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Avatar n tn Hi, Recently after having sex with a new partner I've noticed a single large bump zit (not blister like, but the kind where you feel there is something under your skin) on right above the base of the top of my penis. I sort of popped it and it bled red blood and a little fluid came out but it was still a lump. Then it formed a white head and I popped it and a lot of blood and lymph came out. It healed but was still like a small ball sized lump under my skin.
Avatar f tn Hi, normally herpes are blister type sores not under the skin bumps so id say it more like a zit. If your sexually active you might want to take a blood test just to confirm all is ok.
Avatar n tn I thought i could have been a boil or just an infected blackhead, but i tried popping it and nothing but clear liquid and blood came out and it just healed like a normal pimple i think. I haven't been checked but i know i don't have STD's because i've only had sex once and my girlfriend states shes clean. It only lasted for about 4 days and went way down in size and color. Any comments would be greatly appreciated.
Avatar f tn Hello, I've seen many posts but I decided to make my own, How can I know if I have a wart or a zit? Do they look similar? I have no way to get to a doctor , any suggestions? I have a pimple like, red dot on my penis, I applied toothpaste, any other recommendations? Can I send a picture?
Avatar n tn In the middle of the nite on saturday I woke up and went to the mirror and could see that it had formed a bit of a head. I squeezed it and some puss popped out followed by blood. I proceeded to wipe rubbing alchohol on it and returned to sleep. On sunday morning a red scab had formed w/ no redness around the border. Almost looking like a nic'd myself shaving on my upper lip. It is now monday and the scab is still there but there is no pain or tenderness to it.
Avatar m tn Today, the red spot has a slightly clearer form, and while still not significantly large, resembles a small zit or bug bite. The spot and the area around it is red. It is not causing any pain and I have had no discharge or anything like that, but I have just never had a bump like this on my penis. I figured it was just a popped blood vessel but my friend who had that happen said that his was not a bump, that it was all under the skin. Is this anything to worry about? Thanks...
Avatar f tn so a couple years ago my doctor told me i had genital warts but recently she was looking at them, and with the medication being unsuccessful she told be the redish zit like bumps near my vagina were most likely skin tags and they should go away on there own? which i dont completley understand because they have been there for quite a while.
Avatar f tn I shave down in my vaginal region but am not sexually active and recently discovered a huge bump on the butt cheek but still close to my vagina and I thought it might just be an ingrown hair so when I squeezed it, it shot blood out and just has blood in it I know this is a graphic question but I'm kinda worried and want to give all the details so please help it is still tender.
Avatar n tn Hello, I have an object that is a substantial hard bump at the area where the side of my scrotum meets my body. It was dark and blood filled at the top so I popped it and blood came out. No pus or other fluids, just blood. And the hard part underneath the blood is still there. Immediately scabbed over. I have a guess it's an inflamed hair follicle (It is right in the crook of where the scrotum meets the body and there is a ton of sweat there when I exercise).
Avatar m tn Follow up in a few months with type specific herpes igg blood testing. Have you ever had a herpes blood test before? Did your doctor do a rectal exam to determine hemorrhoids or just an external exam?
Avatar n tn 6 months ago i had an sexual intercourse with my girlfriend, she took blood tests but there was no sign of any disease.... No symptoms were shown as far as i'm concerned...I always use condoms during intercourses but the thing is this zit on my penis doesnt show any pain but the look of it makes me feel bad.. it had a white color , similar to the ones that are found on the face (the white color in zits) ...what can i do to make it disappear...
Avatar f tn Welcome to the forum. Yes you can get hepatitis C with a blood splash to the eye. It's a lower risk but still a possible risk. If I were you.....I'm be wearing eye protection when working with blood and body fluids. It wouldn't hurt to get tested for for Hepatitis C. Everyone should be tested once. Next time protect your eyes. One of your most valued senses.
Avatar f tn I am 15 years old and a girl, I have had zit like looking bumps around my pubic area, but none actually around or by the vagina, just some inbetween my legs, I was not sure what they were so I tried to ingore them and they really hurt whenever I move, so I tried popping some and they just turned dark and filled with blood, a lot like pimples, they have a white head, and I cannot figure out what this is. I am not sexually active nor have I had any sexual realations before. What is this?
Avatar m tn about a week ago i had what appered to me as a zit on the side of my lip, and it is a place where acne has happened before. i poped it like i usually do, and do not feel any burning or tingling. i used some cold sore product that my mother uses, but a yellow scab that cracks open when i open my mouth wide has occored. with time the scab is just becoming smaller. i am trying to find out if it is a cold sore as soon as possible due to the fact of not spreading the virus sexualy.
Avatar f tn Hi, i have been getting pimple like bumps on my upper body for about 6 months ive noticed they are only by veins they start off like a zit but only clear liquid then blood comes out when i try to pop them. After that it will scab over and start hurting. I have then picked the scab off and there is a white almost ingrown hair looking thing inside anywhere from 1 to 6 of them.
