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2046116 tn?1330106321 Yes my blood work is fine. Haemoglobin is good, blood count is good, white blood cells good and blood pressure is normal. No cancer. I am not anaemic. There is no problem showing, but there is obviously one. I can tell you when one is going to start. I get immense pressure in my head, eyes and gums, then out of no where bleed. After bleeding, due to so much blood loss, I get a headache and really dizzy. They have no explanation. can you think of anything?
424549 tn?1308519102 Does it make anyone a hero to send a video-clip to a newspaper online or get 480 hits at YouTube or where is this going? Blood doesn't bother me. Death touches me but it is a natural part of life and living - the tragedy is when someone could have done something but pull up a cellphone of last model to get it on tape. That's when all of me yell: Care! Take a look at the value of a life!
Avatar f tn I'm 27 weeks pregnant and I was told I'm a negative for my blood type and I need to get a shot I was just wondering if any of y'all have gotten it and if so when is it necessary to get it?
Avatar n tn Fiber can help keep your blood sugar stable. It slows your digestion, which allows for a more steady release of carbs into your bloodstream. Here's some advice from and the Sugar Sense app on this topic. You can find this in the app by going to the Health Guide from the menu in the upper left corner of the home screen, and toggling to the Eat Right section, then scrolling down.
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Avatar m tn my mother has a brain stroke 5 months ago and we came to know that she has a blood clot in brain. Dr says it would take 6 months. her left hand and arm was affected. she is good and talk with us .but still she can not move her left hand and left leg. sometime unconciously she move a little her left leg and fingers bit. i am very much worry about her. i want to know will she be able to move left leg and hand one day ? we are giveing her blood thicker medicine.
Avatar f tn 26F with no prior health problems. My blood pressure is normal, and rarely drink now (although i used to), and generally try to eat healthy (could be better). I used to eat lots of fried, fatty food, but have cut down alot. Also I'm at a healthy BMI. Anyways, been feeling off lately, so went to take a blood test. Doc said i have viral infection in my liver and also high cholesterol.
Avatar f tn Hi this is my second time having kidney stones I have the pain on my side/back I have to pee alot feel a bit nauseous but this time I'm seeing blood in my urine should I be worried last time I didn't see it but I went to the hospital and they said I did have blood in my urine I don't see it every time I pee tho
2083175 tn?1336085912 I went out for lunch today, on the way back to the office I saw a big red splash on the sidewalk and yup of course immediately thought it was blood. It was fresh and still wet and actually pooled in the holes of the sidewalk. I may have stepped in some of it, as there were smudges from someone else's footprint. So I am now convinced that I stepped in blood and that I have Hep C on my shoe.
Avatar f tn When I started pumping I looked to see how much I've pumped out so far but it wasn't milk it was just blood. I called the hospital and talked to someone who knew about breast pumping. She said she's only heard of it being breast milk with a little red tinge, which of course is the blood. Mine was ALL blood. She said maybe I should take a break for a couple of hours.
Avatar f tn -( Tried again on hubby and can pinch a bit which is more than us, but not as much as the man on the youtube vid I watched. Something else to briing to my GP's attention! I can pinch a bit of skin near wrists and bottom of legs, but thighs are a no go too!
1932338 tn?1349223998 I am hoping for some helpful advice. Last week I had a routine annual blood draw in a new Doctors office where the Nurse said she does a lot of blood draws. I researched ahead the "proper procedures" to drawing blood. Well, it went so fast that I couldn't stop her on time, but she basically failed every sanitary procedure possible.
1922027 tn?1342463710 I was then sent to a neurologist who ordered blood work and found an abnormal ANA. All the while I began to have these uncontrollable sweats 50 times at least daily. These are the ones that saturate every place on my body and continue today 4 years later. Literally, I pour out water even behind my knees. I had surgery on one hand and it did not work so I declined to have the other one done. In the interim I developed this phantom pain underneath my ribcage,excruciating.
Avatar f tn Alright so my girl and we're just laying down together watching good mythic morning on Youtube and her grandmother always stresses me out over things and my girl to like always but the stress got to the point of me having a panic attack and this is right after we had dinner to, so about a hour or 2 goes by and the panic attack is still happening so I decided to take the blood sugar test to see what it is like I do every night and it was 72, now I checked this out on google and the normal levels
Avatar m tn I would suggest you talk to your doctor about these readings and have him give you the correct medication to control your blood sugar. 170 is very high for a fasting blood sugar.
