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Avatar n tn It could be a zit, but you could easily get it cultured and get a type specific IgG blood test to find out if you have herpes. The next time you get this, don't pop it, and see your doctor.
Avatar m tn Only thing i question would be a zit on the side of my shaft that the doctor diaganosed was a zit and it was not painful at all either. So my question are: 1) are tests reliable at 7 weeks? 2) Does this sound like it could posibly be herpes?
Avatar n tn Well after the game he gave me a pat on the shoulder and his hand was wet, with sweat mostly. But if there was a trace of blood could it have seeped through my shirt and got into a zit or something? I work with the hiv therapists and was wanting to ask them but I know this sounds crazy and I have bad ocd. I am happy to be a part of the team and don't want them to ask me not to help. So is this a risk. Question 2. Should I have said anything when I saw the blood?
Avatar m tn But i know the last time I had unprotected sex or even sex at all was 7-8 months now and started to get zit like bumps in my pubic area above my shaft and got a couple zit like bumps on my shaft too. They do not itch or hurt, and they do not irritate at all. There are some that I have popped and they pop like a zit and a tiny bit of clear fluid comes out then it bleeds a little.
Avatar n tn The next day, Monday, the whitehead got bigger and it looked like a huge zit. It really hurt. My mother looked at it and figured it was a huge white head. She squeezed it and pus came out. It didn't hurt anymore. The next day, Tuesday, I looked in the mirror to see the whitehead was still there but smaller. My mom squeezed it again, got some pus but no seed. Then the next day, Wednesday which was yesterday, I felt something hurt on my lip where that zit was.
Avatar m tn Curious if you can get oral herpes from having panties rubbed in your face? I had wondered about it before a few months ago when A zit-like bump appeared (border of bottom lip), but now I got another bump out of nowhere in about the same place. Doesn't seem like a good thing, so that's why I'm a bit worried. Just looks like a zit basically, with a little puss and blood inside and I've felt no sort of indications of it coming on (pain, tingling).
Avatar n tn t be reflected on a blood test. Also even the best blood tests we have still miss 1 out of every 10 hsv1 infections. Also just because you test + for hsv1, doesn't mean that everything is due to hsv1. Make sense? Blood testing is helpful but has it's drawbacks which is why a lesion culture of fresh symptoms is the best course of action whenever possible.
Avatar f tn So, a few days ago i accidentally pinched my penis skin and for some reason it hurt really bad. The next day i noticed a red bump on my penis' skin. I was thinking it was probably a zit because i sweat a lot and i probably made an incision somehow. After a few days when i noticed it didn't go away. I carefully poked a hole in the bump with a needle (sterilized).
Avatar m tn ll occasionally discharge that white zit stuff and a bit of blood, and they can be the size of a very small zit to like... a small ball.
Avatar m tn I have what I can best describe as a zit on my shaft. Is it possible that it's just a zit? I've had acne problems my entire life, but never before have I had a zit appear on my shaft. I've been applying zit cream for a day or so, hoping it will go away. It's not a white head...but it looks like that's what it could be headed toward. it's just one single, red and irratated bump. I had a little paranoid issue about 10 months ago after having protected sex with a stranger..
Avatar m tn I've always plucked the black hairs that sometimes grow around my nipples. Only recently, they started to look different, I'm pretty sure they're ingrown. So, I plucked one of them, and now there's a big red mark, almost like a zit with a dark, green or black center. There's more ingrown hairs now, but I haven't plucked them in fear the same thing will happen. How do I get rid of them, and the red mark?
1024143 tn?1325462221 well I looked in the mirror and saw nothing but at night I looked up close and saw what looked like one tiny little zit that was red I couldn't see it unless I was up close and personal on it well I was pressing on it and it popped amd clear stuff came out but it didn't hurt at all when it came out and popped I put toothpaste on the area and that's when it hurt and itches (I have also notices most of my face has broken out in zits) my question is is can u have a zit right on the edge
Avatar m tn m female) for 5-10 minutes and when we woke up this morning I noticed he had what looked like a zit on his lip. We have talked about cold sores before because I am pretty paranoid about this stuff and he told me he thinks he gets them every couple of years, but he is never sure if they are really cold sores or just patches of dry skin that he gets in other parts of his body as well. He told me he does not think the current zit or whatever it is on his lip is a cold sore.
