I was worried that it would dry it up, so I started taking EPO and using pre-seed. Although I have not gotten my BFP yet, I do find it helpful. I will continue using it until the big day comes. Good luck to you and SSBD!! Side note: after you "o" you should start taking flaxseed oil until AF or BFP!!
1549643 tn?1495762953 You can search it or pm me as I have this down to a science. Also Bloodroot tinctures are good for SLE, MCTD 10 drops in 1/2 liter of filtered water total, taken in four doses daily. Any fungal remedies like -coconut oil (extra virgin is what I use) for cooking as all other cooking oils are pro-inflammatory! Do "oil pulling" with it daily! -1t baking soda,1/2t potassium citrate,1/8t borax in 2Liters of filtered water and drink throughout the day.
Avatar m tn Holistic and Integrative medicine may be able to increase survival time. Please Google the,, Bloodroot (Neoplasene), Essiac tea, and other holistic websites if you are interested in trying the alternative therapy route. I have a cancer protocol I would be glad to post if you are interested. Just let me know.
Avatar m tn Considering you were doing a biopsy for a cancer, it's possible it caused an acceleration of a pre-existing cancer. The only alternate I can think of is a black/bloodroot salve. This is a homeopathic medication. Having no experience with it, I can't speak for it's efficacy. But it is cheaper, coming in at around forty dollars. I've been experimenting with homeopathic remedies lately and finding some of them work very well. Let me know if you have any other questions, and I hope this helps!
Avatar f tn My husband was diagnosed with cirrhosis in 1986 at the VA clinic in Walla Walla, WA, presumably from drinking rather than the virus. He came from a long line of alcoholics, many of whom died of cirrhosis so he was NOT interested in any kind of "state of the art" conventional treatment and insisted on being treated at home with a new type of treatment we just heard about but not in relation to liver disease prior to the cancer stage.
Avatar n tn Hey, I have freeze burns on my arm from treating moles with blemish free, It got rid of the moles but my skin has had three big red blotches for two months now since the blisters peeled away. I also have a fairly bad keloid from abraiding my moles and applying a bloodroot product called dermatend.
163305 tn?1333672171 It is very bitter but ginger, cinnamon, honey, etc can be added for flavor. The other herbs she suggested were ashwaganda and redroot ( not bloodroot). She stressed taking hot Epsom salt baths for achy muscles, 4cups of Epsom salt dissolved in the bath. I am not here to debate whether these things really work or not. I will say, I spend my days swallowing pills, gulp!
Avatar f tn In a garden of mine further south, vast areas were ruined by oriental bloodroot groundcover and by hardy morning glories. I actually had to move away to end the frustration. Now if someone tells me a plant is invasive, it might get admitted in a container, but probably not. Portann I agree. No matter what's going on, there is nothing like the joy you get from the rebirth of the garden every spring.
Avatar f tn I am assuming the tumors Poosy had removed were mammary tumors? the bloodroot hannelore talks of is avail in the US as Neoplasene.(as far as I know)...and is used on existing tumors to shrink in place of doing invasive surgery. now that Poosy's tumors are removed I'm not so sure this method can now be used? It would certainly be worth talking to your Oncologist abt Elias...and get her opinion. Other great supplements to use from what I've read are tumeric and essiac tea.