Cat I'm looking for tips on diet and easy exercises that will help flatten the belly, lower my weight and blood pressure. I work at a job outdoors and am on my feet 5 to 8 hrs a day.
Avatar m tn I'll seek mental help as you suggested, because I keep thinking that could be blood on his badge and that blood could have, somehow, passed to me... Mimias and nursegril6572, you are awesome taking your time here to help others. Best of wishes for you.
Avatar f tn A hemotologist can see it very plainly. Go to Youtube and search for videos of Babesia in red blood cells. Bartonella causes headaches of a entirely different nature than what you ever felt. Also eye pain, heat intolerance,, hot cold flashes, skin burning sensations. The fasticulations and every other symptom are Lymes symptoms. But you will never test positive on a Western Blot since the bacteria is INTRACELLULAR ( inside your cells), there wont be an effective antibody response.
Avatar f tn In a study of 168 confirmed cases of acute infectious arthritis, increased white blood cell count was found in ONLY 40% of the cases! Blood cultures failed to show infection 50% of the time! I know that you trust your doctors and the lab results, however, when there's an absence of diagnosis and a lack of effective treatment, then it is time to start questioning the validity of their work and the accuracy of the testing.
Avatar f tn I was given blood work to get done and it came back that my Anti-Nuclear Antibody Positive (Abnormal) which led to a lot of other blood test to be done and they are listed below: Vit D 25 11 ng/mL Less than 20 ng/ml Deficient i have no idea what this one means: H Influenza Ab, IgG 0.7 Comment INTERPRETIVE INFORMATION: H. Influenzae b Ab, IgG Less than 1.0 ug/mL ...... Antibody concentration not protective. 1.0 ug/mL or greater ..... Antibodies to H. Influenzae b detected.
Avatar f tn I just watched a Youtube video on Twinkle the girl who cried blood. It ended kinda mid air. The doctor took slide from blood on her head and a sample he put in saline for later tests. It seems to me that blood from menstrual period would have different elements than freshly drawn blood. I figured I could ask someplace who might know.
Avatar m tn After a painfull surgery, I start having a very weird arrhytmia problem as well as high blood pressure. It was 8 months ago. Before that surgery, I always had a normal blood pressure with fast pulse rate because of the anxiety. Since the last 8 months, I start experiencing strange heart pulse rate (mostly low pulse rate when I get anxious, insistead of the high pulse rate that I had before).
Avatar f tn Last time around they also did same blood work and results were the same. I saw my doctor today. I asked about my blood work but she said this was a bit higher but wasn't nothing to worry about. She has ordered another X-ray and wants to continue to pursue getting on with a nuero. She said she doesn't want to over due testing at this time, cuase she scared it could stress out my body. As for whether it is an autoimmune disorder she really just kept saying a possibility.
475555 tn?1469307939 A few months after beginning the antioxidant regime coupled with a strict non-fat diet of healthy foods like grains, fruit, and raw vegetables, my hepatic enzymes have gone down to the high end of the normal range [41 and 44 in an April 2011 blood test], and my platelets, which had been dropping steadily for years, are holding at 135k. I'm content.
446896 tn?1237806342 I know I am not the only one who absolutely freaks out when having my blood pressure taken. Every time I go to the Dr's office, they always comment on how high my pulse and blood pressure are (last week when I went it was 127/92 and pulse of 133!) Ha...and those numbers arent even unusual for me! I know the pulse is high, but I don't worry about it as much just because I take it frequently at home now, and know that it is usually in the 80's when I'm at home. But the blood pressure...ugh!
Avatar n tn hi guys my names bittu im 36 male im having weakness almost numbness in arms and legs shortness of breath and low blood much that it becomes scary i get anxiety because of this.... the same thing happened around 2 months back...the blood report showed magnesium and calcium levels were low. now again after viral fever i am having these symptoms blood reports are all normal b12 is normal doctor says i have mental stress how do i know guys.
Avatar f tn If Rheumatologist gave x-rays and drew blood, and is now sending me for bonescans and nerve testing, it is probably because he has seen irregularities in the x-rays, isn't it? I asked what he would look for in bonescan. He said Paget's. Does this sound like a possibility?
Avatar f tn I had to practically beg the doctor to do blood work. What confused me was I got the blood taken about 4pm on a thursday and she told me that I should have the result by noon the next day and she would call me. Well right about noon, maybe a little after, she called saying it was negative and to she was calling me in a script for birth control pills. From what I've been told online it likes longer then 24hr to get blood tests back from the lab.