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288459 tn?1201294929 Before my dx I was a blood donor. Once dx I was told that ppl with ms were on the the list of people unable to donate. In a conversation yesterday I was told this is no longer completely true but there is a good possibility I could still be turned away. Would any of you know the answer to this? And the reason ms would be on the list? Harmful to us or the recipient of the blood? Or does it have to do with modifying drug use? Any info you may have would be greatly appreciated!
Avatar f tn Austrian researchers studying patients with possible ms symptons found that those with two kinds of antibodies in their blood early on were 76 times more likely to develop the tough to diagnose disorder than those with neither antibody. I not very computer orientated but if you google blood test can predict ms it should come up. It was a very interesting read.
Avatar f tn Hi all, Got the nasty headache, had a blood patch done on Friday. Worst thing I have EVER been through, that blood patch. It was worse than the tap. Anyway, it did not work. (I am flat on my back as I type this thanks to my trusty laptop and a bunch of pillows.) What now? Do I just wait it out? It's getting pretty old. I even asked for vicodin, which I never take but the pain is unbearable. I'm so bummed.
220917 tn?1309788081 Hi Zilla, I'm sorry to hear your friend is suffering, and it sounds suffering pretty heavily too. I do know that the Tda with Bubble is used to help diagnose the PFO. (from my own experience). I did come up positive on the Bubble test and had heart cath. surgery in Nov. to close the hold, and did not have a PFO when they got in there. So it left more questions unanswered than answered.
Avatar n tn She said that between the blood tests and this MRI of my brain, it'll tell him what he needs to know. I'm not sure now if the neuropsychological exam will be before or after I see the neuro again. I've already been told that the blood tests were normal. I guess that the lady that was working with me to get this scheduled had to do a good bit of tap dancing to get my insurance to let me have the closed MRI because they only had open MRI facilities listed as approved.
572651 tn?1531002957 The neuro is concerned about my glucose - I didn't think it was that high -- it hovers in the upper 90's but it did spike to 168 after that fun berry smoothie barium drink last week for my CT's. My A1C was 6.3. She has me doing the 2 hour blood glucose tolerance test tomorrow morning - I can deal with having MS but I am going to be majorly honked off if I have diabetes. That would just be so unfair.... I almost really mean that.
147426 tn?1317269232 IVIG stands for Intranvenous ImmunoGlobulin. It is a concentrated solution of human antibodies and is derived from human blood. It's use goes back decades and is used frequently in several immune-mediated diseases. In pediatrics we used it to treat ITP (Idiopathic Thrombocytopenia Purpura - which is a severe reduction of the platelets after a viral infection) and Kawasaki's Disease, just to name a few. In MS it is used in much the same way as IV steroids.
220917 tn?1309788081 Geez sure can't seem to do anything the easy way can ya? tee hee I am of no help when it comes to these tests that you are in for but I wanted to make sure that you still had your favorite chair in limboland and that no one stole it from ya while you were out! Seriously, this sucks for you and I wish I could help you out somehow! Well, maybe, just maybe, this "specialist" is just that and can find an answer for you FINALLY!!
251222 tn?1270939717 I remain confused about that, but he didn't seem super worried about either item. I am to stay on aspirin. More things went on with the blood pressure situation. He believes I probably have POTS. Postural Orthostatic Tachycardia Syndrome (had to copy and paste that baby!) I had to be googling that one of course, had no idea what that was. He did also order an MRI of the C spine. Any thoughts on this? He decided this after we went over the foot situation.
220917 tn?1309788081 Have your feet ever swelled when you were sitting and fell asleep? They were better in the morning because having them be level with your body allowed the fluid to be re-absorbed. Elevating them would have done the same thing too. Craig did not have swelling when he was on GH. I am not sure of the reason why you would have swelling on GH but will try to look up some things. My personal opinion would be to not go on a diuretic for the swelling.
209591 tn?1267418314 Have you ever had a rheumatologic blood panel done, like sedimentation rate, RA factor? I hope you feel better, Thester!
220917 tn?1309788081 I needed to use a stool in the morning to sit down to dry my hair to get ready for work. I thought I had a virus, or the flu. Internist did blood work up. All normal. Was feeling progressively weaker and more fatigued. May 2007 At my son's baseball game, while walking out to the field, I had to sit down in the grass, or I thought I'd fall down. My thighs burned. I rested for a half hour and made it to the stands. THREE DAYS LATER Had an acute episode where I couldn't walk.
231441 tn?1333896366 Maybe time for another round of neurologist visits! Will do blood work soon - am hoping thyroid is out and can explain some of what's going on. Hate this! Denial is not working so well. Other than that I'm fine!