Avatar n tn Hello, A few weeks ago while going to the bathroom I noticed a small semi-firm lump about 2in above my penis, like dead center above it. I ignored it thinking it would be a zit of some sorts, as I have gotten one there/around there before and managed to pop it/drain it. After attempting to pop it today, there is no residue that comes out, but simply blood. Also to drain it, I have to pinch 'under it' and squeeze.
Avatar m tn i was looking at my genitals and on my left nut there was this little bump it looked like it could be a zit then a couple days later the head of it turned black my mother told me it could be an ingrown hair... wen i was in the shower i decided to pop it and blood was coming out then it took about a week for it to heal up and go away.. i am kinda scared i dont know wat it was .. i dont wanna give my girlfriend anything im so worried please help me what could this be??
Avatar m tn So, I plucked one of them, and now there's a big red mark, almost like a zit with a dark, green or black center. There's more ingrown hairs now, but I haven't plucked them in fear the same thing will happen. How do I get rid of them, and the red mark?
Avatar m tn As an update to this, around Christmas to new-year, it grew smaller, and stopped hurting, it did this, but kept being there until about the 15th of January, where it started to grow bigger again and started to hurt again. I thought "screw this", and went away with using to thumbs to squeeze the zit. In a huge drop of puss and blood it's now gone (yes, it WAS very disgusting, but I felt it was needed), and there's absoloutly nothing wrong now (20th of January).
Avatar m tn if you've never had a herpes igg blood test before, while it's on your mind it's a good time to check your status. herpes testing typically is not a part of routine std testing.
1024143 tn?1325465821 well I looked in the mirror and saw nothing but at night I looked up close and saw what looked like one tiny little zit that was red I couldn't see it unless I was up close and personal on it well I was pressing on it and it popped amd clear stuff came out but it didn't hurt at all when it came out and popped I put toothpaste on the area and that's when it hurt and itches (I have also notices most of my face has broken out in zits) my question is is can u have a zit right on the edge of ur lip t
Avatar n tn about 2 weeks ago i was shaving "the girly" and noticed two small flesh colored zit like bumps up were my thigh meets my crotch...a few days later 3 more showed up in the patch of skin between my crotch and buttocks...then 2 more showed up on the outside edge of my butt crack [for lack of a better word]...i also have a dark red line about 2 inches long running horizontally about an inch about my anal opening... at first i though the bumps were razor bumps or zits...
Avatar m tn over the last year I've experienced a problem with zit like bumps and metal taste and dots inside the checks of my mouth(small lasting 1-3 days slightly different locations on the bit line of my checks).I belive this started after kissing someone one year ago, as 2 days after developed extremely sore throat and flu symptoms lasting aprox 2 weeks.
Avatar m tn So I was a little worried when earlier today, I noticed a mild pain at the spot when I ran my hand over the area (Very mild pain to be honest, less than say, when you have a small pimple form), and then upon looking closer, noticed the bumps were slightly larger and more... scaley? I put a slight amount of pressure, and notice a very tiny drop of blood form at the edge of one of the bumps. They are still the same color as the rest of my skin.
Avatar n tn last year I had an encounter with a girl (used a condom but we did kiss several times).Two days later had extremely sore throat and flu symptoms that lasted 2weeks.over next 2 months intermittent flu symptoms .At approx. 10 weeks I noticed a large zit like formation on my check 2" from my mouth (somewhat ichy/stingy).I physically popped it after 4 days(white stringy puss came out).
Avatar m tn For a very long time now, I have had something I could only describe as a reoccurring zit just above the corner of my lips. Every couple of days, I squeeze it and some white puss comes out, slowly. The pus isn't watery, nor is it hard. After I have drained it, a small hole remains and has never healed up. It never flares up or gets infected or red. It just builds up more puss and I have to drain it. It hasn't been a bother really, so I never really had a cause for concern.
Avatar m tn I would imagine he would after every patient, but I never seen him do it. I had a zit that had scabbed over. I picked at it, didn't notice if there was blood or not, but it had a clear discharge, and was most definitely open. Well, he put his hand over the open scab when trying to realign my TMJ. One hand, he had a band-aid over his thumb. You people can say I worry too much, paranoia, whatever... but I feel like I'm always putting myself in a position to come on here for this.
Avatar m tn - It itches a bit sometimes, but not too much. It does not hurt when I scratch, it's not herpes (I know, I have it in my penis sometimes and these blisters look and feel different). - I've been using a cream for infected zits (nebacetin), it does not seem to be helping too much. - I've been with the same sex partner for around 2 years (girlfriend). - I haven't used any different substances, and I haven't shaved it for months, it's quite hairy now.