Avatar m tn its about a week old, I thought it was a zit but its not. it wont pop like a zit. I squeezed it very hard and it shot blood out and dripped blood for about 1-2 minutes. I poked it with a needle like you would sometimes do to a zit trying to make a hole for the "stuff" inside of it to come out, and nothing came out. its staying the same size, or growing, and WONT pop. it is HUGE. if I had to guess, it it about 10mm high and about 15mm diameter.
Avatar m tn Plus it is embarassing, the only places I can think of going I have already been too a few times for this problem (not a zit, but the other symptoms). I am seriously considering ordering the blood test online, just need to look into this labs location and funds. What if the zit down there persists for 3 days or so? How long would a herpe sore normally take to come and go? Thanks again.
Avatar n tn I found what I thought was just a simple zit on the labia (outside).I tried to pop it but it was painful and only blood came out. Since then my entire right labia has more than doubled in size. It is very swollen. I can feel bumps throughout the labia, they don't feel close to the skin at all. I also noticed a great deal of pain and swelling in my right groin.
Avatar n tn I'm not an expert but it could be a zit
Avatar n tn i have a zit like object on my testicle its only one i had one before and i popped it like a zit but this one is slightly bigger and its solid and i dont know what it is. it not painful or itchy. it looks and feels like a solid zit and wont pop. can someone tell me what it is?
Avatar n tn Right between my thighs, next to my vagina in the pubic hair area, I noticed a lump. It's hard to straight out see, however I can feel this odd lump when fiddling with it (discovered by itching there). It feels quite large, and rather feels a bit long like a vine when I wanted to see how far it'll go, and I can't find the bottom (like something attached to it??).
Avatar m tn over underwear but he woke up and had a little cut on his foreahead and i compltely freaked out cause i think overnight i felt a bump on my earlobe and i think it was a zit so i popped it and now i cant get it out of my head what if i had his blood on my finger and i rubbed it on my zit and it got into my bloodstream!?!?! " You did NOT have a risk ! You do NOT need to test ! The virus just is not transmitted that way.
Avatar f tn They had an active cold sore the last time I saw them (last Monday), but by Friday, the only had two white dots where the cold sore had been. I barely noticed them, to be honest. There was no blood, no yellow scab, no redness, etc. So I'm not sure if they were still contagious. Picture a burrito. He took a bite out of the top left corner and I took a bite out of the -right- corner. I did not come in contact with his side.
Avatar n tn Could be an ingrown hair if its about the size of a zit or a lil bigger than a zit. That happens more where the underwear lining rubs more. Have you recently shaved? I suppose if it looks normal, and not like dark brown/red like a popped blood vessel/blister, it will go away. I am no doctor though.
Avatar m tn i can pop them as easily as a regular zit only a bit more painfull because it borders my lip near the hair area. I dont recall if the luqid was white or if there was blood after it, all i know is that when i pop it , goes away much more faster. When i look very close it seems like 3 zits very close to each other and white head is forming up and yes, after a while white head does form up where you can pop it.
Avatar m tn At this point everything is too well healed for lesion cultures to be of any use. Follow up in a few months with type specific herpes igg blood testing. Have you ever had a herpes blood test before? Did your doctor do a rectal exam to determine hemorrhoids or just an external exam?
Avatar f tn I tested negative (Herpes Type Specific IgG blood test) for both HSV1/2 at exactly 10 weeks post sexual event. I have been doing some reading and saw that people have made claims that an IgG type specific blood test would give false negatives if you've never had an outbreak. That the antibodies are undetectable. Would this explain why I feel this zit/growth on my jaw is in fact herpes, because I tested .34 at 10 weeks? Should I get another test done?