Avatar f tn Zilla, you are wise and wonderful. However, this is exactly how one of my father's seizures happened (he has epilepsy). All I'm saying is that this can happen, so be sure to have both sides of the matter examined, and make sure he doesn't just drop the matter. But don't be shocked if he has another one of these things. All I'm saying, from a person who has had and witness many many seizures in life is that progressed and acted just like one.
220917 tn?1309788081 Hi, fun stuff. lol lol About five years ago, I awoke to find that my right eyelid didn't want to open. It stayed like that all day. Then was fine. Ever since then it's been a little droopier, but fine. My face is doing all sorts of fun things lately. Pain, numb, itchy, etc, etc. I gather it's all intertwined. And when they finally decide what is wrong with me (besides my odd nature, lol) I'm sure it will all make sense. I hope.
393986 tn?1303829575 It's not something to wait on if you have any of the danger signs, because a sudden hemorrhage from the stomach can be fatal. Do you hear me, Kiddo? You need a blood count as soon as possible. If any of the things I mentioned early are happening you get checked today!
Avatar n tn Zilla is corrcect. The presence of Myelin Basic Protein in the CSF is a sign of any kind of damage in the central nerous system. It is very nonspecific. The damage can be from MS, other neuro diseases, infection, surgery or trauma. In the context of MS, as Zilla said, MBP is often - but not always - seen during a relapse and may dwindle away or become negative during remission. The problem is that many people in relapse do NOT have a + MBP, so it is not a good biomarker to show a relapse.
307874 tn?1242759398 hey, how are you? I went to my neuro appt and he ordered new mri of brain. He said the spots on my brain are caused by peripheral vascular diease. I do not have ms he says. I have numbness on my right side face, arm and hand and leg and foot. vertigo, fatigue, numbness, achy only on my right knee, bppv I will have another appt with his pa in Dec..
220917 tn?1309788081 I don't really agree so much with the diagnosis, because the weakness wasn't just on one side, and I don't fit the criteria, but I have been taking the medication so I seem compliant. The pharmacist said dizziness is the second most common complaint of Verpamil, due to blood pressure getting too low, and suggested I skip a dose (last night) and 'rechallenge' this morning, by taking another dose. I did. I also pooped into the pharmacy and checked my blood pressure, which was normal.
Avatar f tn Hi, Amy~ I took a medical billing course and am trying my darndest to start up a business of my own so I can have my boss kiss my you-know-what! Tee hee! Anyway, Heather is right. A diagnosis code is just a numbered code the insurance industry uses that is universal in the medical community so they can decide whether they will or won't pay for a particular procedure. If the diagnosis code wrrants having a particular procedure done, then the insurance company will pay for it.
Avatar n tn Its 2 months now and not clearing and has now moved more into my central vision. I know its not blood as I did go to my normal optomatrist to get that checked so I know it's not my existing eye problem. I'm hoping to get answers. The only thing not checked yet is optic neuritis. I hope you get somewhere with the neuro-opthomologist and that he can help you out. I will sure be praying for you. Hopefully he will be as caring as your optomatrist. How is your puppy, named her yet?
Avatar f tn Hi Zilla, yes, I was thinking of you yesterday and hoping the MRI went well. When are the evoked potentials scheduled for now?? I just read an article yesterday and Black Cohosh and St Johns Wort are recommended for hot flashes and mood swings related to menopause. So, when is the next neuro appt? Did you go to the mom's meeting??
Avatar m tn he has had a glucose tolerance test a few months ago and his blood sugar is borderline high, but he has never had vision problems before. Dr. M looked at his eyes last month. Has this happened to anyone?? Momentary loss of vision??
531519 tn?1307636285 I'm glad your doc is starting with blood work. Although there is no blood test to confirm MS, the tests he is running will no doubt help with a diagnosis for you. Either he will find something in the testing, which will lead to a diagnosis of something else entirely (and there are MANY things which can seem like MS), or he will rule out these mimics, and do further testing, to see if MS does fit for you. The waiting for all this testing is difficult. It's just the worst.
228463 tn?1216765121 Hi all! I was wondering if anyone knows which tests other than the blood tests would rule out Lupus or RA. I have been having alot of hip, ankle and wrist pain along with extreme weakness in these areas and numbness for at least 6 weeks now. My pattern of 3 weeks of symptoms and 1-2 weeks of strength seams to be blown now and I rarely have a strong day anymore. I am kind of worried I have progressed into a progressive stage of whatever this is.